The Huntresses with Ha Ji Won Releases Dreadful Movie Trailer

I love Ha Ji Won but she’s getting type cast into a certain action-oriented character role that is starting to limit her range. All her projects in the last few years have had her playing a fighting or sporting role, ranging from Secret Garden to Sector 7 to Korea to The King 2 Hearts. Not to mention she got her big breakthroughs with the sageuk wuxia works such as The Duelist and Damo. I have no problem if she picks this type of role in a good project, but the just released trailer for her upcoming Joseon caper movie The Huntresses (Korean title Joseon’s Three Beautiful Musketeers) have me worried she’s sunk to a new low. The movie looks positively godawful based on the trailer. It looks like a schlocky 90s Hong Kong comedy wuxia movie made for pennies on the dollar starring slumming it A-listers looking to earn some spending money as well as perpetually drunk character actors. Don’t believe me, watch the trailer. Starring Ha Ji Won as the leader of a trio of female investigators in Joseon Korea, the other two are played by Kang Ye Won and Son Ga In. Not exactly a trio that inspires if you ask me. The story has the trio battling a powerful force looking to overthrow the Joseon dynasty. LOL, that’s quite a antagonist this movie has set up for the intrepid female heroines. Based on the trailer, the ladies dress up to investigate and go undercover, including cross-dressing, wearing Western clothes, pretending to be a geisha, and donning a revealing belly dancing outfit. I know this movie likely understands its broad based comedy strokes and doesn’t want us to take it seriously, but I can’t even be entertained when the production values look so terrible and the story makes no sense. I can’t believe Ha Ji Won has fallen so far from being the deadly and strong heroine of The Duelist and Damo days. I did some digging and found out that this movie is the first one ever produced by Ha Ji Won and Kang Ye Won’s own agency Wellmade Starm. Ha Ji Won is that agencies undisputed top star so my guess is she’s being cajoled to do this vanity project for her agency, and probably how she got out of her contract since this week came news she’s just joined Sidus HQ. Poor Ji Won, this is so beneath her I have no words. Hopefully she’ll had earned some goodwill and her next project will actually be worth this price paid.

Trailer for The Huntresses:


The Huntresses with Ha Ji Won Releases Dreadful Movie Trailer — 21 Comments

  1. The saddest part is that dramas like “That Winter, the wind blows” & many other TV drama have better quality. For a movie stand point…. this is not looking good. I’m not going to pay $ to watch this.

  2. Even though the story is set in the Joseon period, Ga In still wears her eyeliner like she does on a daily basis! She just can’t let go of it hahaha

  3. I don’t know, it doesn’t look like it’s trying to take itself seriously, so perhaps it won’t be bad if it’s deliberately supposed to be silly and not a straight up period action film.

    • I feel the same here, the trailer didn’t seem bad to me… It reminds me of a comedy, perhaps we could see some silly acts that HJW tries to achieve? Ga In, well she’s lucky to have the opportunity to work with HJW… Will still check it out

    • Agree. I saw the trailer and thought it looked like something i’d watch for a good laugh. Turn my brain off and just enjoy.
      Ha Ji Won is always a hoot to watch even if whatever she’s in sucks.
      Plus, with all the melo running amuck k-drama land these days I don’t mind some comedy

  4. I think its funny that Sidus lost Song Joong Ki and gained Ha Ji Won all in the span of two months…I’ve come to like her as an actress much late in the game despite having seen her in at least 3 films and 2 dramas to date but its sad that she keeps getting typecast… maybe this move will change things…This movie looks really campy but it could make for some silly, mindless fun like with last year’s Gone with the Wind…now I wish I could like her costars more…Kang Ye Won seems to be overacting and I like Ga In a lot in real life for her personality but her acting debut in All My Love was really bad (god I watched too many episodes of that show)…maybe this kind of tomboy character would suit her better?

  5. Exactly what I thought when I first saw the trailer like a week ago! (And the reason why it didn’t make it onto Trailer Weekly feature on my blog).

    I also don’t like how it’s being described as “a fresh and unique adventure” (on KOFIC) but is still about a “bounty hunting trio composed of three beauties”, the main description reducing them to their looks.

    The fusion elements in the trailer so did not work for me either.

    I also feel Ha Ji-won is being typecast. I still like her (loved Duelist), but half her roles seem to be this kind of character now… and I think she’s capable of more than that.

  6. According to Dramabeans, it’s suppose to be a Joseon “Charlie’s Angels” –hence the reason why it seems a bit…umm…

  7. The fusion comedy elements look legit to me. As long as HJW’s acting wont disappoint (i believe it wont), I will be watching this movie. I miss ha ji won’s versatility as an actress. I hope her next production will be far from this typecast role. HJW, fighting

  8. i like her too HJW. it looks like lots of entertaining visuals, costumes ,make-up, hairdo. hmmm. i like shallow movies, you watch, you laugh, and then forgets. No headache eh!

  9. I think this movie’ll make a good laugh. But, HJW’s acting skill is not just for a good laugh. This movie is such a waste of her talent. I hope she’ll stay away from these comedy and action roles now that she’s changed her management company. I hope she’ll portray more roles that deal with intense dramatic scenes. She has already proven her greatness in the action genre. I hope to see a fresher HJW role in the near future.

  10. I do not understand why you compare the movie to the series, but as mentioned the name of the series twtwb I can understand who is responsible for all the negative talk …
    HA JI WON is one of the best players that might be called an actress!!!
    she is amazing
    looks like a fun movie to watch

  11. Beautiful and multi talented movie queen Ha Ji Won never fails us…dying to see her belly dance, shake it baby….Cheers!

  12. Ha Ji Won must pick her next project carefully to match her acting skill. Only film with well known actors of her level, otherwise it will be another flop again.

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