Yoon Eun Hye Officially Debuts Curly-haired Mi Rae in Marry Him If You Dare

Looks like it’s going to be official stills overload for the foreseeable future as nearly half a dozen highly anticipated dramas gears up for a Fall premiere. Heirs is of course generating lots of buzz, what with the overflowing young cast fill with an actor or actress for everyone plus its written by buzzy screenwriter Kim Eun Seok. I’m keeping my expectation of its quality quite low and checking it out for the eye candy and the hype, but its the upcoming Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice) that I’m putting my three eggs into one basket. The two leads Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun are faves of mine and can both act, the script is by one of the Hong sisters who did my favorite drama of 2012 The King 2 Hearts, and directing is a very capable female PD who helmed Crime Squad and Bad Love. The pinnacle of a good drama is when all three elements coalesce into that sweet spot of good acting, great writing, and fantastic directing. This drama has all the ingredients to get there so please don’t let me down. The first official stills are out for Yoon Eun Hye, who is the undisputed main character of this drama since the entire premise is about how her older self time-travels back to warn her younger self not to marry a particular hottie. I’m curious about both the future (what happened?) and the present (is she going to take her own advice but fate keeps pushing her together with him?), which already is a good sign that even the basic concept of this drama intrigues me. Our first look at Yoon Eun Hye’s character of Na Mi Rae is when she’s at work and at a matchmaking center. She works as a low level employee at a call center and is quite good at her job chatting with customers on the phone. But her bubbly outward personality masks her own disappointment with her life, though she brushes it all aside with a self-motivating “I’m okay!” She goes to a matchmaking center to jump start her own love life but when she takes the test she ends up scoring the lowest ever. I’m hoping its not a personality test but one of those qualification exams that measure prospective matches based on education, family, and career. Otherwise I’d feel really bad for Mi Rae to get eliminated based on something she can’t change. Her hair is still ridiculous but it’s for her character so that’s fine by me. It’s not as bad as the bowl cut and nothing a nice straight perm can’t take care of. I like that she looks rather frumpy even in her aura which really captures how her character starts off in the beginning of the drama. I cannot wait to see the first stills of her with Lee Dong Gun. Please let it light the screen on fire. I need some fire in my dramas, not the anemic manufactured kind but one that burns solely by the intensity of the two leads.

And in case anyone needs a visual reminder, the man she’s trying to NOT marry is Kim Shin. Played by Lee Dong Gun. See below for examples of his smexiness.


Yoon Eun Hye Officially Debuts Curly-haired Mi Rae in Marry Him If You Dare — 27 Comments

  1. ooouh my… i really cant wait to see Lee dong gun so much!! i cant forget Lee dong gun in sweet 18 with his girlfriend, he is so sexy there

  2. I just find the premise so.. shallow. I was interested by the initial premise: woman goes back in time to warn her younger self. That’s interesting. But to warn her about who she’s going to marry? like really? for a drama that has a female writer and director.. that plot sounds so shallow. Like again.. a woman is defined by who she dates? I hope the drama is so much more than that because I definitely do want to support a drama that has so many women involved in the production (it’s especially a rarity in kdramaland)

    • I am hoping that the whole marriage prevention theme is just the hook, and that the actual drama will explore the broader issues of trying to rewrite your life and forcibly redirect someones deepest feelings, values and world outlook. Can you really turn someone from a path they are determined to follow? I too hope that they let the story be more. They certainly have an actress who could handle it.

  3. I am looking forward tothis drama because it will assure that there will be LOTS of new picures of Lee Dong Gun on the internet. Someone above mentioned that the plot outline seems shallow. This is me being shallow. I can’t blame the plot line for this.

    • Reporting for Shallow Club duty!

      Although I tend to agree (partly) with the other comment. If you happened to marry LDG, would you go back in time to prevent that marriage?!

      Tsk tsk tsk.

    • I’m sort of new to kdramas (2 yrs watching) and I’ve never heard of him before this. Which of his shows/movies him do you recommend watching? I’m curious as to why he’s so loved..

      • i loved him in “My boyfriend is type B’ and ” sweet 18″.I thing I saw only those 2 of him.At that time the heroine in those dramas was his real girlfriend.I heard that he is real good in “Lovers in Paris”.I am the same age as you…. lol considering how long I watch Kdramas .

  4. Yoon Eun Hye still rocks with that hair..I can’t stop smiling thinking how she managed to look “oh so beautiful, adorable and gorgeous” without even trying._that is my opinion caused YEH got me totally.

  5. OMG, I want to cry for her hair. I cannot imagine anyone, any character, going into a hair salon and requesting THAT. Maybe she is self-loathing at the beginning of the story? The only way to explain that rat nest.

    • yeah same. people have negative gut reactions to hair that isn’t bone straight and shiny or that doesn’t have perfect ringlets. So you got women damaging their hair with flat irons or using 5,000 products and 50 techniques to get perfect curls. Its what ive seen and heard anyway. social conditioning at work I guess

  6. Oh my, can you produce more stills of Lee Dong Gun??? His back looks so sexy on mirror photo. Gosh, while Park Si Hoo’s on indefinite leave in kdrama land (miss him so much!), Lee Dong Gun’s presence makes-up for it, another tv screen darling oozing in sexiness. I hope he hasnt change much, but for the better. Will really check this out! Of all YEH drama, this OTP is more exciting since Goong & Coffee Prince’s time; never like MFL & LTM. It should work out fine!

  7. Is anyone knows when this drama gonna be air?… I’m looking forward to
    see this drama. Well it doesn’t bother me if she got a curly hair cause
    she still looks beautiful… I love Yoon Eun Hye she’s my first favorite
    Korean Actress since “Goong or Princess Hour”… And I can’t wait to see
    her & Lee Dong Gun of their chemistry… Cheers!.

  8. Look how he’s posing against the wall!! Sexy as foodles. But Oh my I lah YEH so much. As long as there is intensity between her and LDG im in. It’s here fire with her costars that helps to leave these shows memorable. She needs to go and have tea or something wth Gong Yoo

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