SBS Shelves Can We Love for I Hear Your Voice with Kim Jae Won and Lee Bo Young

So this might be the most hilarious case of crossed wires ever in the casting rumor mill, and you can’t blame me (and many others) for reporting on what turns out to be erroneous news. So I heard that Lee Bo Young was being courted for the drama that was going to follow All About My Romance on SBS Wed-Thurs. The drama that was scheduled to follow AAMR was Can We Love with Yeo Jin Goo. Right? So everyone (myself included) put two-and-two together and got totally and completely squicked out with the thought that 16-17 year old Yeo Jin Goo was going to potentially romance 34-year old Lee Bo Young. The synopsis for CWL stated it was about a young man’s love for an older woman but there was no way in hell anyone could stomach, let alone buy into, the 18-year real life age difference between those two. Turns out the freak out was for naught as SBS pulled a switcheroo on everyone. The network was courting Lee Bo Young as the leading lady for the drama following AAMR, but it was also planning to shelve CWL and instead air the legal drama I Hear Your Voice. It would have been nice for SBS to let that tidbit of information out to avoid the confusion. A few months ago that drama was courting Gong Hyo Jin for the leading lady role, but now its been confirmed that Lee Bo Young is headlining along with Kim Jae Won. OMG I am so relieved. What an age appropriate pairing, and one that hasn’t been done before since its the first time these two have done a project together. I’m not surprised SBS is so anxious to stick Lee Bo Young back on television, her recently ended weekend drama My Daughter Seo Young ended with ratings in the high 40s and is far and away the highest rated drama of the year so far. Kim Jae Won’s last drama was the crazy as hell weekend makjang fest May Queen so I’m glad he’s back on primetime.

Not much is known about I Hear Your Voice other than its about lawyers who stands up for the innocent and lets their voices be heard. It will be written by the screenwriter who did Dream High (the original) and Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung. This drama is going to have to scramble to start filming ASAP since its premiering in early June after AAMR wraps up. Or limps to the finish, that poor drama is so bad as to defy description. Miscast and misconceived all around. I’m pretty intrigued by I Hear Your Voice since its different enough from the recent batch of sageuks or modern drama concepts to at least merit a first look. Funnily enough, for the longest time I kept reading its title as Can You Hear My Voice, and then I realized I was merging its title with Kim Jae Won’s Can You Hear My Heart. I think we’re all going to have to refer to Kim Jae Won’s “voice drama” and “heart drama” from now on to differentiate the two.


SBS Shelves Can We Love for I Hear Your Voice with Kim Jae Won and Lee Bo Young — 36 Comments

  1. Awwww but hopefully Yeo Jin Goo’s drama don’t get shelved for too long. I want him in the lead, highschool drama rocks esp when done right. ie Shut Up Band and Dream High. And preferably with no student-teacher romance in the plot.

    • Me too, I really want the show to happen for the kiddos and Yoon Sang Hyun, just don’t like the idea of it having a teacher student romance…plus including this show, this will be the second Yoon Sang Hyun drama that has been shelved in a row (the first being his ahjussi idol drama)

  2. I love Dream High writer and Kim Jae Won, but doesn’t like Lee Bo Young. So I might or might not watch it depending on review later on.
    Yeo Jin Goo is still young, so there will be another time for him to be the lead.

  3. So lulu was serious!lol Iยดm relieved now!No wonder you got confused!xDD I like Kim Jae Won so I might watch this one…And there is still hope for Yeo Jin Gooยดs high school drama!;)

  4. Haha, actually read the title as can you hear my heart XD the concept does sound interesting and hasn’t been done to death like most others e.g. time travel, body swap, both, etc. I’ve always liked these kinds of dramas if they are done right. Last legal drama i watched was Partners and that sort of veered off towards the end from what I can remember although it was quite good at the beginning. Hmm, we’ll just have to wait and see..

  5. I really hope she doesn’t play another emotionally constipated character like she did in My Daughter Seo Young and in The Equator Man. Enough already! Anyway, it’s a relief to know that Yeo Jin Goo won’t be losing his innocence just yet.

  6. All I gotta say is that I’m glad to see my baby faced oppa, Kim Jae Won, back on primetime! Hope primetime treats him as well as his weekend dramas. As a fan, I personally think he’s not the greatest actor but the guy just oozes suave and boy next door appeal. I guess if anything, he can just smile that sweet smile of his and hopefully the ratings rack up.

    • lol… im glad i read this early in the morning and it completes my day. I love Kim Jae Won to pieces. As you said he may not be the greatest actor.. but he is certainly one of most well-love Korean actor in and out of Korea. It’s not only about look or acting that made him so precious on his fans eyes but what made him so attractive is his good personality and down-to-earth image.

  7. Same thing I posted on the rumored Yeo Jin Goo thread – as much as I adore Kim Jae Won, I won’t watch this. I can’t stand Lee Bo Young, she’s horrible. Pass.

    • whats with the haters here she horrible right she is the best actress in korea have you watched my daughter seo young she should get an oscar for that what a bunch of morons

      • hahaha you must adjust your stardard a bit higher.. you call LBY the best actress in Korea??โ€ฆ her acting is not even 10% of Ha Ji Won acting skills. How can you call her the best.? She got high rating on her drama My Daughter Seoyong but that doesn’t guarantee , it was because of her. I’d rather think the story was good.

  8. Woowwww… i never thought koala’s playground was so detailed on news and never even miss this one. I read it on Korean sites the the other day but i didn’t expect someone would translate it in English because the news is actually not finalize yet. Both Kim jae Won and Lee Bo Young official agency haven’t confirm if they are going to take the offer but they indeed said that they are positively considering it. Last April 13, Kim Jae Won also mention to his interview in Japan during Tokyo International Drama Festival where he attended as special guest that he will start filming a new drama end of next month after his scheduled special fans meeting in Korea on May 18. I love Kim Jae Won drama Can You Hear My Heart and also adore his character on May Queen. So that means the title of the new drama is “I Hear Your Voice” :)… that sounds interesting because i actually love KJW’s so deep and manly. I hope you would give as the follow up news about this drama.

  9. Lee Bo Young is 2 years younger than Kim Jae Won oppa … ๐Ÿ™‚ But i’m glad both of them are back on primetime slot … They look good together.

  10. When i read the title “I Hear Your Voice” I had a flash back of one of the scene on Kim Jae Won “Can You Hear My Heart” , when he was feeling unwell after an event and colapse, then Bong Woori came to help and keep asking if he can hear her voice , out of the blue he just hug her and said “I Can Hear Her Your Voice” ๐Ÿ™‚ hahahaha…. isn’t it so similar… I guess Kim Jae Won probably pick this. Maybe it’s just a kind of his liking. Anyway, i really love him. I’ll hang around on this site for any follow up news. Thank’s a lot koala’s playground…

  11. Age doesn’t matter.. it’s just 2 years gap… that’s Ok. Jaewon oppa is tall and manly, although he still had that baby look. I think they are still a good pair. Ha Ji won where he work with in Hwang Jin Yi, and kim Ha Neul in Romance 2002 are also 3 years older than him but the chemistry was still good. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. This is the first time i visit this blog. I encounter a lot of warning from the forums i visited about Park Shi Hoo that this site has a virus and anyone shoudn’t come here, well of course i don’t want to get any virus on my computer so i never dare to come here. But today, Kim Jae Won fans club on facebook shared this link on their page and i just can’t resist to not check it out because of Kim Jae Won oppa. I love him so much and im dying to read any news related to his new dramas or projects. Forgive me for being silly. I can take the risk of getting a virus on my gadget of that only means i could get a good news about him… hahaha.. Anyway, to koala’s playground thank’s a lot for sharing this news. Can you tell me how to subscribe on your site regarding all Kim Jae Won news? i don’t see any subscription tab here. I just want to get updated about all the news you post about Jaewon oppa. I really appreciate if you reply. thank you..

  13. Wasn’t there a difference in age in I DO I DO also? Because to me the leading lady in that show had more chemistry with the Doc(and was better age paring) and the leading male with the young rival of the leading lady?! So why shelf this one??? Unless it was ridiculous and embarrassing to watch, than if that’s the case…. Why make it in the first place!?? Aive :/

  14. koala can I ask for a favor

    I want you to watch my daughter seo young its a brilliant show or even just marathon through it I want to see the amazing performance lee bo young gave there I have not seen something like it in KDRAMA before everybody in korea was stunned she had something like natural 40 weeping scenes she is nominated for that big award but I want you to see for youself and write about her performance pink blossom did before but I want hear what you think plz

    plz do

  15. I think the age difference you mentioned is not a big deal in my daughter seo young LBY had a very cute one sided romance with lee jung shin who is just 22 and who has a crush on her in real life it was so cute so I cant see where was the big deal how about that korean actress from healing camp who is dating 10 years younger soccer player

  16. poor boyoungshi she should turn this down the writer is awful and the guy cant act for his life not to mention his fan girls are so annoying

    • Which guy are you refering too???โ€ฆ im not a fan of any of the prospective cast but i watch most of their drama project. Im watching kdrama for many years and i could definitely say they are excellent artist. LBY projects always to get high rating maybe because of having a good story outline but despite that, her popularity seems limited. As for Kim Jae Won , he widely known in and out of Korea maybe not just because of his good drama projects but he had that good and appealing personality that is very easy to the eyes of viewers. He may not be the greatest actor but he had a very good charm that draws the fans attention.

    • I like LBY too. ๐Ÿ˜€ but i would disagree with you if you say KJW can’t act, because that’s definitely not true. Im not a fan of him but i watch his drama as well and his acting is excellent. He will be a good pair for our LBY unnie. I guess you just annoyed by his fan girls that’t why you’re being offenssive. Well, you don’t have to worry about it because i read from the recent news that he rejected the offer. But don’t be surprised because even the fan girls of the new chosen actor , i can’t remember the name, ( i only knew him as OSKA from Secret Garden) doesn’t like her as well.

  17. YSH will be the male lead on this drama because KJW rejected it. I love YSH so much. But i don’t like LBY.. otokee???

  18. If YSH is the male lead , i want Ha Ji Won to be paired to him. ๐Ÿ˜€ sorry to say this but LBY make me want to vommit.

      • It doesn’t matter if YSH is the lead or 2nd lead. I just don’t think LBY is a good match to him. I’ll be thankful if they won’t be paired together. If the actor you said can’t act even dare to reject being paired to her how much more on YSH… ๐Ÿ˜€

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