Lee Min Ho Does Fluffy Web C-drama One LINE Romance with TW-actress Bea Hayden

I still remember how openly the popular messaging app LINE was featured all over You From Another Star. It made for great comedic drunken Chun Song Yi fodder for sure but might’ve even fit better into the other SBS drama Heirs since it’s all about teenagers there and who else texts as much as teens these days. Lee Min Ho was in Heirs and did enough PPL in that drama for a lifetime but this time he’s not even pretending there is a story proper behind what he’s performing in – Lee Min Ho just did a light fluffy web drama (or micro romance as the C-media calls it) with TW-model-turned actress Bea Hayden (郭碧婷 full English name Bea Hayden Kuo). She’s the girl who shot to popularity being one of the four lady leads in the hit movie trilogy Tiny Times (also starring Yang Mi, Amber Kuo, and Xie Yilin) based on the same name Guo Jingming novel. I couldn’t decide if she could act or not but she’s definitely easy on the eyes and a lustrous mane of hair. This project is funded by LINE and even has a cute punny title of One LINE Romance, with the Chinese title being 一线钟情 (Yi Xian Zhong Qing) which is itself of riff of the Chinese phrase 一见钟情 (Yi Jian Zhong Qing) which means love at first sight. I’m fairly certain the LINE app will play a critical part in the couples onscreen romance and thank god I already use to otherwise I’ll be tempted to see what the fuss is all about. This is clearly a Lee Min Ho fanservice for all his C-fans and as long as no one takes it seriously then it’s fun as eye and brain cotton candy fodder.

Other than the suit in the last video, Lee Min Ho’s outfits in the first two videos continue the hideous trend he’s been known for in the last few years. Boy simply has truly bad sartorial tastes. Key line green sweater? Oh my god, NO. Hippie grandma’s leopard print sweatshirt under a mauve hoodie? My eyes, my eyes! Thank god Lee Min Ho in a suit helped cleanse the ugly from my eyes in the end. The doggie is also super adorbs, Lee Min Ho needs to act with a dog co-star more from now on.

One LINE Romance Lee Min Ho Filming BTS videos:


Lee Min Ho Does Fluffy Web C-drama One LINE Romance with TW-actress Bea Hayden — 33 Comments

  1. I wonder if the bad fashion is his fault, or his designers’, but it seems to continue since Heirs days, I remember people joking that he donated his wardrobe from that drama because it was too ugly, sigh, I think the only drama he had really good clothes in was City Hunter, without the pink pants, of course.

    • LOL, it’s a logical assumption because (1) he wears similar hideous outfits in real life in plenty of pics, and (2) he has enough clout to pick his own wardrobe in dramas – his wardrobe in Heirs was actually clothing belonging to him, his personal coordi was also his drama costume coordinator in that drama, hence he was able to donate his wardrobe in Heirs after filming because it belonged to him and not to the production company.

      And no, Lee Min Ho isn’t going to wear whatever people tell him to wear in dramas or real life all the time even if he personally hates it. Stars help choose their own styles. Quirky stars like Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Min Hee rock out in the weirdest shit all the time because of their haute couture modeling background. Lee Min Ho needs to develop better taste, it’s almost a crime to be that good looking and wear ugly outfits all the time.

      • Hello Ms. K,

        I have a follow-up question: if LMH has enough clout to pick his own clothes (for dramas and movies), does that mean that all the other actors and actresses are usually dressed by a coordi or costume person (people like KWB, KSH, 2nd and 3rd characters, etc…)? What about the older actors and actresses (the KMM, KSJ [of a New Leaf], those who play parents and grandparents types of roles [or who are that age]?)
        I remember reading somewhere that the older actors (late 30’s and up)wore their own clothes in dramas as well. Would you know anything about that? I have noticed that those older actors and actresses always look good, and always look the part, whether they have to dress up, or dress down (or dress poor), based on the character they are portraying. They have really good taste.

      • Is he just wearing stuff from Semir since he is their spokesmodel? Not so great advertising then!

  2. I would love LMH even in rags. His drama outfits are bad but his airport fashion is consistently good all the time.
    Thanks for the article Koala.

    • Yes, his airport fashion is the best. And that’s because he picks it himself. He never allow his coordi for his airport fashion.

  3. You know what, he will be playing a beggar turned gangster in his Gangnam Blues movie. So we will finally be able to see if he looks good even in rags 🙂

  4. He should either get a better Fashion sense or fire his stylist since she’s allowing him to continue to wear atrocious outfits!

  5. I would fire his stylist! The photos taken for his CD released in Korea are full of hideous outfits, but the one released in Japan was great. so I’d say it’s definitely his coordi’s fashion problem, not his.

  6. Lee Min Ho’s fashion disaster. He’s easy on the eyes, but I would only watch his face so not to see hideous outfits. I think his outfits in Heirs were bad, but in this one are worse…
    LOL at grandma leopard print sweatshirt

  7. Well if you have the looks to pull off hideous clothes, I guess why not! Haha. Anybody can look good in a well-tailored suit, but the fact that LMH can still look good in shitty clothes is a testament to his absolutely gorgeous face and charm 🙂 maybe that’s the statement he wants to make? “Hey look at my face, not my clothes!” Hahah

  8. Ah Hello….he is portraying a role not LMH. Why would he dressed like himself if he is portraying another person. LMH is always handsome whatever he wears.

  9. LMH actually looked good in that green sweater. Just the right shade of green, it complimented his skin tone 🙂

    • He is handsome and looks good period… I am American and it appears to depend on the character’s cultural adaptation only why would actors have to buy their own clothes or costumes I am agreeing with your post Lee Min Ho had a beautiful physique and when I watch him perform or sing he just draws me in. If I don’t use English closed caption I don’t understand anything being said but his smile and eyes relay a storyline. Lee Min Ho had beautiful hair and plays many characters so he adapts to whatever his role calls for again I like your post

  10. As you can see, I’ve only stumbled across this cdrama so I’m coming to this party a little late. Wow so much controversy on what Lee Min Ho wears! From what I know yes, he bought his wardrobe for Heirs, but I think it was just paying for it that was all he did because he didn’t want the labels to bug him and he could just concentrate on his acting. It doesn’t mean he personally chose them or even liked them. Since he donated them, odds are he liked them about as much as we do. Also if he wears unfortunate choices in clothing, maybe yet again he does it so the labels won’t bug him. From what I gather, he’s gorgeous and in high demand so I’m sure he gets a lot of labels in a tizzy if he wears their brand. I’m sure they probably hound him. I say whatever the reason, whether he chose the clothes or not he’s so damn fine he’d make anything look good. Who cares what he wears, I’m always too busy getting lost in those beautiful eyes or starring at his pouty lips to pay attention to clothes anyways!

  11. Is it possible to have the same name ? The above Maris is not me! I am sure we both would not like to be confused for each other’s comments……….btw I like LMH too. I am a Park Shin Hye admirer. How do we differentiate?

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