JYJ Drops Sexy Stylish First Track and MV for “Back Seat” From Its Second Full Album

The highly anticipated second full album from JYJ has finally dropped its opening track “Back Seat” along with a stylish new MV. I don’t recall ever seeing Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu looking so collectively smoking hot. Usually one or two is rocking it but never all at the same time. Dayum. *fanning myself* I loved the “Back Seat” teaser so so much and could’t stop watching it on repeat but sadly the full track sounds good to the ear but isn’t really my thang. The song sounds like a Robin Thicke sleazy crooning reject as performed by the Backstreet Boys at the height of their hotness and fame. The redeeming qualities are the undeniable singing prowess from all three guys, with bonus points for how they complement rather than compete with each other on vocals. Junsu’s falsetto, Yoochun’s deeper smoky voice, and Jaejoong’s high drawn out notes all blend together into one easy listening track. Be forewarned not to listen too closely to the lyrics, it’s just mind-numbing stuff about wanting to make out with a girl in the back seat and urging her to relax. I guess there really does come a day when Yoochun says “Alright girl, don’t be afraid of it, imma put you on my back seat” and I just want to pinch his cheeks he’s so darn cute. The MV is better than the song IMO, featuring the guys dancing up a storm with clever use of floodlights choreography on top of some wicked big scaffolding. If the boys plan to leave for military service with a musical bang, I’d say they’re off to a great start.

JYJ “Back Seat”:

My favorite song from the entire album is “Creation” which doesn’t have an MV yet but is so awesome it doesn’t need it. Have a listen to the full audio below.

JYJ “Creation”:


JYJ Drops Sexy Stylish First Track and MV for “Back Seat” From Its Second Full Album — 20 Comments

  1. OMG … You review JYJ album … WOW sister thank you very much …. Yesterday and today our fandon DBSK and JYJ are in fire ….. My YUNJAE ship is sailing fine …. Yunho compliment JaeJoong acting ….my Life is perfect ….. Drooling over JYJ hotness

  2. I live JYJ new album..Creation, Dr J nd 7 was composed by Jaejoong..Dad, are you there Yoochun create the words.And I could not remember what song Junsu compose but all and all, its AWESOME

  3. Smoking hotness indeed. ^^ ♥
    I hope that a US tour is in the work. It would be sooooo awesome to watch them live!!

  4. LMAO Koala, quite interesting to see you talk about JYJ!
    Been a fan of them for ages, glad to see you enjoy their music!

  5. Good heavens. That Jaejoong is about the best looking young man I’ve ever seen. I have a daughter that would be perfect… Lol

  6. Oh boy. Having known Yoo Chun as an actor really made it awkward for me to see him in this, very idol-ish. Too much make-up and the guy-liner, oh man the guy-liner actually looks hot on him. And after checking out all the songs in this album, I can say that I really am digging his sultry voice so much. Man oh man. Hope I don’t go “there”. ;D

  7. How come Jaejoong looks effortlessly sexy with just white t-shite (must be expensive) and black jeans?
    I miss Yoochun’s voice~~
    Junsu yaa~~ <3

  8. So glad you’re board Koala. 🙂
    Creation is also my favourite track, though I love Let Me See, 2:30 am and Dear J as well.

  9. I love backseat!!! Agree with you on jyj being collectively hot here. And their voices blended so well! I cannot stop listening to it. I’ve seen the mv more than 100x now. I know it’s gonna be so epic when they perform this live.

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