SBS Sageuk Daebak Confirms Leads Jang Geun Seok, Lim Ji Yeon, and Yeo Jin Goo

When the main leads casting is confirmed mere days after the initial drama offer news broke, that isn’t a bad sign when the acting leads appears keen to sign on. Upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Daebak (Jackpot) will for sure be starring Jang Geun Seok as the male lead, Yeo Jin Goo as his rival, and Lim Ji Yeon as the leading lady. Goes to show what one good performance can do in transforming my impression, after High Society the casting of Lim Ji Yeon in any role makes me optimistic rather than deflated.

Yeo Jin Goo is a no brainer positive add to any production, and the fact that he’s choosing the antagonist role and transitioning to an adult character continues to show me that he’s a serious auteur who wants to develop his craft over getting popular as quickly as he can. But overall it’s Jang Geun Seok’s involvement in his first sageuk in 8 years that makes me happiest, I loved him to pieces in Hong Gil Dong and he was definitely a memorable scene stealer in Hwang Jin Yi, it’s not an easy road to recapture the performances from way back when but if he’s serious about his acting then I have high hopes that he can pull it off and remind Korean audiences that he was one of their favorite child actors when he first started out.


Joining the cast is veteran actor Im Chang Jung, as well as actresses Yeon Jin Seo and Choi Jung Yoon. Writing is the screenwriter of Goddess of Fire and Warrior Baek Dong Soo, and directing will be the PD who worked on Mask as the second director. The story is set in the Joseon dynasty and described as a period version of Hallyu classic All In, a gambling revenge tale, but this time with the addition of royals vying for the crown. The 24-episode drama is slated to premiere in March after Six Flying Dragons.


SBS Sageuk Daebak Confirms Leads Jang Geun Seok, Lim Ji Yeon, and Yeo Jin Goo — 21 Comments

  1. With the exception of Yeo Jin Goo I am very unimpressed by the cast and the production team. I did like Jang Geon Seok in his early roles (up to Beethoven Virus), but then he went all Johnny Depp and started playing the same role over and over again. If he wants to be taken seriously as an actor he needs to get a decent haircut and stop playing bohemian jerks.

    • You cant conpared him to Johnny Depp.His real personality does not affect his acting or the works that he chose.No matter what he is in real life,he is still actor Johnny Depp who act amazingly well.

      I can’t say this to JKS.He is not serious about acting and mixed his real personality with his works.Hence poor acting with poor drama choices that make me roll my eyes again and again.

      That being said,I am ready to give him second chance.I used to like him when he was actor JKS until his alter ago “Asia Prince”(pffft nonsense) kicks in.He used to be a young actor with great potential.He is no longer young now but I believe his acting ability is something that is still with him.This drama seems to be good and serious.So I hope he will take it seriously and prove who he really is.MANY of his peers have overtaken him when it concerns acting.He should be serious by now.

      This is a golden chance.Take it Well JKS.

      • Alter ego? Overtaking him?
        O’K, obviously you didn’t watch anything with him after “Beethoven virus”.
        Which of his 2 roles in “Love rain” is like him? Both? They are totally opposite!
        Or maybe he is resembling Ma-te from “Pretty man”? Wait, you saw the title and you said “pffft nonsense, not watching this”.

        Also talking about someone’s personality requires at least following him for a decent time. After 2015, which was reaaly hard for him, I feel deep respect and admiration to this artist, who found strenght and kept going rightfully, creating music and films in time some people think he was seeking a job. Please, he had 30 concerts this year.
        JKS didn’t need Korea for job or money, he was sad they never knew him. That’s why he is back!

      • Replying to Royana,I followed him for 4 years until Love Rain ended.I endured 4years of his nonsense until his acting and dramas burn me to the point where,I cant even stan him anymore.Yes.I am not his true fan if you say,eels, I am not and I can’t.Becuase I can never understand him.OH HEY,I watched Pretty Man too,but first episode already makes me pull my hair.So I gave up.

        As I have stated,what I liked is actor JKS.Not his singing or other achievements or concert or whatever.So ya,I dont care about what other he does.Arts? Maybe ya.Then he is not a professional actor as he clearly can’t handle both.

        But What I truly believe is he can act if he start taking things seriously.And stop looking pretty in dramas.Cos actors need to change images when needed.He clearly did not for the past 4 years that I stanned.

      • He will take it seriously, no doubt about it. He is somebody who knows what he wants to do and needs to do~ though it can’t always be comprehensible enough for others/ fans *like that ‘Asia Prince’ thingy*. He has learned his lessons in life anyway. He will know how to prioritise on things which are best for him~ not for anybody else. Thanks for still believing in him though you have been rolling your eyes a lot since Love Rain *ouch didn’t it hurt* lol…

      • Not commenting your words, just sharing some thoughts.
        JKS is not under any big company since 2009, he created his own. All roles and projects he participated were chosen by him and made by his criteria. But on the other hand he achieved everiting by himself, no one pushed him or pay the media to write about him. He wasn’t promoted and wasn’t obliged to anyone for his success.
        Any hardship he went through made him think of improving himself.
        He is an actor. But also a singer, a model, a producer of his stages and lately – a film director. If there is some flaws, he tries to overcome them.
        Does he need to wotk harder? Yes. But that’s the best part – we see a person, who every day puts a new goal in his life and makes efforts to achieve it.

  2. Some people come here to say they will ot watch this drama. Don’t you have another thing to entertain yourself?

    I will watch. This is the first drama of JKS for the last 2 years and I know he will be very good in this role of a recented person.
    The plot is promising – this is not the typical sageuk where we see the palace intrigues and customs. Sorry, but I can’t stand one more story about a concubine becoming a queen and a poor king who cannot decide between 50 women.
    I am glad there is no a sinle idol here. Refreshing 🙂

  3. Tha’s good choice. Korean sure their saeguk and Six Flying Dragons high ratings will give benefit to it’s next drama. I hope the story is good.

  4. i thought Female Gangster Hye Jung was supposed to follow Six Flying dragons?
    plus,of all the rookie actresses,they pick Lim ji yeon?! too bad park so dam has already confirmed that Cindarella drama,i would’ve wanted her in this.

  5. I’m more than happy with this news! I hope you’ll do the recap for this drama later, Ms Koala. I’ll cross my fingers for a solid and interesting story line as I believe in the acting skills of the leads!

  6. I will surely watch this one bcoz of JKS and i think a seaguk is a good choice for him.Plz for those who say they will not watch it then don’t no one is forcing you to!!!! Lets give this guy a break, he has not been in a drama since 2013 u guys shuld be excited that he has decided to be in one.

  7. After 2 years break and 8 years interval for sageuk drama. Jang Geun Suk is back? Oh so yes!!! I can’t be more excited than this. Even can’t wait until March!

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