Ethan Ruan to be Discharged from the Military on January 12th

Has it really been almost a year since Ethan Ruan was shipped off to the army? Ethan arguably left at the height of his career, with both critical and commercial success in the pocket. He won a Best Actor Golden Horse award for Monga, then starred in the box office hit LOVE with a large contingent of Chinese and Taiwanese movie stars. It has been four years since his last TW-drama which was the 2009 My Queen with Cheryl Yang but that was one solid drama and a very memorable character and performance so he pretty much left television on a high note as well. Folks were mostly worried that his relationship with girlfriend Tiffany Hsu would go kaput from the distance, but luckily Ethan got assigned to desk duty in Taipei so that was one disaster averted. He’s being released from the army on January 12th and immediately will fly to Italy to attend the Gucci men’s fashion show. He’s been a spokesperson for Gucci in Asia for the last few years and really they couldn’t have picked a better model with his long lean model physique. Afterwards he returns to the entertainment world by filming the wuxia movie The Hidden Heroine with Shu Qi. Apple News found Ethan outside his house last month and he was in a great mood so chatted with the reporter for a few minutes. During the chat, he revealed that Tiffany has been addicted to the C-drama The Legend of Zhen Huan recently so at home she refers to herself as “ben gong” or “my royal highness” as if she was one of the consorts of the Emperor when speaking to Ethan. So cute. When asked about getting married, Ethan joked that the reporter was even more anxious than his grandfather in pushing for him to tie the knot. He wants to since he’s 30 already but it won’t happen as quickly as in 2013. I always appreciate it when TW-stars are comfortable enough to give impromptu interviews and are so candid in their responses. I’m looking forward to Ethan’s return and seeing what other great projects he’ll pick in the new future. It’s still odd that when all the musical chairs in the small TW-entertainment industry, he and Tiffany actually haven’t starred in anything together yet.

Apple News Ethan Interview:


Ethan Ruan to be Discharged from the Military on January 12th — 9 Comments

  1. O
    That top photo is niiiiiiiiice.
    This is the first interweb thing I saw today.
    He makes me melt because of his smile and naturalness.

  2. Seriously.. Taiwan seems to be addicted to Zhen Huan Zhuan lately. Is it really that good? I tried the first episode, it’s interesting, but I wouldn’t say that it has captured my heart immediately.

    • Yes. I LOVED BBJX but LZH totally kicks its arse out of the water – there may not be as many romantic moments in it but the everything is perfect – I would say, for me, it’s the best palace drama I’ve seen.

      (I am currently in between jobs so ended up having a marathon session in about 4 days).

  3. omg ms. koala what was that song that played during 0:57 – 1:06. If anyone knows please tell me because its so beautiful. Thanks!

  4. Sorry, but I don’t think Tiffany suits Ethan…and she’s not that pretty but Ethan’s in love with her and happy together so that’s all that counts! I really hope they don’t get married anytime soon though!

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