Wuxia C-drama Xuan Yuan Sword with Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi Premieres Friday

Friday comes the first big Summer C-drama offering on my radar, Tangren Entertainment‘s drama adaptation of the fantasy wuxia RPG Xuan Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky. Starring Hu Ge, Tang Yan, Liu Shi Shi, Jiang Jing Fu, Lin Geng Xin, and Guli Nezha, I went from completely uninterested in this drama to actually curious about it as the previews and promotions started dropping. I like the cast, but I’m a huge non-fan of drama adaptations of RPG games. It always feels like eating cotton candy, sweet but no substance. Maybe I’m just in the mood for a wuxia drama, or the goodwill from Bu Bu Jing Xin is still around, but this doesn’t look as bad as I had thought initially. Hu Ge plays a dual role in this drama, while Jiang Jing Fu gets to play the optimistic kind hearted hero who seemingly bumbles his way to success.

I can’t really explain the story since I don’t understand it even after reading the synopsis, but it has to do with collecting five mystical all-powerful weapons forged by the Gods, which may or may not affect the future of rival dynastic empires. The lovelines show Hu Ge’s two characters with Tang Yan and Guli Nezha, while Jiang Jing Fu and Liu Shi Shi bicker there way to angsty love. Ahhh, poor Lin Geng Xin once again loses out. It’s okay, puppy, you have the craziest hair in the drama, that’s worth something. Good or bad, I hope this drama is at least fun to watch. Check out all the theme song MVs and gorgeous stills below. Dreadlocked Hu Ge as the bad guy inexplicably works for me. Who knew?

Xuan Yuan Sword Theme Song “One Kiss Barren Sky” by Hu Ge:

Xuan Yuan Sword Sub Theme Song “Fingerprints” by Hu Ge:

Xuan Yuan Sword Ending Theme “This is Love”


Wuxia C-drama Xuan Yuan Sword with Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi Premieres Friday — 12 Comments

  1. I’m SOOO excited right now! I’ve been waiting over a year for this! Hopefully, the drama will be worth waiting for because I’m a huge fan of Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi. Anyway, I’ll be able to watch a few episodes before college starts. Thanks Koala for the update!

  2. Is the filming of DMY completed as I came across a snapshot of Eddie Penguin having photo with Geoffrey in Paris in 8Days?

  3. Don’t even get curious to try it out dear. I think this is easily the stupidest TR PoCs I’ve sadly laid eyes on. And it’s cheapo, amateurish looking everything.

    I felt like my brain is melting and evaporating into thin air every additional sec I watched.

      • 1-3 is out. HuGe thus far is a cranky lil boy always crying for mama while posing as some baddie wannabe. *YAWWNNNNSSSS* TangYan is not out yet in 1, but I have negative urge to continue.

        I do hope it gets better for the sake of the fans and the poorpoor actors, but I’m so not watching.

  4. I got to say, I quite like it, it dragged a bit in ep2 or the fact that i just don’t like jjf, nevermind. I only watch it because I am a big Hu Ge fan and he finally plays some bad boy in a wuxia drama, i am so fed up with his typical character like in cp1 and cp3, so I pretty much like it and I am waiting for tang yan, i want to see this couple together doing evil hahaha….

  5. I’ve watched episodes1-4. Gotta say I am irritated with LSS character. I feel that she tries too hard to be cute and sassy, It fails. It’s like she studied and copied Ariel Lin’s facial mannerism in LOCH + copied Yang Mi’s finger pointing in CP3 but it doesn’t work. Her trying to force her eyes wide open for most change of expressions is quite hysterical. The bickering with JJF is tiresome. Episode 2 is draggy and not worth spending time on. Hope it didn’t turn anyone off the drama bcos episode 3 picked up pace again. Can’t imagine the gorgeous and matured LGX can fall for someone childish like Tuo er. JJF, well, he’s new so I give him some leeway. He’s no Li Xiao Yao, that’s for sure. Highlights – Hu Ge as YWT. Everytime I see him, I’m like “Damn, that Tang Yan is lucky. Gets to roll about in bed with him, hehehe.” Yes, he’s the HQB that I had imagined and I can see that he fits to a T. Ah well………. Tang Yan – haven’t seen enough of her but I am intrigued, that’s good. I hope she has more screen time soon. LSS’s sister – outshines LSS. She is gorgeous and more matured – that girl has potential – she reminds me of LMC in ROCH . The older casts there like JJF and YWT’s master are well-suited for their roles. On the whole,

  6. I disagree…I’m very much in love with Liu Shi Shi and Jiang Jin Fu couple…I find so very darn cute with all the bickering then falling in love^^ I always be a big fan of these wuxia genre dramas and of course, Liu shi shi was the reason why it interested me, she is one of my many fave actress and I do enjoy her working with hu ge too!!! Hu Ge does a fantastic job as a bad guy, I love it!

    • omg haha sorry for being late for 5 years and didnt watch this drama , I definitely agree with what u say. Im in love with this couple and the song that always play when the couple have scene which is “our memories” my heart really ache when LSS died. But who wont love this cute bickering couple who actually love each other but never confess to each other. It’s really a pity they never do that and say ” i love you ” to each other. Im a total fanboy of this couple but sadly she is married irl LOL. but this couple are perfect for each other and I definitely hope to find someone like her in the drama and be just like them. loving each other secretly, being able to sacrifice for each other. But overall , jingchou is a lil dumb ?

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