Chris Wang and Annie Chen to Headline New SETTV TW-Drama

There are very few TW-dramas set to premiere between now and the end of the year, so clearly it’s time to start looking towards 2012 to see what might be in store. SETTV just announced that it’s started filming on a new drama tentatively called True Love Asks for Trouble (真愛找麻煩). Starring will be Chris Wang (of The Fierce Wife fame) with Annie Chen (who actually was quite decent as a secondary character in Material Queen).

The only character description available is that Chris plays the general manager of a vacation resort. Apparently the words marriage ordained in the womb (指腹為婚) will come into play, along with a shot gun wedding and an unexpected pregnancy. I know this sounds all random and strange, but I’ll chalk it up to plot points revealed out of context making it seem so random.

Playing the second female lead will be Jenna Wang, who I last saw as the second lead in Zhong Wu Yen. Both Annie and Jenna have done a drama with Ming Dao, come to think of it. And Ming Dao used to host The Kings of Adventure (a popular travel show in Taiwan) before becoming an actor, and Chris Wang was one of the later hosts for that same show. Apparently the Taiwan entertainment circle only has two-degrees of separation.

The production team will be the same crew from Drunken to Love You, and directing will be Director Fung Kai who did Green Forest My Home and La robe de mariée des cieux. The drama is gearing for a Spring 2012 airing. I’m a little hesitant on this since all three leads are not anyone I would deem heavy-weight actors IMO, and it sorta feels like the blind leading the blind. But hey, stranger things have pleasantly surprised me, and Chris is ridiculously adorable. Will be keeping my eye out for this one.

[Credit: UDN news]


Chris Wang and Annie Chen to Headline New SETTV TW-Drama — 9 Comments

  1. I actually loved Annie Chen in Prince+Princess 2, even though that drama went to hell after it switched director midway through…she was very adorable in it…I’ve been meaning to watch her drama with Ming Dao and Feng Feng

    • That drama went all derailed after the director switch….
      Ken Hung just disappeared!
      Nonetheless, I have a soft spot for Annie Chen ever since And she was really pretty in Material Queen.

      • Ken Hung apparently had to go to the hospital for health reasons, so he dropped out of the drama midway through. After he left and the director left the drama just went downhill.

  2. I liked Chris in TFW despite his lacking acting abilities. I think he’s quite charming. 🙂 I’m not really familiar with the rest of the casts but I’m going to look forward to this drama. Thanks for sharing Koala!

  3. I became a fan of annie chen & chris wang after watching inborn pair. I hope they pair up again in more movie dramas, better if they are couple in real life. They match together

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