Lee Bo Young Takes Acting Hiatus as She’s Expecting a Baby with Husband Ji Sung

Awwwww, this is seriously the best K-ent news to come along in quite some time. Established and popular Korean acting couple Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung have confirmed that they are expecting a new baby arriving sometime in the summer of 2015. I love how that sounds like an upcoming blockbuster movie. The couple started dating in 2005 after costarring in Save the Last Dance for Me, a coupling made all the more meta-entertaining since he was the male lead and she played the crazy (batshit insane) second female lead.

They kept their dating life strictly private and never even confirmed they were dating until announcing the news of their fall 2013 wedding right after Lee Bo Young wrapped I Hear Your Voice early last summer. They’ve been married for a little over a year now so the impending arrival of a baby continues to be perfect timing (she’s 35 and he’s 37) and fantastic news since I love them so much separately as actors and together as the sweetest couple in K-ent. I’m only sad Lee Bo Young is taking a hiatus from acting for now.

Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung’s wedding photoshoot in Spain for Grazia magazine and subsequent elegant wedding in Seoul are hands down my favorite K-ent wedding package. I thought Lee Bo Young had basically the best year of her entire life in 2013 with hit dramas IHYV and My Daughter Seo Young, got married to Ji Sung, and the won Daesang at both the Korean Drama Awards and the SBS Year End Awards. Now she’s putting the cherry on top of being a blissful newlywed to nestling down to be a new mommy. Congrats you two!


Lee Bo Young Takes Acting Hiatus as She’s Expecting a Baby with Husband Ji Sung — 31 Comments

  1. Lee Boyoung is the epitome of elegant beauty <3. and i just realised she and Jisung kinda look alike, that baby is going to be such a doll. I hope she does'nt stay away from the screen too long

    • The 1st pix is soooo… They are so into each other, my 1st thought was, “OK guys, now go make some babies” (b/c of how they looked on that pix). My 2nd thought was, “Oh wait! They already did!” Yeah, Congratulations to the happy couple, and to the parents to be.

  2. Well, technically “I Hear Your Voice” was in 2013. But yeah, the last couple of years have been the peak of fame for Lee Bo Young.

    Congratulations to the happy couple! I love them so much!

  3. this is the best news from k-ent for a long time.

    btw, they confirmed their relationship in 2007 but yes, they kept it private and never mentioned each other in public until last year

  4. Ah, this gorgeous, sweet couple! I am so happy for them! CONGRATS future mom and dad. I pray for a safe, healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

  5. omaigaddddd these 2D photos practically overflow with love, they must really be so happily in love- so happy that baby makes three for them!

  6. These couple look very happy, and they get along pretty well! Wishing them both true happiness & success in their married life Our sincerest CONGRATULATIONS to you both!

  7. I watched Save the Last Dance For Me recently and it’s a really awesome drama (LBY’s character is horrible though. But Ji Sung’s character is so much love). Anyway, congratulations to them! They look really good together, and very happy.

  8. Congratulations!!! Finally some happy news! 2014 has been such a disaster. huh!
    BTW… How good is Save the Last Dance for Me? Beacuse I loved The Prince that Turns into Frog and I think SLDFM is the remake. Is it awesome in its own way or its a regukar remake?

    • I actually preferred Saved the Last Dance for Me over the Chinese one because it was shorter and had a beautiful ost. The Prince Turn Into Frog was good in the beginning but dragged too much towards the end, imo.

  9. yeah that’s nice to know but LBY baby is gonna look nothing like her.She is totally unrecognizable now compared to her original face.the kids gonna look like she was before she got fame

  10. They’re my favorite K-ent couple. They are both good actors and they make the sweetest couple. I’m happy for them!

    And for those wondering about Save the Last Dance, it’s a pretty good drama (I still listen to the ost sometimes)

  11. Good news indeed but I wish they would announce it when the pregnancy is 6 months & most of the risks have been cleared. 2 months 1/2 is just too soon…

  12. I bet they’ll be really good parents. Didn’t let fame change them even though they’ve made it big. And they seem genuinely good people.

  13. Amazing how many years they dated before making it public. I’m so glad they were able to stay together and stay successful. Celeb photo shoots are kinda silly sometimes, but I love these pics of the two of them together.

  14. congratulations! i like you both
    hey ji sung, i wish you get a good, happy and fantastic drama soon. cant wait to see you in a drama!

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