Update on the Upcoming Projects for the Cast of Bu Bu Jing Xin

Now that Bu Bu Jing Xin is over and the entire cast has seen a meteoric rise in their popularity in China, I thought it fitting to take a look at where most of our favorite princes and time-traveling heroine are headed to next. BBJX actually wrapped filming back in March of 2011, so many of the cast have actually filmed other dramas already between wrapping filming for BBJX and when the drama started airing last month.

As for BBJX itself, Director Lee said last week that a sequel is definitely not in the books, but they are considering a movie. He thinks Zhang Xiao has more story to tell. As for what everyone will be like in their modern incarnations in there is a movie (or just in my own alternative universe), read on for some Koala casting fiction. And that picture above is of course the most recent HongShi cuteness from last week’s media events celebrating the ending of BBJX.

Up next for Nicky Wu is another period drama, which is currently confirmed to co-star Wallace Huo with leading lady rising C-actress He Zhu Yen. I’m assuming epic bromance coming up? It’s called Xing Ming Shi Ye, and is a period Sherlock Holmes-type drama.

If we move BBJX to modern times and made it a high school story in an alternative universe, then 4th Prince would definitely be the quiet valedictorian. He’s not active in school functions or extra-curricular activities, but he ends the year as the top dog of the academic gene pool. It would take him a long time to find a girl interesting enough for him to take time away from his academic pursuits, but any girl landing him would be hitting the jackpot. I actually think all the princes characters would be ideal to translate into an adult modern drama setting centering around brothers vying for succession of the family company.

What’s next for Kevin Cheng is heading back to his TVB roots. He’s diving right back into filming Ghetto Justice 2, the sequel to the well-received street lawyer drama Ghetto Justice. Between when BBJX finished filming and now, Kevin did two dramas already! Another TVB drama called Fight King which is about boxing, and a C-drama set in the Qing Dynasty called Shen Gong Die Ying, which is a period suspense drama.

If we take 8th Prince back to high school, he’d be the student body president. Popular and smart, with a charming personality to boot. He’d be popular with the girls and guys alike, a social butterfly with goals and achievements to make the school a better place. Dating him would be thrilling, except other girls constantly are after him as well, and he can’t help but attract interest wherever he goes.

Yuan Hong, other than flirting up a storm with Liu Shi Shi on Weibo and on variety program after variety program, has been filming a Tang Dynasty drama called Tai Ping Gong Ju Mi Shi (The Secret Files of Princess Tai Ping). As for which high school trope he’d be, 13th Prince is definitely the popular oddball. He’s the Lloyd Dobler of BBJX high (a Say Anything reference), and Yuan Hong totally channels the John Cusack brand of leading man who doesn’t fit a mold.

14th Prince Lin Geng Xin is a total newbie in the industry, having just graduated from the famed Shanghai Theater Academy in 2007 (among his sunbaes are Yuan Hong, Hu Ge, and Yan Kuan in the class of ’01 – OMO so insanely HOT, and others classes include Nie Yuan, Feng Shao Feng, Li Bing Bing, and the list goes on). BBJX was his first drama, and his greenness showed compared to the other princes. But he definitely held his own, and is a rising talent. Since wrapping BBJX, he’s been filming the Tangren video-game drama fantasy wuxia adaptation Xuen Yuan Jian, co-starring Hu Ge, Liu Shi Shi, and Tang Yen.

If we put 14th Prince in high school, he’s no doubt the quarterback of the football team. The darling of the school, who brings back game victories in his brawny arms and his mega-watt smile. He’s not terribly bright, but definitely the life of the school.

While I’m not really following 9th Prince Han Dong and 10th Prince Ye Zhu Xin’s career, I did love their respective performances in BBJX. Both have had supporting roles in a few upcoming C-dramas since wrapping BBJX. I must say they both look a billion times better out of their Qing attire. As high school kids, 9th Prince would be the resident nefarious plotter with a serious chip on his shoulder, and 10th Prince would be the class clown. We always need these guys around to create the chaos and the laughter, respectively.

Since wrapping BBJX, Liu Shi Shi has been an extremely busy bee. She just finished filming the fantasy wuxia drama Xuen Yuan Jian with Hu Ge and Lin Geng Xin. And just in time for this post, today the C-news confirmed that Shi Shi’s next project is a TW/C modern drama co-starring Ming Dao called An Angel’s Happiness. Excuse me while I headdesk over here for awhile. I read the synopsis for it, which is about every single romance trope mashed together and then barfed up. Whatever, she’s young and this could be great exposure for her, since Ming Dao is also super hot right now in China.

With that, I’ll leave you with some more HongShi cuteness from last week’s media events. I must clarify that they are not dating, at least not officially, but they have professed to be very very good friends for years now. Hhhmm, I do NOT do any of that staring, hand holding, and general mooniness with any of my good guy friends, is all imma going to say.

I totally think Nicky is also in on the HongShi situation. When asked which guy should go after Shi Shi in an interview last week, Nicky interjected and said that they (he, Ling Geng Xin, etc.) are all in line after Yuan Hong, because he gave Shi Shi her first onscreen kiss. Then HongShi proceeded to turn pink and get all embarrassed.


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  1. too sad it’s really hong/shi by the pics. 🙁

    anyways, hope long/shi could have another project together. they really made it good in bbjx so hopefully another chance to have that happy ending.

    • Oh, I bet money Shi Shi and Nicky will do another project together. I put my bet on something later next year. They have amazing chemistry and I lovelovelove them as a couple onscreen. The networks won’t let this great pairing slide without resurrecting it, hopefully in something actually good.

      In RL they don’t have any chemistry, other than as bromance type teasing. Nicky’s exes, from Charlie to Ada to ex-wife Ma Ya Shu, are totally not Shi Shi’s personality. They are all very sharp and feminine types. Plus he’s 17 years older than her. I doubt he’d rob the cradle that bad.

      But as an onscreen couple, it’s 4/RX forever. *draws hearts around my poor 4/RX*

      • I LOOOVE this post :). Thank you so much! It was fun to read.

        I feel bad seeing the HongShi pics.. HAHAHAHA.. I just love LongShi too much.. or is it 4RX? I loved it how nervous Nicky looked when he saw the kiss between HongShi on BTS. I would be delighted to see more of them as a couple coming up. It’s funny, cause I do feel that they aren’t each other’s cup of tea.. but I just can’t help it. I love to see them together, be it onscreen or offscreen.

        As for the “sequel” or “film version”.. I hope they will use Tong Hua’s newly written epilogue of 30.000 words. BBJX won’t be BBJX without Tong Hua’s base. SHE is truly the soul of BBJX. She just published her epilogue a few weeks ago as an extension to the revised edition of BBJX. I haven’t read the book, but I have read somewhere that the epilogue mentions that Chenghuan saw 4th silently visiting Ruoxi’s old resident in the midnight and he just sat there.. lonely. It’s sad and I don’t feel I can handle another heartbreak, but it’s better than a sequel with Zhang Xiao and most importantly.. it’s written by Tong Hua herself, the mother of the story.

        I honestly do not hope to see all the princes going back to the future with ZX– that would be totally like wtf. Maertai Ruoxi is the spirit of the story.. and I honestly think that continuing the modern story will just ruin the beauty and meaning of BBJX.

      • Oh.. in the epilogue, Ruoxi’s name is forbidden in the palace. 4th Prince took RX’s hairpin from 14th in exchange for the return of his freedom.. and he buried it with him when he died.. And after Yongzheng’s death, 14th thinks back of his childhood and comes to realize how biased his mother use to be and the brotherhood his elder brother actually had for him.

        And in history.. the real Yongzheng didn’t get buried with his ancestors (and sons). Instead, he was buried alone. Tong Hua really made a connection with her story. Urgh~ I feel like crying again.

        Bu Bu Jing Xin continuing in the modern era would totally make no sense to me. Only Tong Hua can continue her story. If she doesn’t want a sequel.. I’d rather have nothing at all despite my BBJX obsession.

      • oh shit…he’s 17 years older than her. woah i had no idea about that while watching the drama. i thought at most he was 10 years older than her.

      • bwear, seems like this novel by tong hua a story handed down from generations as it is really well connected. kudos really to her. bbjx – does this not get out to be published in paperback and in english? just epic if that happens.

        anyways, maybe nicky will have a change of heart and really like shi shi. as of now, he is falling in line right? sigh, so hard to get over with. *4th/rx* = Long/Shi…more more more..

      • “Ruoxi’s name is forbidden in the palace” Why is this? Is there a significant meaning to this?

        Historically wise, why would YongZhen be buried alone?

        If you actually think about it. 4th is actually not a bad brother to 14th. He had never really mistreated 14th. He even covered for 14th when 14th went to look for 8th at his disadvantage. But 14th always just look at the outer layer and assumed that 4th never cared.

      • Hey Bwear, do you know where I can read the epilogue? I didn’t know Tong Hua had written an epilogue to BBJX. If a movie sequel is made, I do hope that Tong Hua can help write the script, because naturally she understands the story the best, and a sequel made with her input would likely flow more naturally.

      • *draws hearts around poor 4/RX* with you.

        I’m glad to know a movie is in the works, but I don’t know they could do it.

        And I am hoping for another Nicky/Shi onscreen reunion too though it may not result in a better drama. If Nicky were younger, I’d be at risk IRL shipping.

        As I am new to BBJX, I do concur that HongShi has chemistry on and off. I am on the HwanHye ship with you too due to LTM and Jung So Min/Kim Hun Joong for PK (not sure if you’re onto that but I know you love the show too).

  2. “As for BBJX itself, Director Lee said last week that a sequel is definitely not in the books, but they are considering a movie. He thinks Zhang Xiao has more story to tell.”

    A movie?! omgosh. I would love for it to be true. Possibly a happy ending with the future 4th prince?

  3. it was nice reading about all the c-drama stuff from you. it seems like you are making your way back from Qing dynasty. anyway, we miss you in the korean dramaland.

  4. just wondering on what event or show did Nicky said that Yuanhong will be first in line wooing for Liu ShiShi, i wanna watch the interview badly. i can only get my BBJX fix through their interactions on shows and interviews. it will be great if you can give me the chinese title and probably the date of the show Nicky commented about Hongshi. thanks a lot.

  5. BBJX movie? Reincarnated? @___@ I like it like it like it. Gonna wait patiently for this. I have a sad feeling I may wait years for it.

    4 as valedictorian. 😉 Kevin as student body president. 13 popular oddball, 14 quarterback. Hohohoho! So hot. Just perfect roles for them. Aaah *drools* I want to go back to high school… Well not really but only if they go to my high school and If I have them in everyone of my classes. Hahah. I wouldn’t mind if Kevin was my teacher. Aaah he should teach math. I suck at math x). *insert my weird fantasy here*

    I finished watching Ghetto Justice! Aaaaah it is indeed awesome. Kevin’s role as L.A and 8th in BBJX are such polar opposites. It’s crazy. Scruffy L.A in GJ makes me squeal with delight. The way he horribly chews his food, how he peed on a man, how he doesn’t like to wear socks. Everything he does in that drama amuses me. He has a shower scene in it! Ohehehehehe. I would recommend it. Though I was slightly irritated with the female lead…maybe it’s just my jealously. *cough cough* T_T can I claim Kevin?

    Definitely looking forward to everybody’s post BBJX projects. I’m really excited for that drama with Lin Gen Xing, Liu Shi Shi, and Hu Ge. Of course Ghetto Justice 2, Fight King, Shen Gong Die Ying.

    Forgive my rambling. Not sure if any of what I said makes sense.. x) I got excited when I saw “Upcoming projects” as the headliner. *Insert gif:”Most awesome thing ever”* <– Wink wink.

  6. Thank you so much for all these bbjx articles. Been on serious withdrawal lately after watching the whole thing and reading your articles /recaps are going to help ween me off. Hang on, I don’t want to be weened off, I wanna obsess over this drama as long as I can. Lol.

  7. oh YES YESS YESSSS pleaseeeeeee… please Tong Hua , please give the blessing for the a movie sequel. I really want to see a continuation of the last scene we left hanging.
    Come back with a tissue.. let it starts from there!!!

    Thank you MrsKoala, even though it’s still in fiction stage, I lurv this post ^^

  8. It’s so weird seeing the actors with actual hair and again confirms my view that Qing fashion is minging…both hair and clothes wise. Waiting patiently for the subbing to be done so up to Ep 22 here.

  9. I don’t know if anyone else saw this, but in the second last picture Shi Shi looks like Emily Blunt’s twin: it’s all in the smile. Anyone else see it?

  10. this post was perfect eye candy untill Ming Dao did a drive by . gah , he puts dumper in everything . i can’t wait for nicky and shi shi to reunite in another drama .

  11. I was never a fan of KC until I watched BBJX & Ghetto Justice — truly KC’s breakout roles. Kevin Cheng as Law Ba was absolutely brilliant. I love how most of his scenes involve Kevin chowing down food — noodles, cake, fruit, etc. Only he (and Brad Pitt) make pigging out look so pretty and sexy! As for BBJX, for some reason, I can see him as 4th AND 8th, and I think he has the charisma to carry off both roles.

    Favourite scene in BBJX?

    OMG, the rolling-in-the-grass make-out session. I can see from the interviews that the other members of the cast feel that it’s an epic scene. The hotness level in that scene is beyond boiling, and it made me blush just to watch it. And Kevin made the kiss look so sweet and hot at the same time, instead of *cough cough* Wallace Huo’s tryna-devour-a-girl’s-face kiss in Qing Shi Huang Fei.

    • omg im with you sub ^^ i was never a fan of KC before. In fact i even hated him before i thought his role in most of tvb series were rather dull and lifeless but after seeing him in BBJX im totally hooked. He just has this aura with him and the scene of him and RX making out in the grass lol that was epic. I kept playing that scene over and over again and the part where she kissed him on the cheek omg. lol Im a big fan of RX and 4th but also torn between RX and 8th. lol i dont mind if she ends up with both guys honest. THe more i watch the more i feel sorry for KC. sigh.

  12. I am going for hongshi too!!

    I just watched this other series with Yuan Hong and Shi Shi, the series is about cloth making, bit like Dae Jong Guem in the Song Dynasty. Shi Shi is the princess and Yuan Hong is the general, but strangely in that series, lack of chemistry even though it was filmed by Director Lee and the same executor Producer with Karen Tsai. Shame!

    Still maybe one day hongshi will get together? Though I think they are more of a GeGe/MeiMei type relationship, especially since they have filmed 5 series together and both of them belong to the same management company.

  13. Aaah.. do you think the rumour about BBJX sequel is really true? I hope it follows up the conclusion of BBJX because I’m dying to see the continuation of that!!

    But I also totally dig your highschool version of BBJX. It would make a good fanfiction, right? 😀

  14. BBJX is a super series right from the start to finish and it would be really good if either a sequel or movie were to be made involving the entire cast, especially the princes and Liu Shi Shi. It has, however, to maintain the same quality as BBJX. 2012 has been announced as the year of sequels. Does that mean that many of the series produced or shown last year were so good that sequels were quickly made?

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