Hans Zhang and Na Zha Headline Ancient Fantasy C-drama Based on Manga Fushigi Yuugi

Now that Crystal Liu has moved on from C-dramas and is a bona fide movie star now, the role of most beautiful C-actress in period costume is up for grabs. In the running is definitely rising C-actress Gu Li Na Zha, who goes by just her name Na Zha now, shrinking it down even further since her full name in Uygher is Gulinazhaer Baihetiyaer (古力娜扎尔·拜合提亚尔). She’s beautiful to be sure but her beauty is even amplified when she’s in period costume, as seen here in her upcoming new C-drama The Classic of the Mountains and Seas headling Hans Zhang. Soooo gorgeous, and now with the additional watch fun factor of seeing the reel turned real couple on the drama that brought them together.


The story has gotten in some hot water by a synopsis completely ripping off Japanese mangaka Watase Yuu‘s classic shoujo time-traveling tale Fushigi Yuugi. Na Zha and C-actress Lyric Lan play besties-turned-rivals as ordained high priestesses for two rival mythic gods, each surrounded by 7 celestial warriors born to protect the priestess until she can awaken the ancient godly power. The production licensed the story from Watase who has taken to Twitter to voice her outrage over this full on appropriation but the C-production claims Watase based her story on Chinese myth to begin with so their use of it is totally just a coincidence. Oh wells, I’m just here for the pretty. Hans plays two male leads in this drama, the good one who is the head of the celestial warriors for the Priestess of Zhu Cue (Vermilion bird) and the other is the head of the celestial warriors for the Priestess of Qing Long (Azure Dragon).

Preview for The Classic of the Mountain and the Sea:


Hans Zhang and Na Zha Headline Ancient Fantasy C-drama Based on Manga Fushigi Yuugi — 12 Comments

  1. Looks intriguing!
    I understand Watase’s outrage, at least admit that it’s a total rip off and we don’t care (instead of going she did it first!!)
    Now I should read some more FY genbu kaiden as I prefer the heroine from there over Miaka.
    I sobbed hysterically when Nuriko died.
    Wasn’t there a case where a series was a total Inu Yasha rip off as well?

    • Omg yes genbu Kaiden is tons better!! Tho tons more heartbreaking sobbles?. And it seems like the drama is ripping off not one but two Fushigi Yuugi series cause I’m spying buckets of unsettling parallels to Genbu too -_- like the bad luck stuff plus a mentor/father figure who dies for the male lead. Watase Yuu should be getting credit for this blatant rip off man

  2. That’s disrespectful to copy a series and call it coincidence. While I dislike Miaka (completely), I still think this is a beautifully drawn manga so I also dislike it if people don’t give credit to where it is due. It makes me less inclined to watch the drama in the end.

    Totally off topic, wasn’t HZ dating/married someone else?

  3. Ms.Koala is it the drama based on the same The Classic of Mountains and Seas (Shan Hai Jing) story of Once Promised and Lost You Forever?

  4. There is no such thing as a coincidence in the entertainment world,lol!!
    While i’d still watch it because i love stuff like this but the Chinese trying to do the whole she based it off of ours stuff first is lame and not even an excuse, obviously she based it on Chinese mythology but did she based the story-line itself nope that was all hers that is what she is probably so angry about, if they wanted to use her story-line all they had to do was buy the rights sheesh peeps

  5. Doy las gracias, por hacer este drama. Fushigi Yuugui es una de mis series favoritas, y agradezco encontrar algo tan parecido. Lo importante no es su origen, ni su creador, ni títulos… sino que se expanda ese mensaje, que es que el AMOR LO CURA TODO (envidia nos corrompe, el querer llevar la razón, el poder, por nuestra inseguridad..) Todos nos inspiramos de algo para crear un MUNDO MEJOR a través de (recetas, notas musicales, novelas..) de esa manera llega a más personas y eso es lo más importante. Asi que gracias. Thanks You, Bring Me More…

    Esperando la continuación de Sutsuno la sacerdotisa de byako

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