K-stars Descend on a Summer Night for the Cold Eyes Movie Premiere

Nothing screams dead heat of Summer than a nighttime VIP movie premiere in Seoul where all the stars attending were glistening with the combination of BB cream and sweat. Blotting paper for all! It was a parade of actors and actresses at the star-studded movie premiere for Cold Eyes (otherwise known as Surveillance or Stakeout or The Watchers), the thriller movie starring Jung Woo Sung, Han Hyo Joo, Junho of 2PM, and Sol Kyung Goo. The movie sounds like a standard cops-chase-bad guy tense action yarn when the elite agents of a special surveillance unit of the police force attempt to tail a criminal overlord played by Jung Woo Sung in order to dismantle his organization. The cast all looked fine attending their own premiere, with Jung Woo Sung looking snappy in a three piece suit likewise with Junho, and the two of them exhibiting some bromance that is all the more adorable considering how tall Jung Woo Sung is when he’s hugging the much smaller Junho. The VIP guests attending the premiere unfortunately get a C- from me as an overall score for attire and attitude. Some looked surly, others were dressed like they were attending their grandma’s lawn party, and only a few managed to merit being a celebrity and looking good in public for a living (I’ll call them out here – Go Soo, UEE, Suzy, and Park Ha Sun). I was checking out the wrap party pictures from Gu Family Book and wondered why Suzy wasn’t there, and then she popped up on my I Lub You radar attending his movie premiere. Also there was Kim Soo Hyun, and of course my HyunZy loving heart started giggling, especially since his outfit was such epic fail Suzy probably saw him and ran the other way. Check out the A-list line up below.

Jung Woo Sung and Han Hyo Joo look great together and I’m loving the cheery thumbs up.

Kim So Eun

Joo Ji Hoon.

Song Yoon Ah.

Lee Jung Jae.

Micky Yoochun.

Go Soo.

Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Hyo Jin.

Han Ji Min.

Lee Jung Jin.

Ham Eunjung.

Ji Jin Hee.


Kim Soo Hyun.

Park Ha Sun.

Lee Kwang Soo.

Song Joong Ki.

Im Soo Jung.

Song Seung Heon.

Choi Jin Hyuk.

Bae Soo Bin.


Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young.


K-stars Descend on a Summer Night for the Cold Eyes Movie Premiere — 46 Comments

  1. Papa Gu (Choi Jin Hyuk) looks good! So does Jin Ji Hee. Smart & casual, nice combo. Eeeee! Why oh why is Kim So Hyun in that outfit? Plus he looks totally plastered in BB cream…sigh, epic fail.

      • It’s her nose alright. To be quite honest, she’s been looking different since Music&Lyrics.

    • It’s not just you, that nose does not look like the one she had in BBF. Which is a shame, because her old face was actually so pretty and distinctive in a girl-next-door way :/

  2. Did you watch Running Man with Jung Woosung? If you haven’t I strongly suggest you watch it now! It was hilarious! So many LOL moments, and definitely so many fan girling moments too.

    Anyways, I like Kim Soohyun’s shirt! The little hipster in me can’t help it. And Movie premieres never have fashionable celebs. They always tend to go for the “trying, but I don’t want to look like I’m trying” look.

    Lee Jungjae looks like a rehabilitating hippie. O___o. Oppa waaaeeee?

    Why is Eunjung here? Don’t see any connection…

    • The Running Man ep with the 3 leads of this movie was a lot of fun.
      Eunjung is close to most of the 2PM guys plus her 2 other Dream High co-stars were there at the event so maybe they had a mini reunion.

      • Also, Junho had a cameo in her horror movie a year or 2 ago. I’m guessing they became friends there.

  3. Suzy looks gorgeous! KSH looks like a babo! LOL..He looks like he drops some weight too! Everyone else looks like they dress for comfort to watch a movie, which they should be! LOL

  4. Park Ha Sun needs to put on some weight STAT! She’s so thin that it’s worrisome. I love her and hope she’s not losing weight from any bad reason.

    • Am I the only one, that gets some PS vibes from him lately? His face looks off. I can’t point my finger on it, but he looks different. Or is it the angle? Or age? *is confused*

      • I think SJK just got chubbier, his face looks more bloated and rounder than before.

      • But he is thin as a stick and he always had chubby cheeks. Maybe it’s the hair cut? Or he is more rested?

  5. Wow that’s ALOT of stars(or really just faces i recognize) for this movie premiere.
    But i guess this is the infamous movie premiere people were saying suzy rather attend than her gu family wrap up party.

    • There is 2 party for GFB. She make it to the second one watching the finale together. She even wait until the end because staff wanted to take photos with her.

    • she didn’t even watch the movie, she went to the red carpet and left to the wrap party, what is the crime of going support a friend?

  6. I really love Eunjung but she should kill her hairdresser and learn how to dress up!
    She looks tired too!
    Park Ha Sun is worrying me, she’s so thin!
    SSH and KSH both look awful with these outfits!
    Did not recognize Kim So Eun AT ALL!

  7. woww.. I see a lot of the Dong Yi cast came over to support Han Hyo Joo 🙂 nice to know they’ve kept in touch with one another

  8. Go Soo looks very good (he is not an actor I find handsome but he looked good in the pic)

    Song Seung Heun – yes it is not possible for him to look bad. Seriously the man is georgeous, he made the polka dots workd – KSH not so much.

    Han Hyo Joo looks lovely (but then again I like her so I maybe biased) and she made that horizontal lines look good.

    Im Soo Jung is probably the gal whose outfit I would have wore.

    JWS only works for me in A Moment to Remember but he is definitely one of the better dressed.

    And JJH I love you but why do you try and make yourself not handsome? He looks awful and it is a waste because he is a good looking man normally.

    LJJ that t-shirt is not working on you man, you are simply too old for it.

  9. suzy and uee definitly looked the best in my opinion.

    i love kim soo hyun and song joong ki, but man they look terrible and greasy.

  10. Why didn’t anybody ask, what is Lee Jung Jae wearing?!! LOL

    I think Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Hyo Jin looked the best.
    And Han Ji Min and Im Soo Jung are rawking simplicity there. 😉

    • I snorted when I saw that horrible shirt on Lee Jung Jae, at first I couldn’t even figure out the print, all I knew was that it was BRIGHT!

      Based on the outfits on show at various Korean ent industry events, I think I might have a great career as a stylist in Korea.

  11. Joo Ji-hoon finally looks good again, nice to see he got rid of that atrocity he had on his head during Five Fingers.

    Yoochun, though, needs to fire his hairstylist, that hair makes him look like an ajusshi and 27-28 is too young for that!

    And the same goes for Eunjung, that bob is chic but ages her by about five years. Maybe make it a little less flat?

    And that is a really unflattering picture of UEE in that baggy shirt, but her legs are still glorious, she’s got the best figure in kpop imo.

    (also, Song Joong-ki, my love, you are only one year younger than me. Stop making me feel like a pedo-noona!)

  12. Suzy looks always beautiful even in simple or elegant outfit….and she just went to VIP premier not only to support her friends but to see her Kim Soo Hyun oppa…LOL…(this is only there chance seeing each other you know) kekeke…

    It’s mini-reunion for Dream High too, IU is the only one missing, Suzy, Kim Soo Hyun, Eunjung & Wooyoung are there, I don’t see Taecyeon, was he there? ahahaha…

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