Lee Seo Jin Trades Farm Life for Trendy Threads in One Korea

Recent hit variety shows like Grandpas Over Flowers and Three Meals a Day have made Na PD even more of an household name, but the credit for those addicting shows isn’t just in his deft directing but also in landing the perfect unexpected participant in Lee Seo Jin. I still can’t wrap my mind around Lee Seo Jin, the stalwart male lead in so many early Hallyu dramas, being this curmudgeonly nice guy in those variety shows. It’s actually added more depth watching him in dramas such as Wonderful Days which he did in between Grandpas and Three Meals.

I don’t see him much in pictorials so it’s a treat to see him in the upcoming edition of One Korea magazine looking dapper and nothing like the Three Meals dude living on a farm or the luggage boy for four even curmudgeonlier grandpas. I’m sure Korean moms are all itching for him to finally settle down now that he’s in his forties, and preferably with Choi Ji Woo no less. That’s unlikely to happen but if he’s learned more compromising being on those variety shows then his future wife will have it easier, not to mention great eye candy to wake up to in the morning.


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