New C-Couple Alert: Mark Chao Confirms Relationship with Gao Yuan Yuan

After months of speculation and paparazzi hounding, Mark Chao confirmed today during the press conference for the China release of Black & White the movie that he is indeed dating famed C-actress Gao Yuan Yuan. Mark, you sly dog, how’d you get such a gorgeous and talented lady? Ha ha, I’m totally kidding, though I’m happy to report that the relationship is quite serious, plus she’s older than him by five years so this gives hope to all those noona-dongsaeng romance dreams. The press is speculating nuptials within two years, especially since word is that the couple is madly in love and extremely compatible. They first met on the set of Director Zhang Yimou‘s latest movie, and apparently has been dating since late last year. When rumored ex-girlfriend Janine Chang was asked about this breaking new couple news, she wished Mark well and complimented Gao Yuan Yuan as being lovely. So the Black & White couple is not meant to be, but I hope Mark and Yuan Yuan go all the way. I’m a sucker for happy endings.

To get confirmation of this budding new relationship, apparently the media staked itself out of Mark’s hotel where he was filming his latest movie. It caught Gao Yuan Yuan staying there for five days, though the couple was never filmed together. I’m guessing its quite serious if Mark will confirm it, since to this day he denies he ever dated Janine (despite all his buddies leaking it left and right). Those who recently started watching C-dramas probably aren’t familiar with Yuan Yuan since she’s not done a drama in five or six years. She’s only movies these days, and as an actress her clout rivals that of Zhou Xun and Zhao Wei. She even has a Korean connection, with my I Lub You no less. Back in 2009, she did an art house movie with Jung Woo Sung called A Good Rain. Below are some pictures they shot for Vogue when promoting the movie. Mark has made it clear he wants to settle down before he’s thirty, so that gives him two years to put a ring on his lady.


New C-Couple Alert: Mark Chao Confirms Relationship with Gao Yuan Yuan — 10 Comments

  1. There is some wrong info there..
    She is not 8 years older.. She is born in 1979. She is 5 years older than him =).
    And they met on the set of “Sou Suo”, a film by Chen Kaige, not Zhang Yimou.

    I don’t know.. When I first saw some BTS of their new film some months ago, I already felt that they looked cute and comfortable together.. And Gao Yuanyuan is a damn gorgeous, graceful woman (she was so beautiful in the film with Jung Woosung). And Mark is dashing.. so why not?

  2. Oh, THAT lady! Yes, I loved her in the Good Rain film with your lub (and my eternal crush), Jung Woo Sung. I think she’s a lovely lady. Now I’m interested to know this guy (looks yummy!).

    Yes, I am one of your disciples – and am a C-drama newbie, initiated only by none other than YOU, my captain Koala. I have began watching C-dramas after being piqued by your ravings. I have graduated to C-movies and have watched a few, but I am familiar with but a handful.

    So, thanks for your juicy news and tidbits.

  3. I also remember Gao Yuan Yuan was the leading lady in “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, one of my favourite C-movies. That’s where I fell in love with Louis Koo (I searched and watched many of his movies afterwards but am not fond of his action-thriller roles. Much prefer him essaying a romantic / funny character).

    I don’t know how to pronounce her name – seriously – that’s why it’s so hard to remember. But I will never forget that face and she has always left her mark after I see her movies. Now I just need to find her movie with Mark Chao. *runs off*

  4. ~tear~ I’m sad about Mark and Janine not working out (Black & White! ~sniffle~). BUT I do home adorable Mark is happy with his new lady love. And this means that Janine and Mike can get together and make beautiful, beautiful children together. ^_^

  5. Gosh, I love Gao Yuan Yuan! I idolized her when I was younger and first saw HSDS 03, thinking she was the most gorgeous, flawless Zhou Zhiruo. She is an amazingly classy and fantastic lady and Mark is really really lucky! Wishing the happy couple happiness

    • OMG! Me too! I fell in love with her after HSDS too. To me, she is still the most beautiful Zhou Zhirou. I’ve seen so many versions of HSDS and never like the character Zhou Zhirou until Yuan Yuan came along and played that character.
      It’s sad that she does not do drama any more, I miss seeing her TV. She is one of my favorite Chinese actress and I’m so happy for her now that she found love. Wish them both all the happiness in the world.

  6. I’m such a fan of Mark Chao, especially after watching him in the film LOVE (although some people may say that they preferred Shu Qi and Ethan Ruan’s segment, I still preferred Mark Chao and Zhao Wei’s)…. so hearing news like this is exciting!

    It’s nice to see that our favorite actors are also enjoying their love lives without the cameras. Some people are only successful in either one: their careers or their love lives, so it’s a pleasure to hear that one can be successful in both! Wishing the best for the couple!

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