Flower Boy Next Door Releases Adorable Christmas Teaser

In a short 17-second snippet of a teaser, Flower Boy Next Door just made me feel like Christmas came early. These days I can afford to buy what I want, and what makes me happy are things money can’t buy anyway, like time spent with people I care about and things that make me feel. I really do sense this titanic surge towards the rom-com mood coming towards me, and perhaps towards the K-drama universe in general since a a bunch of just premiered dramas and upcoming fare skews heavily towards the lighthearted. This latest Christmas teaser from tvN for FBND continues to assure me that the network has a great sense of humor and a knowing wink for the absurd. I had a giant grin on my face watching the cast make funny faces, do silly poses, and in general bringing the jovial and rather unsnarky Christmas sincerity that has been lacking more and more as the years go by. I appreciate that dramas can both make fun of itself and bring cheer for the holidays, all while acknowledging that the occasion can be ripe for laughs. I wonder if the drama will actually show a Christmas scene since it won’t air until early January? I remain completely excited about FBND but the sudden and unexpected awesome that is Cheongdamdong Alice has made it easier for me to wait for its arrival. I won’t be drooling for a chocolate cake when I’m already enjoying an early chocolate souffle now. Check out the cuteness below and hope everyone’s gearing up for the holidays with plenty of time to spare.

Merry Christmas with the Flower Boys (and Girl) Next Door:


Flower Boy Next Door Releases Adorable Christmas Teaser — 21 Comments

  1. So, so, so cute! TRYING to temper my expectations, but this teaser is doing just the opposite. KJH…ahhhhhhhhh! The other boys are cute, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Only 4 flower boys? So the other man maybe get antagonist role..

    Kim Ji Hoon is really handsome..but looks more “mature” compare to the others :p

  3. You seriously got to love tvN for the way the communicate with their fans: They tweet, they use YT and their sense of humor is slaying me. That’s Christmas spirit: Feeling like a family. The boys are adorable in that teaser: Would be cool to see some traces of it landing in the drama: Maybe framed pics on the desks?

  4. I just died… of cuteness… literally. Cable dramas on power lately, I am totally enjoying Can we get married of JTBC, I need romance from TVN and so on… I actually find cable dramas more interesting and also better in terms of quality than the big3 channels dramas…

  5. I am preemptively calling Go Kyung Pyo the scene stealer.
    Boy is CUTE! LOVED his dance moves the best.

    What a great vibe this show is kicking out.
    Really need it now, too.

  6. Adorable!!! Unfortunately, my drama life is on hold until my big exam on january 20th. Can’t wait for my freedom, when I’ll be able to marathon Cheongdamdong Alice, School 2013 and The King of Dramas, and to start this one. Ooooooh, and I’ll be balancing all the happinness with That Winter, The Wind Blows. 2013 looks so promising ๐Ÿ™‚

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