Lee Jun Ki is Forever Gorgeous in New BTS Stills as the Scholar Who Walks the Night

Lee Jun Ki is the best thing about Scholar Who Walks the Night for me. I think he gets taken for granted nowadays because he’s so consistently good, regardless of how his costars may or may not be delivering on their own performances. His visuals for the drama are also fantastic, the more dramatic look as vampire scholar Sung Yul emphasizes his incredible features even more than his other sageuk roles in Iljimae, Arang and the Magistrate, and Joseon Gunman. MBC released new stills of Lee Jun Ki filming as Sung Yul, both in the happy BTS moments and when he’s all intense in the role. The drama writing is buggy but I chalk up the two hours I spend a week recapping Scholar as my twice a week date with Jun Ki. So worth it when he stares at the camera and I think he’s only got eyes for me.


Lee Jun Ki is Forever Gorgeous in New BTS Stills as the Scholar Who Walks the Night — 31 Comments

  1. I normally do not watch vampire dramas but Lee Jun Ki was the draw for me and I am not disappointed. He looks so good in sageuk attire and I am just mesmerized by his eyes. They are very unique.

  2. While I have a soft spot for Jun Ki, and yes, he is gorgeous, I must say, I am now watching solely for the Crown Prince. I knew nothing about Changmin before this show and so I had zero expectations, but I absolutely love him here! He is ADORABLE, (unlike certain undead heroes who shall remain unnamed) and even though he lost his father, his friend and has a terrible grandfather, he’s still doing his best to make the kingdom a better place. And hey, as a bonus, there’s no over acting! lol

    • There in no acting at all, he doesn’t show any emotion and that is a shame, his casting was a mistake, even when I think he is adorable as a kpop idol, as an actor… is a good singer.

    • I agree that Changmin is a great singer … and yes I didn’t expect much from him as an actor, but he destroyed even that small hope I had of him to shine as an actor. I think he doesn’t have the needed talent to express himself. I feel he is only reciting what is written in the script. I don’t want to say that he is overshadowed by Junki who is a professional in historical dramas because they didn’t even met in one scene. So, as a fan of TVXQ I will only wait for another trial from Changmin… coz this time I am not very satisfied.

  3. You tried your best to hype this drama but it once again failed even worse then Joseon Gumman. Your funny Koala you have to admit it you can’t hype a drama for shiit and tbh with you nobody can’t but hype and interest is something that comes naturally.. you have to learn to time your dramas right and see if it has interest and the right hype before investing time on it. I’m pretty sure something will come along next it might even be a school drama with completely new faces or something with youths

    • Every recapper has own opinions and their taste for some dramas.
      While koala liked Joseon Gunman, another popular blog like dramabeans didn’t in later half.

      This time too, koala seems to dislike SWWTN but it has the certain fanbase on db including the main recappers JB and GF.

      For me, I disappointed GIJ but I love Night Scholar right from the start and is getting more and more intense. All cast are doing well on their roles, and also the chemistry of the leads.

      I ignore the recaps here for SWWTN cuz I don’t enjoy reading.

      Yes, we can have our own likes. But it’s just wrong criticising the dramas groundlessly to make harsh comments to the recappers for your personal feelings.

      • @Ehh… About different opinions has been mentioned in the above post of Lizzy. You may not find it, but there are many viewers who love the pairing as seen from the comments under the IG account updates of LJG and LYB, fanmade MVs on youtube, at soompi, etc.

      • +10000

        I also enjoy the drama more than GIJ mainly because of the cast, no one is bad in their roles, not even Changmin. But it’s still disrespectful for Ehhh to write comments like those to koala.

      • @Ehh I can totally see the chemistry between the two main leads, they looks so adorable! Anyway, we have different opinion if you’re not feeling any sense of chemistry, its ok, its not like we have to agree with you!

    • You need reminded it is her blog and she is entitled to write whatever she wants. She is not paid by you to instruct her what she can write and how she does it. Until the day, you bought over her blog and pay her a big salary, your comments are disrespectful and uncalled for here.
      You need not read her article if it does not please you but you have no right to tell her what to do in her blog.

  4. Is it vanity or the ultimate fanservice? He seems to be a grounded guy who is not beyond self deprecating humor so it can’t be the former. I will go with fanservice then. I know that almost the entire fandom was beside itself when LJK was cast in this drama because he looked every inch the part. But how about things like challenging himself in diverse roles and good script? Never mind the crappy writing, is LJK actually good in this role? Now, I realized how limited his acting is. He’s still good of course but it has become too predictable. My suggestion is that in the future, he should take on a role that nobody, especially his fans would expect him to take. Now, that’s something to look forward to.

    • He acts with his eyes for this cold character to be attractive.. whether or not he’s similar to the look from the webtoon. Just wow he has that ultimate skill for an actor!
      This can easily be seen as a wooden character or crappy acting if played by an unskillful actor.
      He’s so impressive being able to draw me fully to his awesome acting after first time watching his drama! Now loving both him and Scholar who walks the night.

    • You might not know him well then. LJG has been doing diverse roles constantly, except the viewers getting his breathtaking action scenes in most of them. His fans also become his for his acting.
      Not only them, the popular foreign bloggers including those from dramabeans love his acting so they aren’t the only ones seeing it.
      The writing.. This drama is so entertaining to believe it as a crappy one.
      Well, you’d think as you like. I just expressed of mine.
      It’s just regular that antifans would like to join force if the opinion is written negatively for a drama.
      The drama also wouldn’t be affected to the drama viewers by these few negative posts on a blog with the negative view on the drama. Those who actually watch it will judge themselves whether or not they like it.

    • Plus, I’d say he hit two birds with one stone.. both vanity and fanservice. The vanity comes first, of course, because he contacted the pd team first to ensure him being courted before the official casting stages began. He mentioned about it in recent Elle magazine interview. He’s just so talented.

      • Not only he could get it, he is creating it as his another memorable character with his impressive acting.

    • There’s almost no role his fans don’t expect him to perform; whether psychic, psycopath or villainous roles. Because he has shown every reliable bit of those sides by posing them in some tv interviews while telling he will do them after doing more other good yet challenging characters.
      Haters gonna hate him and won’t admit his talents. Many great actors have them. This isn’t a big deal.

  5. Lee Jun Ki has done well for most of his filmography ever since in My Girl and King & Clown. He’s come a long way to achieve what he has right now. For those who have seen Healing Camp interview, he has gone through good and bad times. He certainly has matured a lot in his acting skills. His expression & body language speaks for all.

    Whether Scholar Night will live up to its reputation, doesn’t matter so long the casts nailed their characters in the drama.
    Not to forget this man is really a happy virus. He lifts up the mood wherever he goes. U gotta love his acting,his personality and his fan service! LOL!

  6. I’ve seen most of his dramas, I’m getting around to his movies. Most recently I finished Hero from 2009 where he played an earnest reporter, trying to uncover corruption. He got to be cheeky, and against type, he didn’t do any fight scenes. Those went to the heroine police lieutenant.

    Next on my list is Time Between Dog and Wolf. It’ll be interesting to compare his acting from then and now.

    And yeah, I’m watching this mostly for him. I don’t care if it’s vanity or fansevice. Everyone’s got an ego and I’m just happy to have his pretty pretty eyes and pouty mouth to look at.

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