Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum in Talks as the Romantic Leads of MBC Drama She Was Pretty

Can I get a hells yeah for Orion and Origin possibly reuniting in a drama as the OTP? While it’s undeniable that Kill Me Heal Me was the Ji Sung show, and wow how he delivered by going above and beyond the call of duty, the drama wouldn’t have been as good without Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon holding down the non-crazy side of the fort. Her Oh Ri Jin and his Oh Ri On, growing up as fraternal twins but both knowing it wasn’t blood related, had insane amounts of chemistry but never quite skirted into icky fauxcest territory thanks to the script keeping it just shy of that line.

Now both are getting a chance to reunite and openly act on that great chemistry without grossing out the viewers – Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum are in talks for upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama She Was Pretty, to follow Scholar Who Walks the Night. She plays a formerly beautiful little girl who grows up into an unattractive adult whereas he was an dumpy dorky little boy that grows up into a male model. Aside from the K-drama lame penchant for exact opposites, the drama will hopefully send a good message about superficial versus internal beauty, and do it in a way not to shame those who weren’t gifted with good looking genes. This drama story and potential casting are both quite promising for me.

There are so many potential great things to come from She Was Pretty. First off, can Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon manage to secure a Ji Sung cameo in the drama? Secondly, please let the drama take advantage of the two leads great physical comedic timing while reigning in their tendency for facial gymnastics or getting too shouty. Lastly, the drama will be directed by the PD who served as second chair on various MBC dramas including Sly and Single Again, Goddess of Fire, Arang and the Magistrate, The King 2 Hearts, and Queen of Reversals.

If Park Seo Joon accepts then I think he picked right passing on High Society to wait for this to come along, I like High Society bu the male lead character isn’t particularly memorable or endearing. Park Seo Joon’s role in KMHM got limited screen time which made sense narratively but did leave me wanting to see more of him and I’m glad the wait isn’t going to be long now. Hwang Jung Eum is always game, willing to take on roles others passed on, pay her dues in weekend dramas, and even pick projects that look like a misfire initially only to turn into an unexpected success. The news of She Was Pretty just gave the upcoming fall drama season a big boost.


Park Seo Joon and Hwang Jung Eum in Talks as the Romantic Leads of MBC Drama She Was Pretty — 22 Comments

  1. I’ve adored PSJ since Witch’s Romance. That drama made me watch his previous works – he’s just tremendously talented and charismatic.

  2. The storyline sounds kinda lame but for the KMHM Oh twins reuniting as leading couple then count me in and get my Ji sung as cameo then I will die happy… KMHM epic Reunion squeal

  3. This will be is secound offer so far ! Hope they accept, even though I don’t see them being romantically involved, I will hold my judgment for when the drama starts

  4. I’m sorry to say but I can’t stand watching HWE, most of it has to do with the fact that her plastic surgery makes her face mostly her mouth unbearable to watch …like its hard for her to speak..

      • There is a massive difference between someone naturally unattractive and someone clearly plastic. Unless her character description includes botched plastic surgery her looks will be just as distracting as they were in her previous projects.

  5. I’ll be watching this for sure just seeing HJE AND PSJ in it!!!
    haha..can’t wait!

    And Ji Sung for a cameo! It would be daebak if he cameos as Ahn Yo Na!!! whahaha

  6. Not a big fan of HJE (can be a tad OTT for me, and loud until she settles down) but her chemistry with Ji Sung (esp Secret).

    But PSJ was fantastic in Witch’s Romance.

  7. I think I belong to the minority but I did not feel any chemistry between PSJ / HJE except noona/little brother.

  8. She is a good actress, but I her distracts me every time I see her. So I rather avoid her dramas, but I#ve only really seen her in Incarnation of money. If it wasn’t for Kang Ji Hwan, I wouldn’t have watched it.

  9. noooooo why always giving roles who have horrible looks to HJE! She’s pretty 🙁 Anyway, it’s gona be a bit weird seeing them act as romantic leads after watching Kill Me Heal me just months ago.

  10. I think I saw the potential between the leads
    they both take the risk and look like an all out person when taking a job
    figthing for both

  11. only drama i like from hwang jung is with ji sung.
    park seo joon was good in his role in witch and heal me.
    will give this drama a try when it air.

  12. I have loved PSJ since Warm Word from a Kind Heart. But why do they keep pairing him for noona romance? Enough already. He deserves a young beautiful leading lady. His best so far was Han Groo in Warm Word. Please – and certainly not with Hwang Jung Eum! She is way too old and looks it to be paired with him.

  13. i hope they take the offer, this drama can go pretty deep on the social commentary of beauty and that so in south korea. it would be really interesting to watch along with the fact i love jung eum and after KMHM park seo joon. on top of that its a rom com as well, i need some really good rom coms to watch so i hope this will be a good drama and i so so hope they both accept. and yes ji sung cameo would be great since jung eum and him are great friends and of course park seo joon and also friends

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