Lee Jun Ki and IU Lead the Script Reading Session for K-Bu Bu Jing Xin

Holy cuteness alert! The first stills are here from the production of upcoming Korean Bu Bu Jing Xin and it’s courtesy of the supremely eye candy filled script reading session. Bobogyungsim: Ryeo (Bu Bu Jing Xin: Splendor) won’t air until the second half of the year (I’m guessing September 2016) after being fully pre-produced and having gotten SARFT approval so the drama can air simultaneously in Korea and China. So the script reading does feel eons early but makes sense as a period drama like this takes longer to produce and this one will be rich and dense if it follows the original source novel by writer Tong Hua.

Can I say how much I LOVE the script reading stills – from leading lady IU‘s cheshire cat grin at being surrounded by so much man candy to the male leads posing together as the princes while holding up their princely numbers with their hands. I’m not sure who is playing 1 and 9, but the main princes are Hong Jong Hyun as 3, Lee Jun Ki as 4, Kang Ha Neul as 8, Baekhyun as 10, Nam Joo Hyuk as 13, and Ji Soo as 14. The male leads of the C-drama cast also took tons of such brotherly pics behind the scenes, so this totally bodes well in terms of emulating something the first adaptation did right, namely flower boy bonding behind the camera with tons of sibling rivalry and bromance in front of the camera.


Lee Jun Ki and IU Lead the Script Reading Session for K-Bu Bu Jing Xin — 28 Comments

  1. They’re actually showing their # on the top pic..lol. Baekhyun looks a lot younger than ji soo or Nam joo hyuk, but he’s actually a year or two older than them..wow..

  2. Omggg I was so confused when I saw BH with the group of boys I was like who is that? He totally looks like one of those gender bender character where he’s actually the female that pretends to the a guy as well. He’s so tiny and cute compared to them! Lol ^^ good thing IU is also small so it won’t be that awk for any of the guys; no matter how tall or small they are 🙂

  3. look like a new boy band in the making… muhuhahah
    How tall is baekhyun? he looks super tiny
    not interested with this drama but eyecandies are overloaded, yes no doubt.probably stuck reading recaps.

  4. I’m really happy for the success KHN and Jisoo is acheiving both I believe they deserve lead roles and especially in this drama even thou they have big roles but still they are going to carry this thing

  5. All i see is Kang Ha Neul being cheeky and Jisoo all suave and manly *o*
    I’ll stay optimistic, while i’m not sure if the otp chemistry will work for me, i think IU chemistry with others will be fine.
    Btw, so will it be a fictional dynasty?

  6. IU going to be the reason this drama not gettin good rating. her child scandal going to turn lot of viewer from watching her drama. feel bad for LJK. why does he pick drama were he know it goin to flop.

  7. Anything with IU in it, it’s a sure big FLOP! Why is this waifish girl still given projects, is she a daughter of a chaebol or something??? Seriously, she cant act, she’s like anemic or a robot or a girl in her preteens years eager to get old, you know 13 going 30. Whatever, she failed Korean drama industry!

  8. I’m extremely excited for this drama. Filled with gorgeous guys plus an adorable leading lady. I should go for Junki and IU pair but I can really see that IUxJisoo pair will have more chemistry. IU may not be the greatest but she’s more capable actress amongst other idol-actors/actresses. Salty netizens still getting bit**y about the phedophile accusations. Hah. Anyway, I really believe that IU deserves this role more than anybody else.

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