Cha Seung Won in Talks to Join Lee Seung Gi in SBS Cop Drama You’re All Surrounded

Cha Seung Won was reportedly offered the co-starring role with Han Suk Kyu for the upcoming MBC mega-sageuk called Unprecedented which was to follow after Empress Ki. But this past week has seen major scheduling ripples within MBC suggesting Unprecedented may get pushed back to accommodate Han Suk Kyu’s movie schedule so MBC is scrambling to find something else to take its place and words is it’s trying to make Dae Jung Geum 2 happen but Lee Young Ae wants none of it. That leaves Cha Seung Won free to explore other options and today comes news that he is likely teaming up with Lee Seung Gi for the upcoming SBS police drama You’re All Surrounded which is slated as a Wed-Thurs drama for the network to follow after Three Days with Yoochun. The drama is described as funny and warm as it follows a quartet of twenty-something rookie cops who aren’t terribly interested in their jobs but will grow into their professions through their experiences working together. Lee Seung Gi is in talks to play the male lead who is his usual type of charming but with a personality malfunction button. Cha Seung Won will be playing the captain of that particular police squad and already I’m dying of the excitement to see these two finally doing a drama together after they exhibited such pitch perfect comedic beats in Seung Gi’s cameo in Best Love where he played himself but with an ego the size of his beloved refrigerator CF. You’re All Surrounded will be helmed by the PD who did Incarnation of Money, History of a Salaryman, and one of my favorite dramas the sprawling epicย Giant and will be penned by the screenwriter behind Ojakkyo Brothers and Surgeon Bong Dal Hee. I like the PD’s directorial style and quite enjoyed Surgeon Bong Dal Hee but that is probably due to the magnetic charisma of Lee Bum Soo in that drama. I hope both male leads sign on soon so I can start giddily anticipating this drama.


Cha Seung Won in Talks to Join Lee Seung Gi in SBS Cop Drama You’re All Surrounded — 23 Comments

  1. OMO! Just… OMO! I knew about they approached Seung-gi for the male lead but they’re also pursuing CSW?!? That’s two huge A-listers right there! I’m so excited! They’re so gonna have that reluctant bromance with Seunggi being all – I don’t care about my job – and him probably drilling some sense into the hot head.

    Their whole greatest love interaction with the even more epic meta of the Zipel CF just has me so giddy for this. It looks like a huge project with two heavy weights, but it would most likely focus on the males. Unless seunggi’s counter part is also a police woman. Then that’s just going to be epic. I wish I could tone down the excitement a bit because it can do a lot of harm, drat! This is too good to not spazz over!

  2. omooo

    this better be true. i loved them in the cf and the cameo. already sold for the bromance to come. who is going to be the leading lady? speculations are that it’s someone close to seung gi’s age.

    cant wait for confirmations and more info

  3. They were great together in his cameo and CF they did together so I’m sold (okay I was the second LSG was rumored), but still this sounds great. I’m curious who the female lead is doing to be.

  4. will cha seung won do a cameo or he is male lead….i’s rare drama that will have two a-listers ….the role has to meaty for both of them to accept…..there is lot of complication i guess..

    • Athena is a good example of such cast. Jung Woo Sung and Cha Seung Won are both A lister actors. Both of them got an interesting lead story and quite suitable screen time.

      Don’t worry much. I’m sure it’s gonna be okay with such great PD and an interesting writer. The drama should be around the rookie cop but I’m sure the captain will impact the story.

      This seems great! Can’t wait

      • I really hope it won’t be like Athena because that was so bad and boring. Actually, both spin off and sequel to IRIS wasn’t even a quarter as good as the original. As for CSW, I think he has a huge role to play and maybe something he hasn’t done yet which is why he’s considering favourably. I don’t think he’s the lead though, cz it’s focuses on the lives of policemen in their 20s.

        Plus there’s Seung gi who’s surely the main lead. SBS is stuffing their wed-thu with young actors: LJS, LMH, KSH, Yoochun and now LSG. This might be a male oriented drama though, unless they get an A-lister for the female lead. Then it would definitely be a project to look out for.

      • @Emil

        You are right. Athena lost us but merely because of the boring story and the mess with the loveline. But I can’t deny that both leads had their adequate share from the drama. I didn’t feel like one overshadowed the other.

        Anyway, this drama shouldn’t be like anything or athena or iris in terms of storywise. But only the heavyweighted cast.

  5. That would be awesome!!! Sounds like another hit in the making for SBS after You Who Came From the Stars hitting 20+% in ratings…I think they really want to pushed it with full forced for their Weds and Thursdays drama to get bit hits. I love the writer, so I can’t wait!

  6. After taking a break from watching kdrama, I finally started looking at older dramas and I am so happy that I watched Best Love. I just finished Best Love and CSW was amazing in there with GHJ. I’ll definitely watch this if CSW is in there! Going to attempt City Hall next and hope that I will like it considering The awesome KSA being in there ๐Ÿ˜€

    • City Hall is all kinds of awesome. I watched Best Love first too and it became my favourite drama ever. CSW and KSA have this undeniable chemistry and KSA is such a fab actress anyway. You’d totally love it.

  7. omona omona omona omona. I’m sorry but My Ajhussi crush and puppy oppa together, give me a minute. I loved them so much in Best Love, which is my favourite drama ever, that cameo was so adorbs and I was praying for them to do a drama together and my prayer has been answered. Please, let this be true. I don’t really care who they cast as female lead because I won’t be watching for her anyway, but strangely, I want Kim So-eun. she’s awesome and I miss her much.

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