Bean Pole Holds Urban Glamping Event Featuring Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy

Looks like a jam packed schedule isn’t going to stop Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy from sneaking time out to do some glamping. Oh wait, whaddya mean this was a promotional event for some strangely named sportswear company? Sigh, here I thought my Dream High perfect OTP found an urban retreat for a date. Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun have been the spokes couple for outdoor sporting goods brand Bean Pole for the last year and they must be doing something right because the company continues to use them to market the concept of “glamorous camping” or “glamping” to a generation of young adults with disposable income in Seoul. Camping already costs a pretty penny to buy all the gear, but if one wants to glam it up, my guess is expect to shell out for style over substance even if all one really needs is a tent and a sleeping bag to really capture the bare essence of camping. Because otherwise my bedroom and bed works just fine, thank you. Suzy has been beyond busy filming Gu Family Book with Lee Seung Gi, but she not only manages to attend this event, she manages to attend looking refreshed and gorgeous as always. Ah, the perks of youth. Kim Soo Hyun is starting to ramp up promotions for his upcoming movie Covertly, Grandly where he plays the leader of a trio of North Korean crack spies going undercover in South Korea in the guise of bumbling fools or harmless idols. At this Bean Pole Urban Glamping Event, it was part fan meeting part mini-concert and looks like everyone had a lot of fun. I love how the news reports on this event always start with Suzy and Soo Hyun being the super popular Dream High couple, because frankly speaking neither have evidenced anything close to the acting or romantic chemistry with another co-star since then. What’s always so disconcerting is seeing Suzy animated and relaxed at such events but she totally turns into an expressionless totem when the cameras roll as she’s in character. Perhaps she needs pointers from her Soo Hyun oppa on how to over-act, because if she tries that, maybe she’ll reach that happy medium.

Soo Hyun and Suzy’s Urban Glamping Date:


Bean Pole Holds Urban Glamping Event Featuring Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy — 14 Comments

  1. This fake ass promoting lol!

    Suzy looks chubby and Kim Soo Hyun looks basic as always! But they make acute couple!

  2. Just wait a decade or so Suzy, he’ll be all yours.

    Side note: how do all these actors seem so young despite their age? Kim Soo Hyun is already 27(!) in Korean age and yet he looks like he’d fit right in at a high school. Mind boggling.

  3. i am still bitter that beanpole didn’t make a mini drama with them to promote the brand!

    they look so good together, i hope that someday they will collab again in a drama.

  4. Rina: Might not be Suzy’s but her daughter maybe. KSH said recently he wants to marry with 41 years to a 21 old girl.

    And no, it didn’t seemed like a little joke.. lol

    so suzy is out of question, maybe our daughters or suzy’s daughter might have a chance with KSH.

  5. no Kim Soo Hyun is only 25 (26 in Korean age) Suzy is 18 (19 in Korean age)…but I don’t care as long as Suzy & Kim Soohyun reuniting again and again I’m very happy…I’m dying to wait seeing them again together in another drama…please Korean Producers out there…casts these two again together….please…Korean Fans most especially international fans of these two are dying to hope and wish that to happen SOON….

    • Really hater? just because she said something about her acting? so everyone needs to only say good things about Suzy in order to not be a hater? stop trolling ass***e!!! although she is cute her singing is mediocre and her acting is as well deal with it!!

  6. I don’t understand. Why an actor/actress needs to be animated and lively all the time when his/her charactor isn’t like that? I read these kinds of comments over and over from same-O people from various websites, and it’s really annoying. Suzy is really lively and animated in person, but you really think it’s good for her to show such character in every role she plays? Isn’t the director who supposed to tell her what to do? For me, abilities to connect to the audience and make them believe in the charactor are most important. Suzy may not do that well in some scenes but she did well in many scenes. I am not a Suzy’s fan before watching Dream High. In fact, I don’t like Miss-A at all. But in Dream High, as soon as she started singing, I knew why she got the role. She and KSH are the reasons I kept watching that show to the end. People are entitled to their opinion and that’s not going to change. I respect that. Ha Ji Won is a very good actress, and she is one of my most favorite Korean actresses. But I really hated her performances in her early movies. Suzy is a raw, unpretentious, fresh face, however; so far she hasn’t picked a role that doesn’t suit her. If you expect Suzy will fail, I’m afraid you will be disappointed. And if you think her singing is mediocre, you may have to take some vocal lessons. She is one of those who have a big range which I do not see it in most of the idols. Sure there are some girls who can sing better but few of them have a star quality like Suzy has. Peace.

    • Hey hey ehem, why are you mentioning Ha Ji Won here? Im her faithful fan so it sounds provoking to me. Suzy is quite a talent, but how can she be compared to hjw? Hjw is her sunbae and she has much more experience so no need to pull her in here, okay?
      And which projects of her that you dont like? The horror movies? Shes been getting really good roles lately like hwang jin yi, secret garden, and empress ki though.
      Anyway, although I like Yoona better, ill admit Suzy has the whole package, if only her face was as stunning as Yoona (dont take me wrong, Suzy is really pretty too, just behind Yoona).

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