Period C-drama Ru Yi with Hawick Lau and Yang Mi to Premiere Next Week

Hunan TV has decided to strike while the iron is red hot, confirming this week that the upcoming period C-drama Ru Yi will be moved up from it’s previously scheduled Spring premiere, and will instead premiere next week. Yes, next week on Monday. Thank god the drama has finished filming already. Starring Hawick Lau and Yang Mi, with a bevy of hard core Taiwanese old-school melodrama actors (the two moms in this drama, played by Liu Xue Hua and Yu Xiao Fan, become Asian sensations in the 80s as Chong Yao drama leading ladies), the drama is set in my favorite Republic period that blends the traditional with the modern. A story of family secrets, business conflicts, and a love story that spans class differences and hidden identities. Watch the gorgeous opening credit below, and the official production MV of the ending credits. Ru Yi reads and feels like a throwback melodrama with there is romance and angst in equal measure, plus plenty of suffering to finally reach a happy ending. I’m rather in the mood for that and can’t wait to check this out next week.

Opening Title MV for Ru Yi (song by Yang Mi):

Official Ending Song Promo MV (song by Hawick Lau and Yang Mi):


Period C-drama Ru Yi with Hawick Lau and Yang Mi to Premiere Next Week — 10 Comments

  1. This looks really Qiong Yao or 90s TVB drama.. even the songs sounds like it.

    But surprisingly, I’m really looking forward to this.

  2. Totally digging the older generation actors/actresses. I had a huge crush on Zhang Chenguang when I was like… oh 6yr old. Kind of creepy now that I think about it, but it sure does bring back memories!

  3. This looks good will definitely be watching this.
    Btw, is this a similar time period as ‘Romance in the Rain’.
    Cos I love the setting of that drama.
    Can anyone recommend me any others that are also similar?

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