A Countdown and Poll of the Best and Worst K-drama OTPs of 2012

I was wondering if I should do this post next month but I know I’ll get too busy with year end work crunch plus the holiday prep not to mention this year I’m traveling again back to Asia the last two weeks of December. It’s better to start now and I’m sure this will be fun for everyone. I always do a year end drama review but I’ve never taken the time to do a retrospective of the best K-drama OTPs of the year. Of course this is totally subjective, as is everything I write, but it is fun to share my thoughts and gauge everyone’s own reactions to seeing the same things onscreen. One person’s pleasure is another’s poison, and this year brought me equal measures of pleasure in some truly epic OTPs as well as deadly poison in some woefully misguided pairings. There is only one more major K-drama set to premiere before year end and that is Cheongdamdong Alice with Park Shi Hoo and Moon Geun Young. I know doing this post and poll now won’t let this pair be discussed alongside the others, but if they end up having explosive chemistry I promise to be all over them like cat on cream and gush to my heart’s content. I say 2012 is a great year in terms of interesting actor-actress pairings, some of which unexpectedly worked while others turned out to be as bleh as I expected. Some of the OTPs managed to turn an otherwise crappy story into something bearable to watch, while others tanked my desire to even check out what was otherwise an interesting set up. All in all it was a fun year and could be considered a rousing success for shippers since it produced one genuine onscreen couple turned real life couple. With that said, let’s get on with the show!

K-drama OTPs of the year:

Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won as Lee Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah in The King 2 Hearts. The South Korean Prince-turned-reluctant-but-courageous-King and his North Korean trained officer Queen. Nine year age difference between the actors? WHAT nine year age difference? Their love story was sexy, sweet, and epic.

Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na as Kim Boong Do and Choi Hee Jin in Queen In Hyun’s Man. The principled time-traveling Joseon scholar warrior and the romantic 21st century K-drama actress. They turned reel into real, and it’s impossible to separate the two when watching them madly fall in love with each other onscreen.

Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung as Kang Kyung Joon and Gil Da Ran in Big. The teenager-in-a-man’s body and his teacher-fiancee crush. Their chemistry was potent but it was the emotional journey of maturation for both characters that was so beautiful to watch.

Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won as Kang Maru and Seo Eun Gi in Nice Guy. The vengeful and sacrificing nice guy and the cold but hopeful rich bitch. A car accident, amnesia, subdural hematoma, and a very messy first love/step-mother situation couldn’t keep them apart.

Hyun Woo and Oh Ji Eun as Hyun Woo and Oh Ji Eun in I Live in Cheongdamdong. The jobless easygoing musician comic book lover secret chaebol son and the dreamy noodle chef/aspiring Cheongdamdong wife. They made me laugh and cry and laugh for 160 some episodes straight.

Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho as Lee Soo Yeon and Kang Hyung Joon in Missing You. Of course this is totally uncanon but what the heck, it’s my ship and I’ll sail it wherever I want. The fashion designer formerly abused child and the rich financial adviser formerly abused child. All they have in this world might only be each other, and I can watch them stare at each other forever and ever.

Honorable Mentions of 2012:

Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk as Shi Won and Yoon Jae in Answer Me 1997. Best friends who grow up together and fall in love in one of the most realistic and meaningful portrayals I’ve seen in any drama. I ended up loving the drama more for the friendship and family scenes than the romance between the OTP, but they were truly one of the most endearing K-drama couples of the year.

Lee Jun Ki and Shin Mina as Kim Eun Oh and Arang in Arang and the Magistrate. So much natural chemistry, all wasted for the greater part of the drama that never focused on developing their romance until the very end. Nevertheless this was a solid outing for them both.

Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo as Hwang Ji An and Park Tae Kang in I Do I Do. The age difference was evident and undeniable, but the physical compatibility made this work.

Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin as Kang Baek Ho and Ham Yi Seul in Operation Proposal. An age-appropriate love story where two kids keep rehashing their issues and making the same mistakes, but the warm and sparkling chemistry between the leads helped smooth over a really frustrating storyline.

Yoochun and Han Ji Min as Lee Gak and Park Ha in Rooftop Prince. The evil cackling villains were painful to watch, but stripped of those distractions the time-traveling Joseon prince and the reincarnation of his rightful princess was beautifully heartwrenching. Their chemistry was lovely and sweet and sincere.

Kim Soo Hyun and Han Ga In as Lee Hwon and Heo Yeon Woo in The Moon Embraces the Sun. On paper this love story promised to be epic, the Joseon prince and the young future princess he loved because she was so smart. The execution was sadly lacking and the chemistry was all one-way, with Kim Soo Hyun acting circles around Han Ga In. In the end they brought it together so that salvaged the mess in the middle.

Koala’s Worst OTPs of 2012:

Song Seung Heon and Park Min Young as Jin Hyuk and Young Rae in Time Slip Dr. Jin. Truly mindnumbling bad combination of terrible characters with peas for brains and wonky chemistry all wrapped up in a lamely executed romance. Be prepared for your brain to explode from the madness if you watch this.

Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun as Choi Young and Seo Eun Soo in Faith. No. Just no. Did not work for me at all. I could discern no organic chemistry and all the acting from Lee Min Ho couldn’t overcome the terrible acting by Kim Hee Sun. Watching them together was like nails on chalkboard bad for me. I’ve heard the latter half gets much better, but I checked out after 4 episodes.

Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung as Kang Young Gul and Lee Ga Young in Fashion King. I can’t believe I watched all of this bile. Truly my nomination for worst drama of 2012, though they are not my pick for worst OTP of 2012. The hot mess of a story had the four leads play musical chairs but in a way that made zero sense. The ending is true hilarity all around.

Jang Geun Seok and Yoona as the two sets of OTPs in Love Rain. I hate it when an actor I love picks a drama and leading lady I can’t stand, and that happened here. Both sets of OTP in PD Yoon Seok Ho’s classic melodrama redux were as soggy as the titular rain. Yoona still can’t act her way out of a paper bag and the whole thing just felt so manufactured it bordered on parody.

Koala’s Favorite OTP of 2012: Jae Ha and Hang Ah in The King 2 Hearts.

Tell me your favorites:

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Koala’s Least Favorite OTP of 2012: Choi Young and Eun Soo in Faith.

Tell me your least favorites:

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A Countdown and Poll of the Best and Worst K-drama OTPs of 2012 — 129 Comments

  1. Koala’s favourite is also my favourite: Jae Ha and Hang Ah of K2H <33

    Followed by the QIHM and Reply1997 OTP. My other favs include the History of Salaryman OTPs, Royal Couple of Faith, the currently airing Full House Take 2 OTP and also the ILICDD OTP/bromance (just cos I'm not quite there yet).

    Worst OTPs:

    To The Beautiful You

    But nothing beats the Dream High 2 final OTP! SUCKED.

  2. My order almost exactly as yours except:

    I didn’t buy the MEtS couple after she ignored him in his white pajamas too many times.

    I really liked the Faith couple. They grow on you throughout the series. I have to say I am glad they waited to have kissing, though, the veryvery close vibe was strong between them, but it was less sparky at the start and more chivalrous.

    • Same here. Yes, true, at first, there was nothing to watch, so many of my friends gave up but because of my love of LMH, I continued, and boy was I right. Almost 14 episodes in, and my friends jumped right back in because they realized it was so much better! The emotional chemistry and the building of each character such as Eun Soo’s difficulties of how to be a real doctor and treat others, and Choi Young’s lonely heart finally accepting someone into it.. Beautiful love <3

    • i agree with jomo. i thought KHS and LMH had pretty nice chemistry together. Faith had a rocky start but 6-7 eps in and it began to win me over, despise the horrible directing. I personally thought that KHS’s acting was better than LMH’s.

      • I must say that initially I was upset at the pairing of LMH & KHS. The initial few eps were rocky but their chemistry was great as the drama progressed and at the end, I was more impressed with KHS than LMH (& I’ve hated KHS in many of her previous dramas). I dare say this pairing worked despite the huge age gap. πŸ™‚ One of the rare dramas I watch through live streaming, the last one was Secret Garden. It was an extremely enjoyable drama!

    • Faith had the 2nd best OTP this year, preceded by King2Hrts. I dropped Faith after 2 eps and picked it back up a few weeks later. I’m glad I did because after ep 5, everything was getting better and better in the chemistry dept btw the 2 leads. LMH and KSH had fantastic chemistry. I would like to see these 2 in future projects.

  3. Have to say I was tempted to vote for Hyun Woo and Sang Yeop for one of the top three OTPs but then realize there’s no such option. LOL

  4. I was skeptical about Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won but they made it work and were a bright spot in a year of otherwise dreary OTPs. I want to give a special shout-out to Kim Sun Ah and Lee Jang Woo – they just did not compute for me; too physically incompatible, just like Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun (just my opinion). Both looked like they were babysitting the male leads.

  5. Voting for QIHM almost felt like cheating since there was so much real love going on. I wonder if the drama would have felt different if that was there? On pure acting/story though, nothing beats JaeHa and HangAh.

  6. I need to finish K2H… But they still get my vote as favorite OTP ( I’m only 6 episodes and love them!!). So before the year is over I need to also start & finish Nice guy & Queen In Hyun’s Man…

  7. OMGGGGGGGGGGG I accidentally vote Jaeha and Hangah for the Worst couple noooooo!!!!! When I want to vote for Best Couple actually T_T So please consider 1 vote is a mistake T_T

  8. AhHa couple! I love them, especially since I didn’t think they’d actually work. Then Queen InHyun’s Man for me. Everything else pales in comparison.

  9. I wanna vote but I did not watch any kdramas this year. The only drama I watched was Rich man Poor Woman so Hyuga and Makoto are the best OTP 5eva! πŸ™‚

  10. Queen in hyun’s man all the way. Ji hyun woo and yoo in na is just. perfect. so damn perfect. Utterly perfect. Close to second is Jae kang and Hang ah from K2H. I don’t think anyone can beat their NORTH-SOUTH enemies love. GAHHH I JUST LOVE ALL MY PRETTY OTP <33

  11. Definitely Answer Me, 1997 and Queen In Hyun’s Man. Answer Me 1997 was just the perfect drama and everything about it got to me. Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na were the perfect couple and I wish that they can stay together!!

  12. Definitely Jae Ha and Hang Ah for me! I’m still watching MVs daily till this day hahaha Their love story was so epic it hurts (but it hurts so good!)

  13. Favorite OTP’s of the year so far:
    1.Hang Ah-Jae Ha
    2.Maru-Eun Gi
    3. Eun Oh-Arang
    also my favorite Secondary OTPS ‘cuz sometime they steal the show for me:
    1.Princess Jae Shin and Shi Kyung from K2H
    2. manager Kim and Dong Ah from Wild Romance
    3. Hang Woo and Woo Hee from History of the Salryman

  14. Agree with most of your choices… My fav is of course our royal couple AhHa.
    When you get around to the Drama of the year poll, it will be hands down TK2H for me too!
    Love OTPs of QIHM and Answer me, 1997 too.

  15. I thought about voting for Maru and Eungi for Best OTP but while these two characters were awesome by themselves, their relationship was a bit too messed up for me to really fall in love with the couple…

  16. My favorite of course from Nice Guy, Maru and Eungi. Then from Reply 1997 seo in guk and eunji. i love these two OTPs and ye…most painful to watch was Yoona and JGS. haish.

  17. These polls are fun. It’s hard for me to single out my fave OTP but super easy to single out my least fave: Young Gul and Ga Young in Fashion King *shudders*.

    This year, I’m asking Santa for eng subs to I Live in Cheongdamdong cuz I reallyreallyreally want to watch that. Also, I haven’t finished it yet because the eng subs aren’t complete, but the OTP in A Wife’s Credentials has a special place in my heart (as does the drama itself).

    • I was thinking exactly the same thing when I was reading these. I really want to watch both dramas, but I cannot get them online at all even RAW. Wouldn’t matter because I only atarted studying Korean this summer, so I would miss most of what was happening. If anybody knows where Nickie and I can get our hands on eng subs for either of these, we would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

      Oh Yeah, I voted for Jae Ha and Han Ah for fav OTP. I love it when the woman is respected and gets to save the hero for a change. I would have proposed to her myself if she had save my butt on a merry-go-round from a crazy man!

  18. Koala, I think I pretty much squealed through your top 4 OTPs this year, though Maru/Eun Gi and Nice Guy took it to an entirely different level and I almost needed some calming meds towards the end of the show. πŸ˜‰

    Ohhhhhh…and where can I cast my vote for Hyuga and Makoto? The most adorable, most squeee-inducing OTP of them all? Every time I see a picture them together I just can’t help but feel giddy all over again.


    Kanpeki desu!

  19. There can be no other OTP for me this year than CHAEKI= Moon CHAE Won and Song Joong KI. They are match-made in heaven, gifted with both talent in acting and in beauty. A couple that have won a best couple with their own sex years ago. Moon Chae Won with Moon Geun Young for Painter of the Wind and Song Joong Ki with Yoo Ah In for Sungkyunkwan Scandal. This is just a manifestation that no one can beat them in terms of being pair with someone else.

  20. There were a lot of great OTPs this year, but none can hold a candle to Jae-ha/Hang-ah. I was one of the biggest naysayers before K2H aired, but they proved me SO WRONG. They had it all – an emotional connection, an amazing story of connection and growth, chemistry so sizzling I thought the screen might explode, and a journey toward each other that made me laugh, cry, and pump my fist.

    I will love them forever.

    Thanks for this poll – it was fun to relive the OTP moments from this past year. Time to start working on that year-end review… -_-“

    • Oh – and speaking of K2H, one that I LOVED and which broke my heart into little tiny pieces: The Princess and Her Guard. Jae-shin and Shi-kyung were so, so lovely. *cries again just thinking about Earnest Bot*

  21. Pls watch faith until finish! Coz for me, Woodalchi Choi Young and Eun Soo worked perfectly! They really hv chemistry. I dont think Kim Hee Sun’s acting was bad. She is really a good actress. Lee Min Ho too, esp. when they stare at each other, you can see their feeling thru their eyes. And I’m not even a big fan of either Lee Min Ho or Kim Hee Sun. (Random thoughts : Taiwan drama : George Hu and Annie Chen really nail their role, I love their chemistry @ Love,Now! I ship ‘George-Annie’ more than ‘Chris-Annie’)

    • I agree!!!! I loved Faith and the biggest reason is actually Kim Hee Sun, she was great in this. I was never a Lee Min Ho fan but I really liked him here with Kim Hee Sun. Actually I never really liked k-dramas at all….but Faith kept me watching and I finished it in a few days and while doing that everyday almost falling asleep at work…..

      • Oh yeah, I forgot, of course I love King Jae Ha and his Hang Ah, too. Aparantly Ha ji Won is one of my fav korean actress. They both had great chemistry. It seems like I do like the 9-10 years age difference couple…hahah…

    • Agree with you,they have chemistry and kim hee sun acting was not bad and I like king and queen too, I want someone to make a drama about them, iam curious with their love story.

  22. there is no OTP I have madly in love with this year, like last year. I don’t know if it has something to do with me who are no longer looking for romance in the first place when watching korean drama.

    But There are alot of bromance relationship that I loved though.

    So far several otp that I like are K2H OTP (haven’t finished it yet, though), BIG OTP, and QIHM OTP.

  23. Seunggi ya, although i didn’t vote you for OTP this year, but Singer Seungi is still my favorite! See you in Seoul Concert next week!

  24. Best OTP is LMH and KHS of Faith !!! Why ? If you have finished watching it , you’ll know why ^^ Next are K2H , QIHM, Nice Guy and Answer me 1997’s OTPs .
    Worst OTPs : fashion king , Jin , and TMeTS OTPs

  25. least fave Park Minyoung and Song Seung Hun nada sparks! >.< also Kim Hee Sun and Lee Minho…huhuhu nothing.I ran away from both these dramas.

    Fav are EUNMA and ANSWER ME 1997 couple~!!

  26. Did we come to the end, omoooo. I voted as I rank it, but only RMPW OTP isn’t there…ahhhh, maybe in some other pool.
    Looking forward to 2012. REVIEW.

  27. i like QIHM and NG OTP. for the third pair i think i like moon/sun pair but the younger version coz i don ship the adult version. i really want to vote for yeo jin gu and kim yoo jung coz their acting is really superb. can i? hahaha..still thinking…

  28. Best OTP of the year: Maru and Eun Gi in Nice Guy
    Hottest couple: Boong Do and Hee Jin in QIHM
    Cutest couple: Hyuga and Makoto in RMPW

  29. Mine, my best OTP is Queen Inhyun’s Man couple, they even became real lovers after the drama, my worst is Fashion King lead stars, poor Yoo Ah In i have loved him in SKKS, but i even choose his drama, FK as one of the worst drama… ive ever seen in Korea.

  30. Best OTP for me is I DO I DO…Although the age gap was big and visible, their chemistry was palpable…That boy Lee Jang Woo knows how to kiss an Ahjumma!!! and he is gorgeous!!!
    Now, in Missing YOU, I’m rooting for Soo Yeon and Jung Woo (because I’m in loveeeee with PYC) but I’ll love to see a mindblowing kiss between Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon, because we know both actors are not shy of going for it…so please drama, give me a kiss between those 2 before you turn Harry into a baddy.

    Now for worst OTP…why is Yoona an actress again? the girl is so wooden…the same goes for the girl in Fashion King…duhhh!!!! and even my love for LMH could not keep me from fleeing Faith…the OTP was just so incompatible for me…The same thing in Big. I love Gong Yoo, but I can’t stand Lee Ming Jung. I failed to see any chemistry at all between them…
    I’m not a fan of sageuk, but now I’m going to watch Queen In Hyun’s man to see a reel couple turn into a real one…I’m a sucker for these kind of mushy stories. From the pictures, those 2 look like soulmates…oh sho shuit!!!!

  31. Faith- LMH & KHS: I went on dreaming & imagining ab them, 3 weeks after the show ended. Plus first time ever live and raw watching. Enough said. Personally I think a critic concluded on a not-even-half-way-completed series is not quite a professional critic.

    K2H- No more comments.

  32. I vote for Ah-Ha Couple (The King Two Hearts) for the best OTP of the year 2012. They had super duper great chemistry, you can’t tell that they have 9 age gap difference. Even now, I am still re-running TK2H <3 <3 ya I can say I still have withdrawal syndrome. lols. Ah-Ha couple is the best!!

  33. King 2 hearts OTP all the way. They (Hjw and lsg) rocked the age gap through natural acting. When you watch them on screen, you could really that they are Hang ah and Jae ha, The awesome-EST royal couple. Their love is alive on screen. I am one of the doubters-turned-shippers of this OTP.

  34. Best OTP – Faith’s Choi Young-Eunsoo, i don’t wanna sound as if i’m forcing you, which i know is how it’s maybe gonna sound, but try Faith again on some day where you just want to try something new, see atleast till 8-10 eps i think then you’ll naturally want 2 see the rest? one can hope… πŸ™‚ theirs is one of the best OTPs ever from a kdrama, and kim heesun has a very natural chemistry with Lee Minho… their love story is unforgettable…stoic, straight-laced, having-a-death-wish Choi Young, free-spirited, practical, dynamic, living-life-to-the-full Eunsoo… both complemented each other, and evolved through their love, no jackass-being-reformed-by-dimwitted-but-gold-hearted-girl… Choi young learns to live not just exist and have feelings, while eunsoo learns to open her heart, care for others and be a true doctor and love another to the extent of putting them above herself…

    2nd best – Jihyuk-Suah from SUFBB, a very functional relationship, when you consider them as teens at crossroads in life where they’ve decisions to make, and forge a life ahead… jihyuk- the guy who takes her as a family and always looks after her… suah- the most understandin & supportive gf ever, doesn’t gt even miffed at many days without calls, missed dates or no calls…

    3rd best- Boongdo-Heejin… they’re just perfect, u knw… he’s a modern man in ancient garb, she is oldfashioned in her single-minded liking and loving, he’s intelligent, she’s street-smart, and together they’ve chemistry in boatloads to set a forest on fire…

    Tied for 3rd – yoonjae-shiwon from AM1997, they’re adorable together and even though the charactersare portrayed by rookies, they’ve effectively conveyed why the best friends make sense as the OTP… Yoonjae-brusque, blunt(to the point of rude), cranky, upright, overachiever, single-mindedly in love, shiwon-passionate, vivacious, bundle of energy, clueless about feelings, non-judgmental… one of the cutest OTPs…

    honorable mention – seojoon hana from love rain… this one’s gonna get me brickbats, but i did enjoy the show from eps 5-12 and that was large, no, only due to jang geunseok and yoona’s characters and their chemistry… they were both kinda deadfish in the 70s(?) version, but in the 2012 version, their story unfolded in typical romcom fashion and made me wish the series had been based on only eps 5-12, fleshed out more, cuz then atleast it would’ve been regarded as a harmless, mindless fluff and not be contending with Fashion King for Worst Drama… the characters were cute and sweet and the romance light and engaging in the moulds of your typical kdrama romance tropes – rich, arrogant, apparently most desirable, super-talented guy and (kinda) poor, sweet, not-generally-regarded-pretty-but-totally-hot-after-a-makeover, clumsy, not-bookishly-intelligent-but-streetsmart, heart-of-gold heroine… (which btw, y do heroes get to be bookish smart or intellectual while the heroines are always just streetsmart or pretty dim? i live in india, and here stats regularly show girls outperforming boys in all academic, national or state exams)..end of brief rant… tired character tropes, but they somehow made it work…

    so that’s the end of my long comment… just wanted to give Faith-supporters a space to share their love for the OTP πŸ™‚

    • and yeah, to add on to the best OTP, here’s a weird one, but one that i still remember (that it maybe the only thing i remember in a horrible, beyond-redemption show is moot)… Rian-Yoojin from Dream high 2… not touted as OTP, the end also doesn’t show them together conclusively except for secret looks, smiles and winks, but this one just resonated with me, you know, and it’s not even like the show was great or these particular characters were great…

      Rian is the perfect 2nd lead- selfish, insecure, beautiful, proud, willing to do anything to achieve great heights, and yoojin the perfect hero- lovable rascal, truckloads of talent, lazy, charming, charismatic and good-guy-to-boot… at first the characters dont even interact and if they do, it is just fleeting, barbed putdowns or they’re not even talkin TO each other just part of a conversation involving many speakers…

      but much like seojoon-hana, they became one of the few watchable reasons for enduring DH2 till the end… their slow friendship, to becoming best-friends to becoming inseparable and fully supportive of each other, seeing sides to each other, hidden from the world, knowing other facets of their character, understanding…

      i’m still puzzled by y JYP didnt make Rian into some kind of anti-heroine and main focus of the show and made one main part of the show as her redemptive path aided by (possible) OTP yoojin who in turn would learn not just to be the good-hearted, lazy, wary-of-success guy but to explore and share his talents more.. now that would’ve been an awesome show hoisted by pretty-good and decent, if not excellent, actors… park jiyeon and jinwoon are two idol-stars who are actually able to portray the nuances of their characters…maybe the director thought kang sora was the better actress (who sadly has tainted her career with her portrayal of haesung, wtf was that dull&stupid acting and that doormat character)… or maybe wary of having a anti-heroine? (though hyemi also starts of pretty awful in DH1 and samdong pretty much only an adorable puppy and not much else. their characters were beautifully evolved to make them the memorable OTP they are nw)…

      whatever the problem was, my only concolation for having struck with DH2 till the end was the endearind (non?)-couple rian-yoojin…

  35. It’s irrational but I’m still owned by and screaming HyunWoo+SangYeob ILICDD FOREVER every time seeing SY on my screen engrossed by NiceGuy lately. And that’s all that is coming to mind with anything concerning any OTP chatter.

    I can’t think of worst, I just won’t bother watching the horror. I can safely say SSH will always get my patpatpat for nice try of eyebrows acting every outing, but no, just no.

  36. Sung Joon and Jung So Min aren’t bad in Can We Get Married either πŸ™‚ Their personalities don’t match but they are refreshingly frank to each other and are so cute onscreen.

    The thing about that poll is, I drop dramas which have a terrible plot/otp so I can’t judge if they’ve gotten better (or worse), and others I haven’t began.

    I agree that the best parts of AM1997 was not the center romance (and I think the love triangle needn’t take so much screentime) but I rooted for them because of their closeness as best friends.

    Shut Up Flower Boy Band’s OTP was adorable too, definitely an honorable mention for me with Nice Guy and Arang, after Queen In Hyun’s Man and King 2 Hearts.

    and I want to watch I Live In CheongDamDong too… just can’t find subs.

  37. Faith – Like you by epsiode 4 i was ready to throw in the towel especially with KHS’s depiction of Eun Soo who was CONSTANTLY screeching and just plain annoying. However, I sticked around and somewhere in the middle, I promised you the dynamics between the two main leads are definitely worth your time. I even rewatch the epsiodes a few times because Choi Young really caught my attention as a character and also how LMH was able to relate the character to us.

  38. Nothing beats Boong Do and Hee Jin in QIHM. They were SOOOO cute and then they got together in real life and i squealed :3
    But you’re favorite OTP was a very close 2nd on my list. I suppose overcoming time trumps hardcore political conflict by a very small margin for me.

  39. My favourite OTP is Choi Young and Eun Soo, both of them acting so natural and muture convincing couple. Funny happened is that your comments are not logic, you had just watch up to 4 epi. only. why don’t you see the comments given by Jonniz( she is wonderful recapper). I am sure that you are LMH’s fan but KHS hater, that why you cannot stand your handsome acted with married and older girl. It break your heart isn’t it? At first, I also felt like that but please be fair and logic, I started to like KHS after watch Faith. KHS is really very beautiful and gorgeous than many Korean actresses that I had seen. Faith had alot skinship romance that you can’t imagine it unless you personally not a romantc type of person. Seen liked you want fast romance from the OTP in most Kdrama your choice of selections. Kisses faster spread out in beginning ep. and words: I LOVE YOU, I MISSED YOU, YOU ARE MY EVERTHING and I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU must said repeatly and clear, right? I know you, Koala b’cos we are girls and same taste, problems is we are not professional, so don’t quick judge it wrongly. Send by your best friend.

  40. I didn’t think the leads on Faith had chemistry, and until the end they didn’t. They got better but I think it was thansk to the CHARACTERS and not the actors chemistry themselves. If they were on a book I would love them together and all, but KSH and LMH don’t have chemistry at all.

    Kt and MD from Bridal mask, the girl was just meh and couldn’t have chemistry with Joo Won, he had it more with Rara.

    Moon Sun couple: Gain can’t act to save her life and her Wol was so bad, a lot of people just liked thr couple because of Kim Soo Hyun made it able … I mean, the guy showed SO MUCH love in his eyes, you coulfn’t resist; he can hgave chemistry with a rock if he wants to;


    Best OTP, LGS and HJW was really, really good! Loved LOVED them.
    My fav is YIN and JHW! OMG they had such mad chesmistry.

    Third but not least: Maru and EG. These two!

  41. Uri Jeonha Lee Jae Ha and Wangbi Mama Kim Hang Ah is my all-the-time my OTP in Kdramaland. Yeayyyy……Long Live AhHa Couple. I, sometimes, still imagine about their marriage life. Huhuhu Ottoke?? It’s been almost half year since the drama ended. But I’m still in the withdrawal. Hahaha

  42. Favorites: I had more than three, but I narrowed my choices down to Hyun Woo and Ji Eun, Boong Do and Hee Jin, and Shi Won and Yoon Jae πŸ˜€ I had to take out Maru and Eungi because I felt they would receive lots of love regardless and ILCDD needs more love haha Honestly, the best OTPs from ILCDD are Hyun Woo and Lee Sang Yeob and the three ahjusshis!! The ahjusshis are so adorable, endearing, and aldkfjaldkfj awesome. Best bromances in one drama <3

    Least Favorite: Jin Hyuk and Young Rae, Tae Joon and Jae Hee, and Young Gul and Ga Young. Combination of bad acting, bad writing…overall, bad drama. Fashion King seemed like it could be good, but who knew it would be SO BAD. Poor Lee Je Hoon for picking that drama as his first. Meh. It's okay LJH, I am waiting for you to return and hopefully, your movies will be good enough in the meantime.

  43. iam agree with you watch kim boong do and choi hee jin couple and hang ah and jae ha is a very wonderfull love,Seo Yoon and Hyung Joon,iam dying watch them together
    faith,dream high and time slip dr jin definitely a bad combination,no chemistry make me wanna sleep even watch it just for 15 minutes

  44. top 3 from someone who has watched at least 5-6 eps of ALL of the dramas on the list lol:

    1. Ji Hyuk and Soo Ah in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. The drama is soo underrated…

    2. Shi Won and Yoon Jae in Answer Me 1997 of course! I actually expected them to be leading but I guess not…

    3. Kang To and Mok Dan in Bridal Mask is tied with Maru and Eun Gi in Nice Guy. Maru and Eun Gi have a more chemistry for sure but….but… its kang to. kang to!! GAKITSAL!! yea. I have no idea for number 3 haha

    Least liked I just hated Love Rain (boring), Faith (bleh), Fashion King (blehhh), Time Slip Dr. Jin (…….. )

  45. Lee gak and park ha – their chemistry was the main attraction of the drama for me XD before the ranger chemistry

    Yoo seung ho and park eun bin – The actor’s real life condition is more or less similar with the drama. Friend since childhood, no wonder it did magic on screen

    Lee hwon and Yeon woo – Strangely I felt the child actor chemistry is better than the adult actor. I hardly connect the relationship they had in childhood to their adulthood. Yeo jin goo and kim yuu jeong had better chemistry than han ga in and kim soo hyun IMO :[

    Kim hang ah and Lee Jae Ha – Age difference what is that?

    Kim bong doo and choi hee jin – good chemistry on screen and off screen :p

    Maru and eun ki – reaaal good, at last seeing song joong ki as lead with a wonderful leading lady. I think moon chae won is the type that able to have chemistry with anyone (park shi hoo, etc). But, up till now, I love the most her chemmistry with joong ki

    Jung eun ji and Seo in guk – Never expected them to be a rookie

    Sorry for sooo lengthy comment, in the end I think it’s kinda noonafest this year. Looking on how much older leading lady to younger male lead couple.

  46. Some comments here are just rude. Please respect everyone’s choice of fav and least fav OTPs. Those who commented on Koala’s “professionalism” and deriding her choices should just take a chill pill.
    Since when this poll has anything to do with professionalism? And professionalism in what, in sharing opinions in her own blog?

  47. Hmmmm, we can vote as much as we want???

    I didnt watch much dramas this year, kinda hard to make a decision. But I really like the cute couple in Answer Me 1997, they made me believe they were born for the sake of each other, they complete each other. Best OTP for Yoon Jae & Shi Won. Second maybe the 2nd OTP in The King 2 Hearts, Jae Shin and Shi Kyung, but I dont like the drama itself.

    Among the dramas I managed to fully watch, I think that Hwon – Yeon Woo adult version bored me to death.

    • me too, but for the second, I choose Ma roo and Eun gi in Nice guy,,, Both of them are perfect couples, i think. Different story and genre, But perfect in acting,

  48. Hi Koala, very nice poll!

    Ma Ru and Eun Gi from Nice Guy are the best OTP I’ve never seen. I’m crazy for them. *___*

    The worst couple of the year is from Fashion King or Faith… very awkward. But I like the OTP in Love Rain because I love Jang Geun Suk and I don’t think Yoona was a bad actress in that drama. She’s improved a lot from the past, she’s funny and pretty in her act, so in my opinion she doesn’t deserve the title of worst OTP with JGS.

  49. Totally agree with the best OTP!! I love Lee Jae Ha and Hang An In in Tk2H!!! Its just a great drama with AMAZING actors! I didn’t know about the 9 yr gap! One of my fav dramas!!!

  50. Ms. Koala!!! why Faith OTP is your least?? They’re good actually and age doesn’ matter coz they pull it off nicely.. He!he! It’s a matter of taste really..i know..just kidding.

  51. hum……..i actually liked some of your least favorite kdramas…but i do hate Love Rain…very boring. i checked out of Faith in episode 7ish because i got other dramas to watch…haha…i thought Fashion King is really good, but the ending did ruin it all…..

  52. Hi Koala, many thanks for your detailing review! I agreed with you totally that The King 2 Hearts is the BEST OTP. It is such a great and awesome drama with good scrip, screen play, writer, director and actors. Heartfelt compliments for the astonishing and nearly flawless acting skill of Lee Seung Gi which is truly amazing! So grateful for such a wonderful viewing pleasure and enjoyment!

  53. I think its interesting to see how dramas connect differently with people. Some of your fave OTPs I didn’t care too much for and some of the others that you disliked were my faves. Lol. I do agree that TK2H’s had the best OTP of the year. *And* that Fashion King was a hot mess (I watched the whole thing too and I’m not sure why, maybe it was so much of a train wreck that I just couldn’t look away…).

  54. Dissident opinion here.

    The love-hate relationship of Jae Ha and Hang Ah irritated me. They got better in the end, but man was their love story cheesy.

    Individually, I found their characters grating too. I think LSG is being stereotyped as the rich punk far too much. And I cannot decide whether I find Hang Ah as bad@ss or her being cute just creeps me out, but I don’t think HJW was able to pull off a convincing bad@ss hopeless romantic that well. The 2nd pairing was a lot cute though.

    Okay. Enough with that. Flame on. I come in peace. πŸ™‚

    • And really whats up with LSG, all his characters are of the same shade. Can’t they cast him onto something else other than a rich punk?

  55. i dont see equator man around πŸ˜›
    well,it received many recognitions from korean people though

    however, my fave OTP is maru and eungi, jaeha and hangah, lee gak and park ha, boongdo and hee jin, the last, shi won and yoon jae <3

    nice guy, king2hearts, rooftop prince, queen inhyun's man, and reply 1997 has great chemistry among its casts.

    i dont like the pairing in "I MISS YOU" though.

    but if i have to choose one OTP, it would be maru and eungi, i really cant decide for the second because i love jaeha-hangah just as much as lee gak-park ha.

  56. Maru X Eun Gi..Best OTP this year..their chemistry is overflowing.it’s spilling in my screen..Haha. and I voted also for Chang Hee and Hae Joo in May Queen thinking they are the young ones..

  57. I loved almost all the couples in the best list but I “nomu nomu nomu nomu” think that Kang Maru and Eun Gi were the very best! Their chemistry was incredible and they literally took my breath away *sigh* Song Joon Ki is officially a serial kisser?

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