Ladies Code Loses Another as Rise Passes Away From Her Catastrophic Injuries

It’s with a heavy sad heart that I have to write a post that Rise (Kwon Ri Sae) of the girl’s group Ladies Code didn’t pull through after the catastrophic car accident 5 days ago which already took the life of her fellow group member EunB. Rise passed away this morning Korea time at 10:10 am at the intensive care unit of the hospital where she’s been in a coma since the accident. Rise’s sustained injuries were described as nearly as severe as EunB, who died at the scene, and it was a miracle she lived long enough to make it to the ER and wheeled into surgery. The surgeons operated on Rise in a surgery that took over 10 hours and had to be stopped shortly thereafter because her blood pressure kept dropping. She had severe cranial (brain) and abdominal injuries of the type that may even leave her permanently vegetative even if she survived.

In a rare sign of unity in the K-ent netizen fandoms, everyone was praying for Rise to have a miraculous recovery but alas that prayer was not answered. Rise lived long enough for her parents to arrive in Korea from Japan (Rise is a 4th generation Korean born and raised in Japan) and spend their last moments with their beloved daughter who left the world much too early at 23 years old. Fans of Ladies Code have pointed out how EunB and Rise were roommates and best friends in the group, and just last month a fan asked Rise who she would worry about leaving alone and Rise answered emphatically that it would be her maknae EunB. Now there are two more angels in Heaven as Rise goes to keep EunB company while both ladies leave behind grieving family, friends, and fans, and even casual K-ent viewers like me who wish life weren’t so cruel and senseless as to take such young lives at the start of their full potential. Rest in peace Rise and EunB.

Let the world remember them forever as such beautiful happy young ladies.


Ladies Code Loses Another as Rise Passes Away From Her Catastrophic Injuries — 28 Comments

  1. watched their (last, I believe) performance online, and they had the happiness and energy that so many groups lack/lose…RIP to both girls

  2. live life to the fullest…you never know when it will the last.
    gone when their lives are just starting…rest in peace to both and strength to their family and friends.

  3. Couldn’t help but to let out a deep sigh while reading this. Those girls were just starting to bloom like beautiful flowers but then a tragic event like this has to happen.

  4. Had only briefly heard of the group before this, but couldnt help religiously following the news this week and praying for them. Such young girls, what a pity, they were taken away too early from us. Heaven now has two more angels

  5. Guys! Rise was in We Got Married at some point, with some guy she was super awkward with… she seemed to be a very delicate and kind person. May both Rise and EunB rest in peace…

    • yes she did. She was in We Got Married very shortly with David Oh, a fellow Kpop Star Audition members who she was friend with prior to the show. This was also before she joined Ladies Code

  6. RIP Rise and EunBi. I don’t know the group, but like so many feel sad and tearful that these young ladies with such bright futures have left this world. Condolenaces to their families and hope the rest of the group and entourage recover soon. Miss Koala what you wrote was very moving.

  7. O god 🙁 such a terrible tragedy…my condolences to their family and fans…I can’t even imagine how their fellow group mates must feel

  8. It’s awful news to hear of another young death.

    RIP, and to moving on for their families and friends, as well as their remaining 3 group members. While very lucky to have escaped with lighter injuries, the tragic burden of their group members’ deaths will probably remain with them.

  9. R.I.P. Rise and EunBi. I feel so sad that there life was cut too short. I hope their families, group members, coworkers are able to get through this.

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