I Love You So Much Releases Cheery New Teasers

While I’m not a fan of Blue Lan, strangely I’ve watched most of his dramas over the years. There is something about him I find interesting, this rough aura that not a lot of Taiwanese leading men have. Most are exceedingly pretty, ala Mike He, Roy Qiu, Joe Cheng, Ethan Ruan types, so Blue is the outlier in being more chiseled hunky than anything. He always has fabulous chemistry with his leading ladies, but I always hate most of his characters that he plays. Here’s the hoping I’ll like his make up artist/secret rocker character in I Love You So Much, because I’m totally in the minority in loving his facial hair for this drama. I usually abhor facial hair and prefer the clean up look, but for some reason it really suits Blue here. Plus Ivelyn Lee is seriously adorable in all the teasers and stills. Who knows, this drama might surprise us all and be a fun ride.

Teaser 2:

Teaser 3:

Ivelyn introduces her character:


I Love You So Much Releases Cheery New Teasers — 6 Comments

  1. i always prefered blue to anyone else in t-drama industry….. but okoala.. do u knw wat happened to the coffee prince remakish drama he shoot with cheryl yang………. i sooo wanna see em together!!!! is that drama shelved or wat??????
    anyway hope this one’s good!!!
    n is it sum kinda a new trend goin on ramen shop -4 boys, the new follow-up band flower boys n now hairdresser flower boys!!!! lol…………… not that i mind it !!:p

  2. I like Blue (i get all swoony when I see him in a drama), but I’ve never really had any luck in finishing any of the dramas I’ve watched him in. Hopefully, this one will win out!

  3. I’ve always adored Blue. Sadly, we rarely get subbed Taiwanese dramas in my corner of the world. My favorite series of his has got to be The Outsiders. Now that was one drama with the best ending! It was left for viewers to decide whether or not he ended up with the girl (Ady An).

  4. Blue definitely does not have a “flower” boy image. He looks rough, tough, and oh so manly; which works well for the bad boy/playboy roles he plays.

    Looking forward to this drama! When does it come out??

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