Video and Written Previews for Episode 6 of Spy Myung Wol

Just a reminder to ask me before copying and pasting any of my work, and always with proper credit please. Once again people tell me they see my stuff floating around without proper credits. As for Spy Myung Wol, I’m loving KBS’s written preview writer, who reveals enough to get our interest up, but not too much as to let the tension out of watching the actual episode. In fact, the written and video preview for 6 has me salivating. It gives me the impression that everything is starting to come together.

Written preview for episode 6:

After inexplicably spending a night with Kang Woo at the resort, Myung Wol starts to feel something out of the ordinary for Kang Woo. Seeing Myung Wol’s extraordinary skills when protecting him, Kang Woo starts to feel intrigued and worried about her. He decides to be nicer to Myung Wol.

Choi Ryu discovers a real Four Book in Chairman Joo’s secret safe. Chairman Joo is wary of Choi Ryu and continues to follow his every move. One day, Kang Woo’s absence causes the filming to be disrupted. Kang Woo goes to visit his father’s grave. Myung Wol is concerned about Kang Woo and personally goes to find him….

Video preview for episode 6:

[Credit: written preview released by KBS, translated into Chinese by Baidu Spy Myung Wol bar, translated into English by me]


Video and Written Previews for Episode 6 of Spy Myung Wol — 28 Comments

  1. thank you!!!! I’m patiently refreshing your site for your full recap. You’re the captain of recaps. ever since LTM, drunken, now myung wol. You know how to deliver.

  2. OMG…why must Eric always get roles that hit his lead lady? (ie Que Sera Sera)

    That sucks…but I guess KW is doing this for damage control?

  3. Aiiiish!! Can’t wait for the next episode! ^^ I wish we’ll know the reason for the slap tomorrow cause if not, it won’t let us sleep for the whole week. XD

  4. omg ! omg ! spazzing right now . i knew the preview for ep 5 was misleading and a bit too fast paced and didn’t quite match where we were at the moment with the story . though i hoped and wished that it would be so … WTF why didn’t myung Wol dodge his slap ??? isn’t she like a super awesome spy who throttles people when they try to kiss her ? gah … i hope she won’t turn all Go Mi Nam on us and start crying in every episode because she loves Kang Woo . i kind of prefered Kang Woo to fall for her first but oh well .. all in due time .

  5. Thanks for the info, and Yes, I ´ve seen your comments, word by word at other sites… I was like: THAT¨S KOALA!!!!!! Cuz I am refreshing your site all the time to get recaps and news of my fav dramas!
    Gumawo Koala!

  6. I love the reversal of that common drama trope, The Twisted Ankle. How much do I love that Myung-wol keeps saving him and/or beating him up? I hope as the romance heats up the bickering and one-up-mansip won’t stop.

  7. My brows really shot up after seeing the scene where he slaps her and i was like what the hell?! No offence but it doesnt mean that this show is about soldiers and a girl who becomes a body guard doesnt mean the writer would do scenes that’re kinda too much. There has been a lot of scenes in this series where she gets hurt by the opposite sex. Again it really shows how harsh they could be to girls. Too bad most of them are really good looking.

    • Thanks, but I can do it easily with a click of a disable button on my site. Once I was so pissed I thought about doing it but people begged me not to since folks want to save pictures and my writing for personal consumption, and would hate to have me lock down my site. It’s a Catch-22.

    • The cast filmed a special video in Singapore, of scenes where KW and MW are affectionate and affected by each other. It’s not part of the drama, it’s supposed to be just for promotional purposes.

      • Ah~, yum yum. Is it really acting for promotional services? Or another OTP in the making? They look really cute..
        Don’t understand what is being said but Eric looks smitten! Did he lose himself in the kiss? Lol.

  8. was the slap necessary.I bet she s still going to like him .That sucks.I don’t get the mistreatment of women on some kdramas.

  9. I wonder if the slap is before or after she saves him in the woods :S But still its so mean. I think its either to deny the rumors about them or if she said something rude to his fans. Or for both reasons 😛 Still its so mean 🙁

  10. He slaps her in front of all the fans… I think that slap is to save MW from the anti-fans… You guys know how scary anti-fans can get in Kpop industry…

    • Ahh, Kang Woo is faced with the same dilemma that the great Dokko Jin met. I really hope he redeems himself quickly…yikes. I’m sick of Myung Wol being mistreated, not only because she’s a girl and deserves better, but because she likes him AND she’s an undercover spy that’s being forced to hide her badassness and do something for “the good of the country.” Least she can do is get the guy!

    • omo, it’s a complete copy of your content!

      maybe they didn’t know they need to ask permission and give credit to you… you should call their attention.

  11. thanks fr the preview – ummm, i find agent yoo da hae far cuter and more convincing (in the few scenes she has) than say who than the so called 2nd female lead

  12. I hate it when korean dramas do this guy slapping girl thing. Whether he was trying to help her is immaterial. A slap is still a slap….somebody tell the director and writer we’re not living in a cave anymore. It’s an abusive act, and korean dramas should really stop portraying it. When the girl accepts the slap meekly, it’s even more sickening.

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