K-netizens Choose Yoo Seung Ho and Moon Geun Young as Best Child Actors

I feel like K-netizens have really strong opinions either way, and sometimes a fixed opinion can be near impossible to change whether good or bad. If a star messes up even once it’s basically in the image crapper, which does make it even more impressive the select stars in various age groups that remain in the K-netz good graces. The most high profile of the child actor category is indisputably Yoo Seung Ho for the guys and Moon Geun Young for the gals, both won immediate critical lauds as child actors and continued to successfully mature their acting careers into adulthood.

Which is why it’s not surprising that this weekend’s entertainment program discussion on a domestic poll conducted found that K-viewers chose Yoo Seung Ho as the best child actor, followed unsurprisingly by Moon Geun Young. The third position went unexpectedly to Macaulay Culkin (LOL whut?) and then back to the K-ent scene picking Kim Yoo Jung. As big a Yoo Seung Ho fan as I am, I’m not ready to crown him the best child actor even within the talented K-ent selection pool, but I would put him in the top three. I like him also for his potential to knock it out of the park as an adult actor, which is really the biggest pitfall for any child actor.

Yoo Seung Ho acting with Yoon Eun Hye in Missing You has convinced me that he slays the noonas onscreen so I’m all for him to act opposite Moon Geun Young soon. Imagine the K-netizens going insane with pride seeing their fave child actors grown up good paired together. As for what other child actors made the list, off the top of my head I’m going to assume it includes Park Shin Hye, Nam Ji Hyun, Shim Eun Kyung, Lee Hyun Woo, Yeo Jin Gu, Kim So Hyun, Seo Shin Ae. I do wonder if Kim Soo Hyun should be included in contention, he did two very awesome and memorable teen character roles, in Giant and Will it Snow for Christmas, but he was already a young adult then plus hit leading man stage so soon thereafter. I would be willing to make a persuasive argument that those were two of his best acting performances to date.


K-netizens Choose Yoo Seung Ho and Moon Geun Young as Best Child Actors — 28 Comments

  1. Moon Geun Young is great at acting, unfortunately I can’t say the same about her ability to choose scripts.

    • That is true. She chose some really terrible dramas, and passed on roles in some dramas that went on to become huge hits (Moon Embracing the Sun and Misaeng)

      • Now that you’ve pointed it out, MGY did pass on two of the biggest hits in recent times. To be honest, I don’t think she’s the greatest actress out there. Her acting can be quite repetitive without being able to give her characters different identity at times. Obviously Han Ga In wasn’t the better choice, but Kang Sora sure was.

    • fortunately, no matter how bad her drama is. she’s still the beloved moon geun young. she clearly missed nothing by not picking drama like Moon Sun or Misaeng

      • Well said , indeed just love her to bits and miss her in dramaland , hope she’s comeback soon with a good project

  2. The list should also include Go Ah-sung and Kim Hyang-gi. Coincidentally, they played sisters in Elegant Lie, and Kim Yoo-jung was in that film too.

    • Go Ah Sung as well as Yoo Ah In and Go Ara are rarely considered as child actress/actor since they seldom played younger version of the main leads. They had their own characters since young unlike many others.

    • I’m pretty sure she is on that list for sure but this girl never had a “child actress” image to her. Especially since she only became well known back in 2012 after TMTES and debuted much later compared to other child actresses. when she became well known at like 12, she already looked like a high school student. I just watched a video where all these male celebrities wee picking her as their ideal type even though she’s still 16…

  3. Although some of his dramas were a flop MMM and GOF (as all good actors), she plays her roles perfectly. She’s an incredible actress who understands his characters and expresses them accurately this is why she moves the heart of viewers and she is a very generous actress who far from saving, gives of himself without counting!.
    That’s why I love MGY

  4. No surprise, especially no doubt Moon geun Young is really beloved national sister ‘in the eyes of Korean! ho yes hope to see in a drama one day with ‘Yoo Seung Ho’

  5. I love Yoo Seung Ho to pieces but he has nothing on Yeo Jin-goo when it comes to acting powers. He’s got talents and more popular but not the best child actor.

    • yes, I agree. I adore Yoo Seung Ho, he is one of my favorite actors and he is very good at what he does but Yeo Jin Goo is better, especially when you compare YSH at 17 to the 17 year old Yeo Jin Goo. He (Yeo Jin Goo) just has all of these emotions down and he is just always on point with his acting all the time. That kid is amazing. They both are going to be very big names in the future. I can’t wait.

    • NOTHING on yeo jin-goo when it comes to acting?? Sorry I can’t agree. YSH has been acting since age 9, and he’s taken and pulled off roles that were beyond his actual age since he was 17/19. He’s even able to grab viewer’s attention by playing as second lead or even as a minor character. I wouldn’t go as far as to say he has NOTHING on yeo jin goo when it comes to acting…

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