Official Hilarious BTS of the Shower Scene in Episode 14 of King Flower

It can either be a positive or negative following along with a live-filmed drama, since behind-the-scenes stuff can be distracting or entertaining depending on the in-and-outs of the production. I bet you donuts to dollars SETTV is all over the map with respect to King Flower. It knows about the overwhelming fan preference for Terry, so it’s working overtime to shove douchbag of the year Lin Guan Jun down out throats. But it’s attempt at whitewashing Guan Jun is backfiring spectacularly because everything that Guan Jun has being doing recently only rubs viewers even more the wrong way. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. It also hurts that James Wen is phoning in his performance so much I half expect him to act out a scene with his cell phone in hand waiting for the call that his expectant girlfriend just went into labor (congrats on impending daddyhood, I hereby give you early paternity leave now and you can leave the drama if you wish). In the end it really is all about Chris Wu as Terry, doing the biggest drama stealing performance since…..I can’t recall it ever being this lopsided. KF hasn’t released any BTS videos after an episode airs for a few weeks now, but finally there is a super duper so awesome I cried tears from the hilarity and cuteness BTS video of Chris and Nikki Hsieh filming the shower/bathroom scene in episode 14. A few things popped up immediately – the director (a woman – yay for more female directors) clearly has a giant crush on Chris (she kept pawing him to “show” Nikki how to fall on top of him properly, LOL), and Nikki blushes around Chris which is HOMG the cutest thing ever watching them goof around acting together! Chris is a total dork in real life so its incredible to watch him switch on the intensity in a heartbeat, but this BTS video also shows us how totally unromantic a drama filming is which makes it even more amazing to watch actors make us believe in the love and attraction onscreen when its all so staged.

BTS of the shower scene:

So a few hilarious moments I’ll recap:

1. The director commented on Chris’ youthful naked bod, and then realized the camera was on her so she ordered that moment to be cut.

2. Poor Chris had to keep getting himself wet to look like he just got out of the shower. Even Nikki was liked “man, that’s rough” when the crew sprayed water as he was laying on the ground.

3. The scene where Da Hua tries to touch the bar with her eyes closed had me dying of laughter, the way Nikki kept missing Chris, and then insisted that he needed to move where her hand was. Chris was like “why should Terry intentionally move so you can grope me?” LOL.

4. Nikki has to slap Chris on the arm and she really went to town. Poor guy’s arm was all red afterwards. And then when Nikki had to film the falling scene Chris went “Ooops, too late, oh well, I guess she’ll just have to fall.” Ha, he can be so evil.


Official Hilarious BTS of the Shower Scene in Episode 14 of King Flower — 25 Comments

  1. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! What an awesome BTS video!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing it with us, it was totally hilarious~ XD

  2. Impending Daddyhood is no longer impending – he now has a baby girl that he obviously adores (he calls her “Little Sunny Day”)…expect even more phoning in of the performance as his life is totally turned upside down.

    • Did the baby come this week? Okay – dude, please go home and spend time with your beloved lovely family. Leave this drama in Chris’ hands and watch him bring it home.

      • Congrats to him. 🙂 Yes i agree!! Go home new daddy! 🙂 win win for all. i heard that in tw they even have those places in the hospital to do the month thing and they take care of everything for you in regards to that. Thank goodness for my mom. I had to drink some interesting tasting stuff. I wonder if that helps alleviate some of the stress for the first month.

  3. Lin Guan Jun ruined all chances way back in ep 9 or 10 for me. There’s nothing he can do to change my thoughts on him. But I don’t think Cray Cray should the girl either.
    Great BTS though!! Chris is wooing hearts all around the globe with that smile that makes you want to smack him!

  4. Chris Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! *_*

    Am sure Nikki musta had such a difficult time falling all over hunky opppaaaa!!

  5. I was wondering why his neck was all red during the show. All the times Nikki had to fall on it must have hurt. I’m waiting to see how this show will redeem itself. I love Terry & want him to find peace & love in that order. It must be hard for him to lose Liang Yan.

    • He was also in the sauna staying warm between takes, hence the redness. That or else he was blushing to be so nekkid in front of so many people. XD

    • That is SO typical dorky Chris behind the scenes. He hams it up so much. He’s always the highlight of the KF BTS videos.

  6. My eyes were on Chris’s crotch all the time. He must feel very vulnerable. I wonder if the guys take extra precaution like wear jock straps while filming scenes like these.

  7. Actually the thing I found most interesting is how Chris gave a faint smile first then the director asking him to smile more. The first faint smile got to me and was truer I think! Bittersweet. Love Chris!

    • Shows great instincts as an actor for his character. Wish they had struck to the wry smile. The one we got was more laughing at DH’s silliness. Changes the tone of the scene completely. That’s when a director needs a great editor.

  8. LOL when he was trying to be all mermaid and pulling up his towel after the falling scene hahah. Sho naughty of him XD I really do hope they’re giving us a happy ending for Terry or else fans gonna be so mad lol.

  9. this iz so bad….. they make people expect but then force us to accept Dahua and Guan Jun in the end? WHY SO SADISTIC!!!! UGH!!! THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING

  10. I can’t believe the amount of work/time that went into taking that one scene! Talk about dedication. Though I think it’s no hardship watching Chris walk around in a towel.

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