Roy Qiu and Megan Lai Film Hilarious Awkward Hotel Room Encounter in Miss Rose

It sounds like the magic of Miss Rose will soon be available to the non-native Chinese speakers who want to enjoy the cute quippiness of this drama. I’m so happy since so much of what makes this drama fun to watch is hearing Roy Qiu‘s unique cadence as he spit out his lines with this wry exasperation mixed with curiosity. As far as co-stars go, Megan Lai is slowly but surely building her own chemistry with Roy. His last leading lady Alice Ke is a hard act to follow, because she and Roy gave off this immediately compatible synergy from their first scene together all the way until the drama ended. I love how it feels like Roy and Megan are discovering each other as co-stars just as their characters are getting to know each other. I’m sure the upcoming scene in episode 4 filmed in a bathrobe and a sexy negligee will do wonders in breaking down any lingering awkwardness with each other. Apparently Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang‘s first scene filmed together in Drunken to Love You was a massive making out scene for that drama which wasn’t aired intil episode 6, which both credit for breaking the ice. Hopefully this will do the trick for Roy and Megan.


Roy Qiu and Megan Lai Film Hilarious Awkward Hotel Room Encounter in Miss Rose — 22 Comments

  1. in the first picture, megan looks so tan and roy looks super pale, haha.. i’m glad i know chinese, because i have officially decided to start watching Miss Rose regardless of it having only 4 episodes aired so far.

  2. I just watched MR episode 4 – it’s so beyond amazing I have no words. T___T Crying from too much happy. And the preview for episode 5….holy mother of drama gods I NEED THIS NOW! *ahhhh, pulls my hair out!*

    • Oh gee whiz way to make me die. I am still on episode 1. Tomorrow, do or die I will make sure I watch up to ep 4. Yeah, at times like this I appreciate knowing Mandarin. 🙂

    • aishhh!! Why do you tempt us so!! huhuuu

      I know Viki has uploaded Ep 1 but it’s not subbed yet. Hopefully we can join you soon in spazzing & flailing. This looks like a really good drama.

    • OMG!! Me too!!! Episode 4 is ridiculously awesome! 🙂 🙂 I am way too excited. This is exceeding my expectations on all sorts of levels.

      I agree with you. I am loving the way that Roy does his CK character. The sort of awkwardness in his voice and sometimes random desperation or what not. It’s all so cute and lovely.

      On a side note: Can I convince my little DD that she needs to up her mandarin, not only cause it’s her heritage but also so she can watch TW dramas & Cdramas in the future as an adult easily LOL. Good selling point. She can sing Rainie & Show’s duet and she watches TW kids shows if she’s been good.

  3. Ms. Koala, how can u finish ep4 so quiz? Where did you watch it? Gee… I’m here waiting and counting every minute, begging sugoidea site to load ep 4. Nothing yet as 9:10 in the US pacific time. Huh…

      • Awww… Lucky u! I wish I’m in TW q Sunday. Well, let me have cup of coffee and sunday paper. I think be that time, sugoidea is loaded by then. Thanks for the head up as always! Hehe… Enjoy TW little snacks and Wish u bum into Mr. Qiu while u r there.

    • Now that I have managed to watch it, here’s what I can say: “Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”! 😀

      The scene at the restaurant cracked me up so much and I can’t wait to read what they were really saying. Her sister-in-law is a riot too! Bwahaha her opening scene was a great start for tonite’s ep. lol

  4. Yeapy! I finished ep 4. Sorry those who haven’t seen it due to no eng sub. Oh gosh…I love every dialogue exchange btw Megan and Roy; sometimes they give me tachycardia. Oh heaven in preview of ep 5, their loves are building up. Yes… when Roy tells Vivian to STOP that because she tells Megan not to touch her man, meaning Roy. Oh, I can’t wait for ep 5….

  5. Omg episode 4 was so. So. Good! And episode 5 looks even better!
    Tia Li is way more cute as the bestfriend 小可 than the manipulative 鄭凱兒.
    I prefer the pace of Miss Rose than Office Girls. Office Girls was a tad too Taiwanese and slow for my preference.
    I can NOT contain my excitement for 1 week! Argh.
    BTW any news on when 思儀’s exboyfriend comes into the picture? I NEED to see jelly 承寬!

      • Maybe Chris Lee acts as her ex. He is the guy who play as Chris Wang brother in law in Inborn Pair. Umm… Chris Lee maybe a little weak candidate as Roy Qiu’s opponent. What do you think? How about you, Ms. Koala?

  6. .nice movie,i hope and wish to have a part 2,or another movie again roled by megan lai and roy chiu,i like it much…i enjoy it..congratulations!!!

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