Moon Geun Young Confirmed as the Lead of SBS Drama The Village and Reunites with Kim Jae Wook

Patience has paid off for all Moon Geun Young fans, she’s coming back with a drama and the choice is a promising one. Moon Geun Young is confirmed as the female lead of upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs corpse mystery drama The Village. The drama is from the screenwriter of Que Sera Sera and Can Love Become Money, while directing is SBS veteran PD who helmed Iljimae and The Great Seer. The Village is scheduled to premiere in mid-October after Yongpal wraps up.

In addition to Moon Geun Young, Kim Jae Wook will also be making his drama land return in nearly two years and moving into the village. I don’t just love him to pieces, I loved his chemistry with Moon Geun Young in Mary Stayed Out All Night so this one-two casting news makes me so deliriously happy. Of course he’s likely playing the second male lead but I’ll take what I can get, especially with the reclusive Kim Jae Wook choosing do a drama. Other denizens of this mysterious peaceful village so far also include Shin Eun Kyung and Jang Hee Jin.

Moon Geun Young’s character is named So Yoon and is described as a capable and independent young woman. The screenwriter is very good at writing female leads so I’m going to rest easy for now that Moon Geun Young finally gets a smartly written character again.


Moon Geun Young Confirmed as the Lead of SBS Drama The Village and Reunites with Kim Jae Wook — 36 Comments

  1. rumors say the the main lead is going to be lee joon..i have nothing against him but i hupe it’s not true..too bad kim jae wook can’t be male lead. /:
    maybe Kang ji hwan can be the lead? he and MGY almost were confirmed for a drama together so it can be nice.

    i’m glad MGY is back i’ve been missing to watch her since the craptastic drama that was GOF.

    • I don’t understand why Kim Jae Wook can’t be the male lead here. Lee Joon and Moon Geun Young just don’t do it for me together.

    • I like Lee Joon, his acting in all his dramas has been really good…….. but I want Kim Jae Wook/Moon Geun Young for otp πŸ™

  2. OMG, my jae wook finally baaaaaaaaaack!!!!! happy that the lead female is moon geun young, yay!!! but but wait, he is second lead??? T___________T

  3. Finally kim jae wook is back ,I love him so much ,him playing soo ok in inspiring generation ,and his romance with the second lead female was the only thing I looked forward to in that drama ,but to bad he left ,such a great actor , I’m waiting for the day he leads .

  4. I just hope that the drama doesn’t turn out to be bad….nothing against MGY but all her dramas have turned out to be trainwreks so far and hence my fear.

  5. Omg!!!##!##!#!!!!!!! Greatest drama news in forever. Please let this happen, drama gods, and I will forgive you for what you did to Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won this year!

  6. Oh my Moonie is back for real ,Sado in September and Village for October , Can’t wait , Thanks ockoala Unnie for updates and Thanks Dramagods ^-^

  7. I love Kim Jae-Wook. Mary stayed up all night – I loved his chemistry with MGY. She was stupid to go after the disgusting JGS instead of him. MGY – thank God she did plastic surgery so she does not looks as horrid as she did then. She is very popular, so she will bring in the ratings. Anyway, I love most of the cast but not the writer. I hope it is good, because we certainly have wonderful cast here.

  8. OMG!!!! ..+1 deliriously happy.

    KJW and MGY. Thats the most amazing news ever….????

    Lee Joon? I love him.

    This is the happiest day of my life. Finally something good comes out unexpectedly. Yareeebaaaaaa…????

  9. OMG!!!!!…so thrilled KJW is coming back to the small screen!! Thanks for this bit of news!!! Loved, loved, loved the chemistry between him and MGY in the Mary drama. Was hoping/praying they would have shown bit more childhood flashbacks but…oh well. Second lead huh…no doubt he will do well in the role…just please give him more screen time!!!

  10. My moonie is back in action ! With Kim jae wook is totally a bonus.When is he getting lead role, I am waiting. For now I hope he has a loveline with MGY in the drama. And the lead is a much older guy which she will be only paired for investigation. Hehehe. It’s a win win right.

  11. I am especially fond of her from watching her. It seems that a lot of Korean actress have had surgeries done. She always had this round face before, same with UEE. Now they just look completely different, barely recognizable. Just thought I shared my impression when I look at this picture. I know she has a lot of fans and will probably badger my post and denied she ever had work done.

  12. Please, please, please don’t screw this SBS!! I need my Moonie in a good drama after enduring quite few bad dramas…
    Moonie fighting!!

  13. First Moon Geun Young…. Happy Happy Joy Joy and Then KIM JAE WOOK… I swear I have just died and gone to Kdrama heaven. A pair of my favorite people together again. This is the best news since hearing Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum were playing to together in KMHM. October can not come fast enough

  14. When will he ever be the lead actor? Sigh. I’ve loved him since Antique Bakery, I think he has enough specs under him already to land himself a lead character. I mean, that day he made me believe he was gay, I know he would be able pull off anything.

    This kind of genre isn’t my cup of tea, but I think I’d be watching it for him because I’ve been missing him.

  15. not really into MGY. her small boobs always trun me off. that and there no drama she in that, me want to watch. she need to go under the knife for her boobs. seem it wont get big without it.

    • Wow… Boobs lover in action here. Why don’t you just go make yours bigger at first? Why need someone to please your stupid mind? Pathetic… Ah no, just idiot! ?

  16. β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯This news.KJW is my ultimate crush in kdramaland,and I’ve always been MGY’s fan since Autumn Tale

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