First Look at Yang Mi and Luhan Pairing Up for the C-remake of Korean Thriller Movie Blind

I’m actually looking forward to this movie for some reason, even though the pairing of Yang Mi with Luhan seems like a textbook no-brainer movie casting to stick the two most buzzed about C-entertainers in the same project. China continues to power the remake train of Korean movies and dramas, not to the point of seeming unoriginal and desperate, but definitely enough to make it an ongoing trend. Up next is the C-movie remake of the Korean thriller movie Blind, this time called The Witness.

The original movie starred Kim Ha Neul as a blind woman and Yoo Seung Ho as a rebellious teenager, and the two cross paths when they witness the same crime and are swept up in the aftermath. The setup is exactly the same in The Witness, with Yang Mi playing a blind character for the first time while Luhan will have no problem passing for a rebellious teen since that’s the same character he played in the Chinese remake of Miss Granny called 20 Once Again. It’s funny how Luhan has left Korea (and his former boy band EXO) behind yet can’t seem to shake being in the remakes of Korean projects.


First Look at Yang Mi and Luhan Pairing Up for the C-remake of Korean Thriller Movie Blind — 9 Comments

  1. I really like the Korean version. Can Luhan act? Never see his acting before though what’s with his outfit above lol

    I really try to like Yang Mi but I really dont get why she’s so famous? I find her acting and screen presence are so lacking compare to other leading ladies like Liu Shi Shi, Zhao Li Yin and Tifanny Tang.

    • She got famous through the dramas Chinese Paladin 3 and Palace. I don’t find her all that great too, but she has quite large number of fans.

    • same here. I watched Palace and wasn’t captivated by her like how I was with Liu Shi Shi, Zhao Li Yin, and Tiffany Tang. It funny because I know very few cdrama actresses ad I so happen to like the same ones that you mentioned.

      For some reason I think she suits evil characters

    • She’s chosen pretty awful projects in past years
      I fell in love with her when she played Guo Xiang in Return of the Condor Heroes
      She was positively luminous
      My affection for her has waned in recent years because she always plays characters I find distasteful and chooses tacky dramas

  2. Yangmi is pretty but her acting is terrible and cringe-worthy. I don’t understand the hype around her. I hope this C-Version won’t butcher up this movie that I enjoy.

    • I believe the roller skates is to suppose to depict the free-spirited character the brother is. In the K-movie version, the sister is strict while the brother is free-spirited. He would ditch school and go to events and dance (I think it was dancing) and the sister hates that (sorry for the run-on. It’s super late and I’m stuck writing reviews). She wants him to have a good education since both are orphans.

  3. You biased whore, OP! lol

    You have no problem with some chinese ex-idols (boys) advancing into their homeland entertainment, taking lead roles and such. And even “actually looking forward to this movie for some reason”. But you have problem with other chinese idol (but female) advancing into her homeland entertainment, taking lead roles and such. And always “feel underwhelmed”, “not looking forward to it” and so on?

    You are just another biased female hormone riding imaginary high horse. So disappointed in your hypocrisy and triple standard. Once again I learn that penis owners in general are more objective and less prejudiced than vagina owners. XD

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