Jo In Sung and Song Joong Ki to Guest on the June 14th Episode of Buddy Kwang Soo’s Running Man

Looks like Song Joong Ki and Jo In Sung took their bromance with Kwang Soo to new levels prior to jetting off for an overseas vacation together. On the upcoming episode of Running Man, where Kwang Soo is a current cast member and Song Joong Ki a former cast member, Jo In Sung and Song Joong Ki will be guest starring along with another member of their guy posse Im Joo Hwan. Wow, I’m so tuning in for this episode even if I rarely watch the variety show.

In addition to guest stars Song Joong Ki, Jo In Sung, and Im Joo Hwan for team Kwang Soo, the episode has also invited cast member Haha‘s wife Byul as well as celebrity married couple Son Joon Ho and Kim So Hyun. I love the teaser shot Jo In Sung being all cool hyung, with his sidekick Song Joong Ki beside him, and little bro Im Joo Hwan in the back looking all concerned that whatever mission they are tasked with might go astray. I have no idea what the producers have cooked up for this episode’s competition but it’s certainly going to be a riot to watch since all these entertainers have shown before how much fun they are on the variety show stage.


Jo In Sung and Song Joong Ki to Guest on the June 14th Episode of Buddy Kwang Soo’s Running Man — 18 Comments

  1. I think you’ve mistaken. They’re not guesting on the show but were waiting for Kwang Soo to finish filming before they head off to vacay. They’re not the guests of the episode but will appear briefly. Nonetheless, Bromance in full force.

  2. I believe they are just making a special appearance, not as guests. I am so excited to see them interact with each other with all the bromance stuff you know..

    I am also curious on how Song Ji Hyo and Jo In Sung react to each other.
    Excited for this episode.

  3. Yes, they are only making special appearances, sadly, Byul and the married couple are going to be the guests for that episode. I hope to see more of Joong Ki…

  4. I was so excited to hear that Jo In Sung and Song Joong Ki would both be appearing as guests on Running Man, until I read the comments. 🙁 Could the PDs please try and make this happen!?! This seriously would be the best episode ever. SJK was an original member of RM back in the day and JIS on a variety show would just be awesome; they could be the BFF team with Kwang Soo and help him win a RM challenge! Btw even though they’re just making a quick cameo appearance I still think it’s cute they came to pick Kwang Soo up after his filming to all go together on vacay!! 😀

  5. Aww.. so glad if this i true.. but if not hope RM producer can consider this GREAT casting in the near future..

    So did Joo Hwan join bff joong ki-kwang soo-joo in sung for the vacation trip?..

  6. I hope they come on the show together as guests one day. I’m just happy at seeing Song Joong Ki back on RM again even if it’s just a special appearance but the team has always treated him as family despite the fact that he left the show back around the 40+ episode mark. I’ve been waiting for Jo In Sung to make an appearance, I think he’d be awesome (just going from his appearances on 1N2D and Infinity Challenge) plus it’d be a cool A Frozen Flower reunion because I personally loved him and Ji Hyo in the movie together along with Joo Jin Mo.

  7. If anyone is trying to figure out who the married couple of Son Joon Ho and Kim So Hyun are, they are musical actors and appear often on Immortal Songs, I love them!

  8. Omg Song Joong Ki and Jo In Sung , They will have a good time with their former acolytes and funny with Kang Soo Oppa lol

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