Full Sun Gets English Title Beyond the Clouds and One Week Delay Due to Olympics

More than the other networks, it’s KBS that loves to give its dramas titles that are not literal translations of the Korean title. Recent ones include Marry Him If You Dare (Mirae’s Choice), The Fugitive of Joseon (Mandate of Heaven), Bel Ami (Pretty Boy), The Innocent Man (Nice Guy) et. al. It’s doing it again for the upcoming Mon-Tues melodrama Full Sun which has gotten the English title Beyond the Clouds. That’s like totally unrelated unless we’re talking weather systems. Which one do you guys like better? Beyond the Clouds implies rebirth and moving past something, whereas I like the heat of Full Sun that makes the drama seem like it’s intense and blinding. The title choice is moot if the drama sucks and no one cares. I tend to use the Korean literal title when I write about a drama unless the English title is just snappier and a better fit. I’m getting the vibe that this drama fits the Full Sun title more. Due to the Winter Olympics in Sochi next Month, Full Sun’s premiere date is getting pushed back one week as KBS won’t air a drama in the Mon-Tues slot for the week after Prime Minister and I wraps up. That means Full Sun won’t air on February 10th and will instead premiere on the 17th.

That’s cool with me and since this drama has an extensive overseas location shoot in Thailand some extra time won’t hurt. I remember Nice Guy starting to film almost three months before it aired and spent a month of that time in Japan for its location shoot. A melodrama that is well plotted in advance allows for the location shoot to be maximized with both story and intensity. I’ve seen some pictures of the location shoot in Thailand and it’s going to be used in the drama in two different time periods. The first is the events that lead up to the death of a character and the incarceration of the male lead. The second is after he gets out and goes back to Thailand. I’m really warming up to the entire cast led by Yoon Kye Sang, Han Ji Hye, Jo Jin Woong, Kim Yoo Ri, and Son Ho Joon, with a critical cameo appearance by Song Jong Ho. I feel like Song Jong Ho makes anything better and he really upped the everything in The Suspicious Housekeeper when he showed up in that drama midway through.I don’t know why I keep getting Nice Guy redux vibes from this drama but that might be due to my desperate plea for a melodrama as good as NG that I can dig into. 


Full Sun Gets English Title Beyond the Clouds and One Week Delay Due to Olympics — 14 Comments

  1. I agree Ms Koala, Full Sun fits much better. It makes you think of intensity, of being drawn into something and is much more imoactful, I think for a melo.

    • * I meant the title Full Sun has more impact*
      The premiere of Full Sun reminds me that PMAI will soon be ending. 🙁 I love that show, it’s been a true gem.

  2. My vote is Full Sun, too.
    I vote for not sucking.
    I vote for Song Jong Ho.

    SJH showing up in a drama is pretty much like when are picking through your assorted box of chocolates trying to decide if maybe this time the lemon cream will be good and you find there is one caramel left, but only one, and you have to savor it slowly because after it is gone, it’s back to the raspberry or orange creams again…sigh…
    Hopefully someone is writing a drama for him right now where he 1. is the first lead. 2. gets to live and 3. gets the girl.

  3. Full sun hands down. Beyond the clouds kinds of takes away of the passion and heat that is full sun which suits its melo genre. Frankly, beyond the clods sounds like a title for a happy-go-lucky rom-com.
    I don’t get why they always have to change the titles at least twice. It’s frustrating in the end when you’re searching up a drama’s osts or links to watch it and they’re all under a different title. Ex. You from another Star/My Love from Another star/You who came from the stars/My love from the star. Granted they all mean the same but golly.
    I personally take a shorter title over a longer one anyday so Full Sun. Plus i notice i tend to type out shorter titles and abbreviate longer titles (which might not hold well for someone who is unaware of what dramas those abbreviations stand for).

  4. Also, Song Jong Ho is one of my favorite underdogs of k-ent. How does that guy not have his own lead role yet beats me. Another one of those actors who’s been in the industry for over a decade and still no life-changing role.
    He was the only reason i reaaally felt for his character when he played 2nd lead in Princess’s Man. Sure I was rooting for the OTP but god dam his eyes — he played that character perfectly, and he was written with much more depth than your typical 2nd leads.

  5. I vote for Full Sun too. It sounds darker and heavier than beyond the clouds which sounds more like a fun ride! Exactly, why do they give more than one title for one drama!

    Anyways, Is it me only or anyone else is distracted by Yoon Kye Sang arms ! So good to look at! LOL

    • Everything about Yoon Kye Sang is distracting. I get distracted staring at him when I’m supposed to right and then lose my train of thought.

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