Song Seung Heon in High Cut and Confirms Human Addiction Movie with Jo Yeo Jung

Every time Song Seung Heon wants to “branch out”, he inevitably ends up making me laugh unintentionally but always coming out unscathed. When one’s acting ability is already universally acknowledged as nonexistent, then it really is cool that people can still enjoy him for the pretty. Recently he’s been a time-traveling doctor, a gangster in love, a princess-loving diplomat chaebol (my fave!), and a gangster hyung dealing with switched brothers angst. To this repertoire Song Seung Heon is about to add philandering South Korean colonel during the Vietnam war. He’s been confirmed for the upcoming period movie Human Addiction by director-screenwriter Kim Dae Woo, and it’s going to be an erotic film much like Kim Dae Woo’s previous Untold Scandal, Forbidden Quest, The Servant (Bangja Chronicles), and An Affair. Human Addiction tells the story of a colonel who returns from the war and moves into a military complex with his wife, but ends up in a passionate and illicit affair with the young wife of his subordinate. He already has a wife and still gets it on with another woman? Man, when I first heard this synopsis I thought the colonel was a bachelor and open to female attention. Jo Yeo Jung has also been confirmed for the cast and contrary to earlier reports, she’s NOT playing the object of Song Seung Heon’s illicit fascination but instead will be playing his wife. Okay, which dude married to the hubba-hubba Jo Yeo Jung will wander elsewhere? Newbie actress Kim Go Eun is apparently Kim Dae Woo’s pick for the role of the subordinate’s wife because the PD wants someone fresh and young with this innocence about her. Kim Dae Woo has compared this movie to Lust, Caution – so already imma telling everyone to upgrade your computer screens to 24-inches and HD so as to not miss a single inch of oppa’s body when you watch this sucker online, because I bet money he’ll be unclothed as frequently as Kim Dae Woo can squeeze in a sex scene. For oppa all clothed, check out his latest spread for High Cut magazine. Hee, sorry to disappoint.

Jo Yeo Jung has seriously pigeon-holed herself as the buxom sexpot. It’s funny to hear that the PD wants someone fresh and young with this innocence about her for the subordinate’s wife role. Ha, Jo Yeo Jung that is not and I’m laughing she was even incorrectly written up as playing that role. Not that she’s old, I’m just talking about the innocent requirement since she is such a regular in period erotic movies and exudes this primal earthiness in general. It’s not her fault she has an enormous rack, which appears even more incredible when you see how tiny she is in real life.

Newbie actress Kim Go Eun is reportedly going to play the wife of the subordinate that has a forbidden affair with Song Seung Heon. She reminds me of Tang Wei, so perhaps all this Lust, Caution referencing is because Kim Dae Woo wants to do a sorta Korean remake? If that’s the case, then I am all eyes for this one, baby!


Song Seung Heon in High Cut and Confirms Human Addiction Movie with Jo Yeo Jung — 18 Comments

  1. “so imma telling everyone about upgrading their computer screens to 24-inch and HD….. watching this sucker online”

    totally luv your sense of humour… got me in stitches!!! ha ha ha…

  2. OMFG, they haven’t even started and I’m already going crazy. Got to say Lust, Caution was an epic kiss, slap and makeup movie… I can’t wait to see SSH in this kind of movie or dramas. No offends but what is the director thinking about casting a more innocent and younger gal? He better check his eyes because WHO EVER is the dumbest husband that would LEAVE his sexy-hot wife JYJ for another women is very stupid. I would’ve switch the two wives… better yet I would have left his ass if I have that killer body of hers (JYJ)…lol Please keep us updated Ms. Koala…P.S. I better see some SSH abs or else I will not buy it.

    • I came back to this thread because I watched Lust;Caution last night.
      It was absolutely not the film I had thought it was – for some reason I had it mixed up with another film that had a completely different ending.

      I have to say that while THT is by far a much more handsome actor, he could learn to smoulder a little better from TL. I want to see a subdued SSH play this part with subtlety. Hey, it could happen.

      Let’s just say that TL made me extremely nervous and quite frankly excited with the tiniest movement of his eyes. Totally clothed and at 44 years old with no physique at all.

      I would love to see what an Ang Lee could do with THT in a role like this, but alas, that would never happen.

      Maybe if he spent hours and hours and hours filming his face thinking the thoughts of the character, then checking back to see if those thoughts were !!!! THERE !!!! or there, he could learn to control his overacting. I want him to be good, I really really do.

      • I know what you mean about subtle and smoulder. TL is in a league all his own. He truly is an amazing actor.
        I like SSH, but the real hardcore intensity isn’t there. I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to achieve it or not. I also want SSH to be darn good.

    • That was a fabulous film that gave me an appreciation for LJJ I will always cherish.

      If this film could be that sweet and melancholy, I would be happy.

  3. As much as I am shamelessly looking forward to this film I wish SSH would just do rom coms for the rest of his career. I know My Princess was a load of rubbish, but omg it was so cute. KTH/SSH had wonderful chemistry imo. It didn’t really show up his lack of actual acting ability either, he didn’t really have to do anything apart from being adorable with her.


  4. Koala
    This does require a film festival setting to fully appeciate THT’s…ness
    I see us all meeting somewhere under a huge tent drinks at the ready for his 19+ premiere.
    Whattaya say?

  5. Maybe it will the first time in Korean film history that an erotic film have more female viewers than males, LOL.
    Kim Eun Go was great in “A Muse” with her acting despite being fresh, but her body isn’t of the erotic film type. Am really surprised Jo Yeo Jung isn’t playing the muse but the wife.

  6. So is his subordinate already dead? If not, then that’s really messed up. I hope his wife and the subordinate get it on too to even everything out 😀

  7. HOT HOT HOT ! those pics are hot, IMO no one comes near SSH in natural handsomeness and hotness among Korean actors, he’s not an amazing actor but I dn’t think his acting is as terrible as everyone says, it was absolutely horrible in Dr Jin but that whole drama was a huge mess. anyway if he is this hot all clother I wonder how it’ll be in those erotic scenes ! I’m dying with anticipation and exitement. and again that first pic is Hot, even his face alone without showing the abs is enough to get m drooling

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