Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu Share their Happiness with Fans

I hope these two walk down the red carpet and put a ring on their five year relationship soon, because it’s sure to be the most high profile Taiwanese celebrity wedding of this new century and every single Taiwanese celebrity will be in attendance. Ethan Ruan jetted to Milan right after he was released from serving a year of mandatory enlistment and spent 21 days traveling around Europe. Right after he got back to Taiwan, he posted this adorable candid picture on his weibo (see below) showing him with his long-time girlfriend Tiffany Hsu. His caption read “Finally beside the person I want to be with, had a most ordinary of breakfasts, this is home!” They spent Lunar New Year eve apart, each spending it with their own families. But the next day Ethan went to Tiffany’s family to pay his respects in the role of son-in-law, actually calling her parents Mom and Dad. Tiffany’s mom even posted on her FB page a picture of Ethan enjoying the day with them. Afterwards, Ethan wrote on his own weibo “Sorry I haven’t been updating these last two days, I went home to spend time with my folks……then went to Tiff’s house for a big meal, so delicious! New Year should be spent like this. Hope everyone is happy!” Man, these two are so lovey dovey its like they are making up for the year apart, which totally is fine with me. It’s refreshing to see such big stars like Ethan not only being public about his romantic life, but sharing the details without fear of fan backlash. I approve and support them all the way. If they make it, that’s great, if they break up, at least they loved and tried. That’s all that really matters. For the longest time Ethan was the big star in the relationship but Tiffany has finally turned the corner on her acting career getting solid reviews for her leading lady turn in the currently airing drama Love Me or Leave Me

Above is the selca taken by the long time love birds. Still as lovely as ever! Tiffany recently took wedding pictures with Chris Wang for Love Me or Leave Me. These are too cute not to share. Chris is such a ham, and Tiff makes any wedding dress so much prettier. The drama sucks but they are totally wonderful in it.


Ethan Ruan and Tiffany Hsu Share their Happiness with Fans — 13 Comments

    • Now… This is fab post. Great news & leave you with good warmth feeling.

      Something positive and refreshing of a couple in a relationship. With family’s approval makes it even sweeter. May they find true happiness & real endearing love in each other 😉

  1. Aw they are so cute with each other!! I love celeb couples, I wish more of them would be open in public without having to fear the wrath of the fans.

    I don’t really know Tifanny but best of luck to then!

  2. I love to see and know abt celebrity couples . Even though I’m not intrested in TW drama that much Hhh but I would live to see a post abt such subject especially k-celebs ! Past and present .. Thanks miss koala ,
    Ps . Isnt she the second lead in drunken to love you ! ?

  3. With the photo above where he was wearing sunglasses, he wrote on Feb 7th, “Back to the person should be with, and had a very simple breakfast, this is home, happy new year” (chinese new year)

    This is happiness.

  4. Part of me is jealous of her because she has him, but most of me is happy they have each other.

    I hope they can continue to support each others’ careers through up and down as they have. So many of the populars stars talk about being lonely at the top. I love seeing their big smiles together!!

  5. I hope they live happily ever after together 🙂 🙂 Cuteness… cause even after everyone sheds their “jobs”, they are just regular people just like the rest of us.

    It will definitely be the highest profile tw celeb wedding since both are now big stars in their own right. Lately, it’s been only one half being the big star. Big wishes for many more years of cuteness and fun together.

  6. Have been a fan for Tiffany since her It Started With a Kiss Days, so glad she and Ethan are happy together. Though, side note, I can’t get on board with her hair in the first shot at all. Tiffany is still so pretty and young, the hair is doing her no justice at all.

    By the way – I haven’t actually watched Love Me or Leave me because the premise wasn’t appealing to me at all, can anyone vouch if her chemistry with Chris is anything to write home for? I seem to have less and less faith in TW dramas as the years pass, because even a great pairing doesn’t seem to be enough to hook me 🙁

  7. I love these two. As I was reading this my mind kept saying their love life is exactly like a taiwanese drama and all that needs to happen left is for them to tie the knot!

    It will happen, mark my words. Love and wishes goes towards this couple.

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