A Hottie of Every Flavor as Triangle Readies for Monday Premiere with Lee Bum Soo, Jaejoong, and Im Shi Wan

Who’s ready for Triangle in a few hours? I’ve been so there since the moment Lee Bum Soo got cast but the more I see of the teasers the more the story looks right up my alley as well. I loved all of Giant and slogged through East of Eden for Song Seung Heon and Park Hae Jin along with the whole brothers separated at birth and later reunited as enemies angst. It works every time when you toss in gorgeous men brooding in man pain. There appears plenty of that to go around as Triangle doesn’t just have one pair of brothers separated but comes in triplicates. Oldest hyung Lee Bum Soo runs off to handle a matter and doesn’t come back leaving middle brother Jaejoong to put baby bro Im Shi Wan up for adoption. All three then grow up with hyung wielding the baton of justice as a dogged but hot-tempered cop, middle bro a gambling gangster, and the littlest one reared the lap of luxury after being adopted by a wealthy couple.

Rounding out the cast is Oh Yeon Soo as a police psychiatrist and love interest to Lee Bum Soo (with their own childhood romance counterparts played by Noh Young Hak and Kim So Hyun), while Baek Jin Hee anchors the requisite K-drama love triangle as she’s caught between Jaejoong and Im Shi Wan both loving her. I’m already rooting for Jaejoong because I have a soft spot for loser gangster types trying to survive as a low-life but daring to love while Im Shi Wan’s rich boy already makes me want to smack the smirk right off his face. Just in time to pique potential viewer’s interest in this drama, check out the long preview and episode 1 teaser (both with English subs courtesy of Jaejoong’s massive fanbase) as well as the cast press conference pictures.

Episode 1 preview (Eng subs):

Triangle long preview (Eng subs):


A Hottie of Every Flavor as Triangle Readies for Monday Premiere with Lee Bum Soo, Jaejoong, and Im Shi Wan — 15 Comments

  1. I’m so ready for this! Jaejoong acting seem much better than I’ve expected, so there’s nothing holding me back anymore

  2. At first I read this was 50 episodes but now im reading its 24 does anyone know for sure what the episode order is?

    Also most of the promo stuff seems to be related to jaejoong is he the lead or lee bum soo

    • Supposedly, all three brothers are leads, but looking at the promotion (almost entirely devoid of Lee and barely grazing past Im) and where the industry usually places most of its bets, I’d say Jae Joong is the main one. I’m just not sure to what degree the promotion is representative of the actual work. We’ll know soon.

  3. I am expecting jaejoong’s character and love line to capture the netizens buzz kinda like how the younger couple in Giant got that attention. So I imagine from how I have seen MBc do their dramas, the lead should be jaejoong in terms of screentime. I guess we’ll have to see how the ratings play out. I am interested but holding out until I see a few episodes.

    • I’ll give this a shot, it looks promising but I hope it’s well-written because the actors certainly seem to be up to the task.

  4. Never seen Jaejoong act before and was into this mainly for the other leads, but he’s selling it pretty well in that long preview. I hope this is good, it looks promising so far.

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