Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung Merrily Head to Spain to Take Engagement Pictures

It’s nice to come across low key happy pictures to keep the mood bright during the weekend. On the evening of August 23rd, affianced celebrity acting couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young tried to sneak out of South Korea to fly to Spain to shoot their engagement pictures. They were probably too busy to pay attention to the news lately, because the day before their agency confirmed they were flying out to Spain the next day to shoot engagement pictures. So it was hilarious to see the two of them la-di-da walking through the terminal all normal people like, only to suddenly spot an entire squadron of newspaper phototogs waiting for them by the entrance to customs. Dur! Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung have been practicing highly effective stealth-fu for the last 6 years of their dating since they have never ever been directly photographed in public. Other than when they were caught in the audience for the Psy concert last year, these two have re-defined low key. I wonder if they ever even ate out? So Lee Bo Young went right back into evade stealth mode and tried to dodge to the side, with her soon-to-be-hubby Ji Sung smiling widely and pulling her back to go face the photogs head on, because at this point stealth mode seems highly unnecessary. But it was cute to see them interact in public for the first time, and both Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young’s fans have been cooing over this first outing for the couple. Lee Bo Young’s c-fans on Baidu are already calling Ji Sung brother-in-law (姐夫) since they refer to Lee Bo Young as big sister (姐姐). Okay, that is really really cute. I am have a teensy bit of mental whiplash since earlier this week I saw the first official stills from the upcoming melodrama Secret where lead Ji Sung is raging choking Hwang Jung Eum after he’s told that she operated the car that mowed his girlfriend down. Juxtaposing that still mentally with these pictures makes me chuckle at the timely reminder that it’s all just acting and the actors we see in dramas are doing just that. I worry that Ji Sung taking a trip to Spain when his drama is mere 3 weeks away from premiering seems like cutting it close, but I’m sure the production team has it all figured out and everything will be fine. I can’t wait to see the engagement pictures since Spain is one of my favorite countries to visit and beyond breathtaking. Hope these two enjoy a little pre-honeymoon since the real one will be delayed until November after Secret finishes airing.


Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung Merrily Head to Spain to Take Engagement Pictures — 23 Comments

  1. I love them both so I love them together in real life even more =] it’s funny I never thought ji sung was good looking for years until I watched my p.s. partner and now every time I see photos of him I think he is extremely good looking

  2. Congratulations again to them. I love these pictures because they look so happy. Thanks for posting these. It is also nice to hear about positive feedback from fans.

  3. They look so happy and relaxed, and I love that Ji Sung’s like what, we’re getting married, I’m not hiding my relationship anymore haha. Something tells me that even after they’re married they’ll try to keep it low-key, no CFs. They seem like private people with private lives no willing to make a buck for their relationship haha. But who knows.

  4. I like this couple so much, so be it being an ACTOR & ACTRESS, they’re really are very good on their respective career. Congratulations to both of you, Wishing you true happiness, love, faith & hope. Best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you!

  5. Lee Bo Young looks absolutely stunning caught unawares. It was adorbs seeing her reaction and evading followed by her shyness still by still. Ji Sung is one proud happy groom-to-be. Congratz to them

  6. These two are soooo cute together. Good for them. 🙂 so happy for them. Hope they can continue to found normalcy in the crazy public eye.

    I have loved both of them since stldfm. I admit to liking them together even though she played the bitchy second lead. Was so happy to find out they became a couple later in life. 🙂 congratulations to them and how awesome to be able to go to Spain for engagement photos.

  7. Way to go! Such natural looking and compatible couple they are…they will look really good in CFs together as husband and wife act.

    • I was just about to write the exact same thing and I saw your comment. I couldn’t agree more, they’re such a beautiful, down to earth couple. I wish them a happily ever after!

  8. Love LOve this couple. They are so real and their characters in real life are simply amazing. Both are hard workers,pure and simple. When i see this couple I always feel that love is in the air. Congratulations stay happy and sweet to each other.

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