Ariel Lin Announces Retirement from Dramas for the Foreseeable Future

Damn those Taiwan tabloids and their propensity to sensationalize everything. Since news broke of Ariel Lin‘s new romance back in May (though the romance started earlier than that), the TW-media has been keen on conjuring up salacious gossip on the set of In Time With You between Ariel and her second male lead Sunny Yang, simply because they have quite a lot of romantic and steamy scenes.

Ariel has long been dropping hints about retiring from television, and finally this week our previous Golden Bell Best Actress winner took to her blog and wrote down her feelings.ย Due to the media completely manufacturing gossip about her, plus the tiring 12+ hour daily work schedule that comes with doing a drama and her weaker physical constitution since she had a brain cyst removed two years ago, she’s announced to her fans directly that ITWY will be her last drama for the foreseeable future. *cue Koala sobbing uncontrollably*

Ariel is especially pissed about the media trying to create scandal for her and drag through the mud her new boyfriend, Cheng Jia Hao (picture above as snapped by Apple Daily), who she has described as one of the best people she’s ever met. In her blog update, Ariel opened up about her boyfriend for the first time, explaining that he isn’t secretive, he’s just very low key and dislikes the media attention which is why they’ve kept their relationship away from the media limelights. She clarified that the media speculation that he had been married before and was already a father of a child was not true.

While I will deathly miss seeing Ariel on the small screen, I support her decision because it’s something she’s put a lot of thought into. She remains open to doing theater and film if the right project comes along, but I think the truth is she’ll probably not be acting for a year or more at least. This just means ITWY, which already looks amazing, will be something I treasure even more when it premieres in 2 weeks.

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Ariel Lin Announces Retirement from Dramas for the Foreseeable Future — 36 Comments

  1. I have been expecting this for awhile. She should transition to movies and stage only for het health. It hurts but it’s better for her and worthwhile drama roles are tough to see manifest.

  2. Aww… I’m on Ariel’s side with this. Not because she’s a public figure, the media has the rights to mess with her private life. ๐Ÿ™ Just to get a scoop these people will badmouth and create nasty rumors… So irritating.

    I’m so sad that Ariel’s going to retire soon. I hope in the near future, she’ll act again. She’s a brilliant actress and she’s a huge loss in the industry.

    I can’t wait for her upcoming drama. I’ve loved its trailer which you posted days ago. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. u.u sad! but the media is a sucker blood! period…..
    they always made up things! it has to be really tiring i understand her!
    go girl!!!!!!
    but…. honestly love has hit hard this time!
    that gentleman is sooo ugly!! welll he must be such a good person!

  4. Best wishes to Ariel. I’ve already earmarked to watch ITWY – which will be my first time watching her act. Really looking forward to it – since the storyline grabbed my attention and I have heard nothing but ravings all around about Ariel’s acting.

  5. Aww she really is such a good actress that I’ll totally miss her. I loved her in Legend of the Condor Heroes! I wish her well and hopefully she’ll come back when the right project gets offered to her ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. oh goodness, I love Ariel’s warm presence on screen. Will miss her terribly but also want to support her in whatever decision. Good luck and much love to her!

    Can’t wait for ITWY!

  7. she will deeply be missed. its a tiresome industry and wish her only happiness and good health. shame on the paparazzi and gossip columns. donLt follow them but know go zhi duei is horrible in taiwan.

  8. She is my favorite taiwanese actress and there I say one of the best in the industry. There has not been one character of hers that I didn’t connect with (though Love and Bread is iffy for me, I blame everything on the writer and pds). Cute, funny, serious, dramatic she’s got the chops for all the genres. Totally understand where she’s coming from though. If she really wants to pursue this relationship (since it’s not a celeb relationship) she can’t be working 12 hours shifts a lot of the times. And for her health too…poor girl.

    I look forward to her return though be it in film or even dramas years down the road. I just hope she doesn’t forget about possibly doing another sequel to ISWAK around 2017 heehee ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. oh no! ariel is my one and only favorite taiwanese actress and i adore her so much. how i jumped of joy knowing of her new drama ITWY having been missing her since LOB. but i never thought that happiness is just short lived coz ITWY will be her last drama. anyways, i wish her the best. go gurl, i’ll surely miss you!

    btw, no offense meant, but i find her new boyfriend too old for her. he looks like an ajusshi. i dunno, maybe it’s the fact that ariel looks younger than her age and he looks older than his. lol

  10. *sobs with you*
    On the other hand this could be a better move for her..both in terms of career and health…and that above still reminds me that she does look better than ever right now…really really pretty!!!

  11. Thanks for posting about it Ockoala. I like Ariel form ISWK. Sorry to hear the announcement but may be she needs restful time……

    “In time with you” drama, I have just watched teaser from youtube. It is interesting……
    She looks much better than before….

  12. I’ve been watching TW dramas since 2005 and I can truly say that Ariel Lin is the best TW actress I’ve ever seen because her acting just comes naturally, whether it is comedy or melodrama, her acting is superb!

    I will miss watching her dramas ๐Ÿ™ I will support her decision even though it breaks my heart not to see her, but if she really wants to retire, I will be happy for her… and if ever she wants to make a comeback, I think it will be easy for her because her talent and charisma ^_^

    • I agreeeee, I feel kind of betrayed on behalf of Joe. I know there’s a difference between reel life and real life, but it just seemed like Joe liked her. Really disappointed:(

  13. ariel is my favorite tw actress and i feel really sad that she decided to stop acting in drama but as a fan i respect her decision and hope she will find peace and happiness….i will definitely watch in time with you….sobs….

  14. Thanks so much for posting this. I’m sobbing right along with you :'( I knew it was coming, but I still can’t believe it. Apple’s headline about Ariel and Sunny was really bad; I can totally understand why she got mad. Can’t wait for ITWY, and hope she does well all around with her move to focus on movies ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. saaaaad. :'(
    she’s my fave TW actress. I really love her in ISWAK.
    I’ll be sure to watch ITWY.
    Yes, his boyfriend looks much older than her, it must really be the character of the guy.
    Live happily, Ariel! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I support her.

    Though, it would be great if her last hurrah in drama would be with Joe.
    It will mean so much for all her fans.

    Just wishful thinking now.

  17. ah well…. i’ve been a huge fan of ariel since iswak and while no other role has stuck to memory as much as xiangqin, i’m looking forward to more mature roles for her… and ITWY is shaping up really nicely and if it has to be her last project in awhile, then i’m glad that she chose well.

    i’m looking forward to director winnie’s new project cos i think after ISWAK and TKA ended, he hasnt had a decent one in some time (the travesty that was momo love or whatever it was called, with jiro and cyndi…..) and i’ve always loved the deft hand with which he crafted the world of xiangqin and zhishu. i’m looking forward to seeing what he comes up with for ITWY with one of his favourite muses ariel. There’s an air of maturity and mellowness in the trailers that’s absolutely lovely, what with the penchance to go OTT in recent tw-dramas. and throw in a Chen Bolin who has repressed feelings for his best friend of 15 years? i’m totally on board

    but anw, back to ariel….. for her to come out and say this outright, the newspaper allegations must have really upset her. while i respect her privacy and all….. i mourn the sinking of my ArJoe ship. Yes, i know i know, the signs have been there that Ariel is in a relationship with someone other than her LaoGong, but to hear her confirm it this way just hammered it in. sighH. I can always hope for an ISWAK3 after joe gets back from the army right?

    oh well.. i shall mark my calendar for ITWY’s premiere… koala-san, u planning to pick up on the recaps for that?

  18. Sad news. I like her. She’s cute and a great actress. Cant forget her in ISWAK and TKA.
    For her health and love life , I will support her decision. Hope still she can do stage play even for sometimes.

  19. I’m really glad it’s only “for the foreseeable future” and not “forever”, but I’m still really sad. She is one of the few really good actresses in the TW ent. industry.

  20. this is indeed sad..specially for us fans who adored her in her work..especially the small screen but i know how hard it is to do dramas..well i do hope that she is happy with decision and of course health comes 1st.. perhaps someday we’ll she her acting brilliantly in the small screen again.. jia you ariel.. “,)

  21. Much love to Ms. Lin, who’s provided us with iconic roles that won’t be forgotten and has every right to a personal life (and rest!!!) away from the stress of drama-shoots. I wish her love and joy in all her future endeavors. <3

  22. I’m sobbing uncontrollably with you~! Yet, I support Ariel in whatever she plans to do…enjoy her life as best she can. As long as she’s happy, I’m happy.

    Much love and bestest wishes, Ariel!

  23. awwww she’s my favorite taiwanese actress too ๐Ÿ™‚ Well as her fans, we can only wish her happiness and good health XD I’ll be rewatching ISWAK over and over again.

  24. NOOO!!! I really wanted Iswak 3
    i think it could of so worked
    darn i hope she ends up relizing
    that she wants to work again after some

  25. PITY ON HER….she must be looking for a father image…

  26. This happens so quickly I can’t imagine. As a crazy and stupid fan I am crying I should be brave but that is not the case. Cheese! I wanna kill myself right now. Ugh! Geez.

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