Wu Zun is Handsome in the Pages of Men’s Uno and Fatherly Filming C-variety Daddy is Back

Wu Zun might not have acting chops but he has other great qualities that still serve him well as an entertainer. Since leaving Fahrenheit three years ago, Wu Zun has transitioned his career into movies and variety while revealing to the world the worst kept secret in TW-ent that he was long ago married to his high school sweetheart. By the time he revealed the news, the couple already had a two year old daughter and was expecting a son. Other than his diehard crazy fans who might not be happy that oppa is married, the world mostly received the news with a collective shrug.

Last summer Wu Zun has been in the C-news a lot not for any upcoming movie filming or promotion, instead he joined the explosion of star daddies littering the television with their offspring for variety shows. China is already done with the second season of Daddy, Where are We Going?, a show that is licensed from Korea and films identical to the set up of the original. Daddy was a massive hit so the producers launched Daddy is Back, the licensed China version of Superman Returns.

The biggest land for Daddy is Back is Wu Zun and his daughter Nei Nei, an adorable twosome that speaks Chinese and English in their daddy-daughter conversations with the cutest Brunei accent. Wu Zun is also looking ridiculously fine in the summer edition pages of Men’s Uno magazine and still doing his leader duty for Fahrenheit. He was asked about the recent Aaron Yan spawned controversy when Aaron candidly revealed he wasn’t friends with Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen and Wu Zun calmed things down by admitting Aaron was telling the truth but there was nothing weird about it. Just because all the Fahrenheit guys aren’t BFFs isn’t weird, they had very different personalities and were always working hard so issues arising was normal. But everyone is now at a good place and they remain good colleagues even if the group isn’t tight. Check out increasingly mature Wu Zun below looking dashing in the magazine stills before watching an adorable snippet of him with daughter Nei Nei in Daddy is Back.

Snippet of Wu Zhun and his daughter Nei Nei in Daddy is Back (China version):


Wu Zun is Handsome in the Pages of Men’s Uno and Fatherly Filming C-variety Daddy is Back — 9 Comments

  1. Here is the man who introduced me to the Asian dramaland. Since I am Bruneian born I thought I need to know at least one celebrity from there and he is the one and I don’t need another! So handsome!

  2. OMG Wu Zun and Nei Nei are sooo adorable. Their Chinese English conversation is so cute. I already see this little girl growing up to be one beautiful, smart lady, wrapping hapless males in her little finger.

    • I agree with you here.. Nei nei is soo cute.. She definitely is going to be like her father.. leaving a trail of male fans fawning over her when she grows up. She’ll get the good looking genes from her parents. HAHA 😀

  3. Good gosh she has this cute cute accent and so confident.
    Hah… she sounds like so many of the English speaking Chinese kids I see in Malaysia or Singapore. Less cocky though and demanding.

  4. i wishi can watch it with sub..he is one of my earlier crush. i not fond of his drama still because he is handsome i like him. i totaal shock when the secret is out. want to watch it..

  5. It’s unexpected but amazing that Wuzun has burst forth with a comeback on the variety scene. Even as diehard primary school fangirls back then we all knew that while his mellow personality was great he could neither act nor sing lol, i.e. once his pretty face expired there went his career. But who knew variety parenting shows would become such a hit and his personality would translate so well to such shows (:

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