SBS Finally Starts Promoting Pinocchio with the Release of First Teaser

SBS needs a slap upside the head for how spectacularly bad it’s doing with the promos for the upcoming Wed-Thurs drama Pinocchio. Would it kill the network to drop a steady stream of news, it needn’t be a shock and awe campaign but the radio silence has been jarring since this is a big production and SBS is known for overdosing the audience on spoilers. I still have Heirs promotional stills popping up in random places in my photo folders. Last week the network opened its official drama page and the only picture posted is the one above with the puppet Pinocchio sitting on the beach. Park Shin Hye plays the titular Pinocchio with the affliction of hiccuping whenever she tells a lie as opposed to her nose growing longer.

SBS doesn’t need to worry about licensing since the image of the literary Pinocchio based on the 1883 children’s novel The Adventures of Pinocchio is now in the public domain as the author has passed over 100 years ago and the copyright has lapsed. And no, Pinocchio is not a Disney created character. Park Shin Hye with her Pinocchio syndrome joins Lee Jong Seok as network reporters covering the city beat and the story revolves around the youngsters growth, maturation, and romance. The first teaser came out on a slow Saturday night and the biggest “really?” moment is seeing the hairstyle on Lee Jong Seok. It’s best described as throwback Song Sam Dong courtesy of early Dream High.

Teaser for Pinocchio:


SBS Finally Starts Promoting Pinocchio with the Release of First Teaser — 29 Comments

  1. Well the teaser shows nothing except lee jong suk’s bad hairstyle. Tbh i hear your voice promo wasn’t impressive too but the show was sooooooo good so hopefully this will be the same

  2. Well, Mr. Back is premiering a week before Pinocchio but it doesn’t even have an official page yet. So there’s nothing to complain about really…

  3. HAHAHA! I’m sorry I burst out laughing when I saw LJS’s hairstyle in the teaser, I’m hoping that they won’t keep it as his permanent style in the drama. I can’t take him seriously if they do that. Anyways, I like the cast and how the plot sounds, will be waiting for this drama.

  4. I need PSH’s teaser version NOW
    They taking their time with the promotion but it seems to be the writer’s style…
    The more I read about this the more I’m excited…
    Please don’t fail me

    • The moment this drama went to KBS the first name that popped in for me was Moon Chae Won. So Ji Sub would be great paired with her. I’ll keep my ear to the ground on this….

      • And, if I’m not mistaken, she’s managed by the agency bankrolling this drama. OMG, keeping my fingers crossed for that pairing!!!!!

    • You know MCW was kind of hinting an upcoming drama in one of her interviews. And it’s KBS. But I hope the KES writes a strong female character for once. That’s the only thing that worries me.

      • Can you tell me where you get this info? I mean, there was an article where her MC stated that they might concentrate on drama next year but there are a few scripts to be selected and it didn’t mention KBS at all.

      • i know that some actors and actresses film a movie and a drama at the same time. but can MCW do that? she has a new movie which starts filming in Nov, and this drama will shoot oversea. It s hard to fly in&out Korea to film 2 projects at the same time.

        But anyway, MCW is a good choice for female lead. But if SJS signs on, i hope the female would be Shin Mina, still love their chemistry in Giordano’s CF

      • MCW doesn’t have movie which will be filmed overseas. She is filming Today’s Love with LSG at this monent until Nov and then the one with Yoo Yeon Seok and it is about 2 people meeting on the train to Busan.

  5. bahahahha. what is he wearing. at least find some decent wig to put on. Anyway i am watching Bad Guys right now. And it’s awesome. I really want to know what you think about it Koala. 🙂

  6. I never liked this kind of teasers.. What’s up with SBS lately? Their teasers for My Lovely Girl and Secret Door doesn’t show much about the things that going on in the drama. They avoided dialogue from the main characters and I find it hard to anticipated in their dramas. MBC has better teasers.. sigh. Funny how I was so excited for Pinocchio but now I’m all for Mr Baek.

    • “What’s up with SBS lately?”▶MTE
      They are getting a bit too much paranoid cause other channels observe what they do & steal some of their ideas. The result is lack of/or poor communication. As others said, let’s hope it will be like IHYV: Meh teasers, great drama.

  7. still waiting for pinocchio.this was what happened in I Hear Your Voice.yet,when the drama came out,it was good.this makes me more excited to watch this drama….

  8. lol at people complaining about his hair. It’s not even that bad… He is supposed to be ugly so they have to make it that way…. He said it’s the ugliest…

  9. I thought you were talking about his hairstyle for the script reading, and I was thinking “What’s wrong miss koala? I think its nice!”…until I SCROLLED DOWN….OMG!…

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