Longtime Married Couple Han Ga In and Yeon Jung Hoon Expecting a Baby in Early 2015

There are so many K-entertainment shotgun marriages over the years it’s such a rarity to see the super reverse happen. Long time couple Han Ga In and Yeon Jung Hoon have been married for nine years now and are finally expecting a baby! Yeon Jung Hoon’s agency confirmed the happy news and said Han Ga In was currently just seven weeks along and the baby is due right after the new year. This pair married very young back in 2005 when Han Ga In was just 23 years old and Yeon Jung Hoon was 26 years old, and also defying convention which said that pretty young rising talent needs to keep their personal romance life under wraps to preserve the image for their fans and oppa and noona are single and available. Over the years Yeon Jung Hoon has steadily garnered praise for his improved acting and has picked a diverse range of projects that challenge himself such as in the hit cable drama series Vampire Prosecutor.

Han Ga In had one great career year in 2012 with the hit drama The Moon Embraces the Sun and the hit movie Introduction to Architecture, though one can argue that the success of both those projects were not due to her but was in spite of her limited acting range. It’s not surprising Han Ga In hasn’t acted since 2012 as she’s well-known for taking acting breaks such as a three year break after the much maligned K-drama Witch Amusement. She was almost cast in writer Kim Soo Hyun‘s Thrice Married Woman but writer Kim publicly nixed her casting and other potential female actresses before deciding on Lee Ji Ah. Now that Han Ga In is expecting, I’m also expecting her acting hiatus to continue on indefinitely while her hubby will likely continue to be a workaholic and hustle more projects before the baby arrives and he takes a well-deserved time off to be a new dad. I do love how openly and naturally affectionate they always are in public, contrast with more posey stiff couples or ones that never step out together. Congrats to the expectant parents!


Longtime Married Couple Han Ga In and Yeon Jung Hoon Expecting a Baby in Early 2015 — 30 Comments

  1. by my counts the baby will be born in december ?

    She is already 7 weeks old = +- 2 months. May, June, july, august, sep,oct, dec = 9 months? I hope it is born in dec because YJH wanted their baby to be born in the year of horse just like him aw.

  2. They always appear so lovey dovey, happy and affectionate in public, which really warms the heart and is such a rarity in k-ent.
    Not a fan of either, but I wish them the best with their new baby!

  3. That’s nice. The made up rumors about them were always so gross. Just because people wait to have kids doesn’t mean there is something wrong with their marriage. They are still young…

  4. Congrats to them!!! I hope they have a happy and healthy baby!!! I am pregnant too with baby no#3. (Due November 2) I hope they have many more blessings like hopefully Yeon Jung Hoon be in Vampire Prosecutor 3.

  5. i thnk the only reason they waited this long was for the right time in their careers to make this work…so all those rumors seemed grossly untrue anyways…they are really adorable together (though seperately i’m not a big fan of either of their talents or shows/movies)…I also hear that lee Ye Won is pregnant

  6. Awww! I love them as a couple. You have my fav shot of them, too, in the soccer/football shirts.

    I am extremely jealous of her, though, the way he touches and kisses in dramas is just.so.sensual…it makes me nuts just watching him smile.

  7. I loved them together since yellow hankerchief (they couldn’t end up tgt there). Not sure if anyone know abt this drama it was yearssss ago! But I think that’s where they met! Have been following k dramas for years n that drama was very early in their careers before they became successful

    • yes, I love them on yellow handkerchief, they were so cute together although he married someone else on that dama. I think they fell in love while woking on that soap.

  8. DEY SO CUTE! 😀

    Not a huge fan of either but am always happy to hear about blissful marriages in entertainment industry. 🙂

    Congratulations to them!!!

  9. I love them as a couple. So nice to see them in their couple photos and the fact that they have survived such public scrutiny. I would also like to give a shout out to an old show of Yeon Jung-hoon’s that was recommended to me recently that I loved: Snow White: Taste of Love. He plays the second lead there, but I really liked the show because of character and how we get a second lead who is not crazy and who really loves his brother and the girl. If you love romance and bromance in equal measure and had your fill of cray-cray parents, you should watch this show (just ignore some of those old fashions.

  10. Whatever keeps Yeon Jung Hoon happy and keeps Han Ga In far away from acting, is great news to me! Just give me Vampire Prosecutor 3 already!!!

  11. Awwhhh! Congratulations to both of them. ^^ This is such a blessing after so many rumors of them breaking up back then.

    I was a fan of YJH for a long time and I remember I was so heartbroken after hearing the news of him getting married to HGI. Lol. I’m that kind of silly fangirl. But the frustration fades away after seeing their lovey dovey acts. So it’s kinda exciting to hear they’re going to have a baby after a long time. Hope everything will go well. 🙂

  12. Congratulations Han Ga In and Yun Jung Hoon. Finally 🙂 .Im so happy for both of u. Love u <3 <3 <3
    Have a healthy pregnancy Han Ga In. .and a healthy baby. Yun Jung Hoon, take care of them 🙂

  13. After 9years finally they get a good news and I‘m so happy for that.because they r true couple. Hopefully the baby was healthy and beauty or handsome like han ga in unnie and

  14. After 9years finally they get a good news and I‘m so happy for that.because they r true couple. Hopefully the baby was healthy and beauty or handsome like han ga in unnie and yeon jung hoon oppa.#fighting。(ノ^_^)ノ

  15. My gassshhh so sweeeeeet??beautiful han GA in is so lucky to have yeon jung hoon forever…he’s not that too goodlooking buy he’s cute and I love his manly cuteness …..so gentleman and arrggggg …

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