Lee Min Ki is Pensive for Vogue Girl Korea

I know I mentioned how K-actors tend to be more cookie-cutter in looks and styles, whereas J-actors are decidedly quirkier as a group. Just as I said that, I got my grubby hands on new Lee Min Ki pictures from Vogue Girl Korea and I immediately recalled that he’s one of the few K-actors who is an outlier to my generalization. From his choice of roles, to his acting technique, to the way he looks, he’s very eclectic and unique. I love that about him.

I also love this set of dusk-tinted pictures, where Min Ki channels a hip metrosexual biker turned taxi driver, probably a twist on his character in the Summer movie Quick, which did well enough at the Korean box office. Up next for Min Ki is the paranormal romance movie Chilling Romance with Son Ye Jin. It doesn’t look like this boy is leaving Chungmuro anytime soon. And why should he, when he’s doing on interesting movie after another.

[Credit: Vogue Girl Korea]


Lee Min Ki is Pensive for Vogue Girl Korea — 18 Comments

    • I know! I’ve seen him in several different types of roles, and each time it was like he was a different person (but each was so charming and charismatic). He’s really channeling the mood in this photoshoot, too. Mmm…

  1. At first glance Lee Min Ki was…strange looking. But it was compellingly strange. And it seems like his personality matches his appearance. Love the guy. Thanks for the photos!

  2. He has that pouty look on him that makes him look a bit different from the other mainstream k-actors but not in a bad way.

    Lee Min Ki, when are you making a comeback to the dramaland? You are sorely missed.

  3. I MISSED HIM!!!!!!!! on my small screen…. I agree Koala he is one of those actors that is always changing and trying to improve his skills on any given project…..but DAMN he looks HOT!!!!….

  4. Lee Min Ki is definitely someone you are just drawn to. You have to give him a double take–no exception. Heheheh He’s cool. And he looks really sexy in these pics. The second and third one are my fave! Third one he just looks reeeaaaal good.

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