C-Actresses Zhou Xun and Dong Jie are Glam for the Miu Miu

European couture may going international in more ways than simply selling their wares around the world. Miu Miu selected arguably two of China’s top young actresses to be the face of its Winter 2006 ad campaign, Zhou Xun and Dong Jie (Angel Dong). I like Miu Miu’s eclectic style more than Prada‘s penchant for linear fashion ensembles, so I’m beyond thrilled the line chose two of my all-time favorite C-actresses to rep their clothes.

Funny enough, I came to love Zhou Xun and Dong Jie both through one man, the smoldering hot C-actor Chen Kun, since Dong Jie rocketed to stardom with him in the drama Story of a Noble Family (insanely addicting period piece, with Crystal’s Liu‘s best performance ever because she played the spoiled bitchy second lead), and Zhou Xun melted the screen with Chen Kun in the C-movie Painted Skin. The Miu Miu ads are typical edgy saturated color auteur shots, but I’m just giddy because my two girls get some worldwide exposure nonetheless.

The Miu Miu ads don’t show the ladies off to their advantage. Both of them are stunningly beautiful. Zhou Xun is called China’s pixie, and she is the C-equivalent of Im Soo Jung. While Dong Jie has the sweetest smile in all of China, and reminds me of a more delicate version of Nam Sang Mi.


C-Actresses Zhou Xun and Dong Jie are Glam for the Miu Miu — 11 Comments

  1. i guess i am not a fashion savvy…i don’t like the photo shoots at all…both beautiful actresses looks like high class prostitutes…so tasteless in my opinion…:((

  2. OMG I’m so happy to see Dong Jie here! Story of a Noble Family is one of my fav C-dramas, that beautiful yet sad love story between Yanxi and Qingqiu…

  3. The photo spreads are hideous but I love both actress too. And from the same drama/movies!!!!!! I became a devoted Chen Kun and Dong Jie fan after Story of a noble family. And although I watched painted skin for Chen Kun and Zhao Wei, I thought Zhou Xun was outstanding there too. Just too bad Zhao and Zhou are not on good terms now

  4. Wow, yeah, I don’t like these pictures either. They give off really bad vibes!
    In the lower left picture, Zhou Xun reminds me of Barbie Hsu.

  5. Ladies, if you like Dong Jie, watch her latest drama, co starring her husband Pang Yue Ming call The Heroic Legend on youtube. Sorry no subs though, but should check it out anyway. Very good drama and they are soo cute in there.

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