Cast of Answer Me 1988 Dress Up in Character for Fan Appreciation Meeting

I’m not sure the buzz is as strong anymore around recently finished tvN drama Answer Me 1988, what with the murmurings of dissatisfaction with the ending from some segments of the viewing audience. During its run the drama was a ratings juggernaut and launched the careers of newbie Ryu Jun Yeol as well as elevating the popularity and of young actor Park Bo Gum. If this fan signing event happened before the drama ended then it might’ve been even more noteworthy, but still it’s super awesome of the cast to dress back up in character and reunite to spread more love around with the dedicated fans who did attend. I’m still chugging along with my watch and continue to enjoy it immensely even knowing the ending. I’m also not really vested in the love triangle and who is the husband angst, I feel like either male lead would be a great pick for the leading man. Check out all the retro fashion and friendships once more in a walk down AM1988 memory lane.


Cast of Answer Me 1988 Dress Up in Character for Fan Appreciation Meeting — 22 Comments

  1. Why new and upcoming actors and actresses are mostly on ugly side? Is this the new trend lol? I know they are good actors but I need flowers boys too ??

    • Hahaha…. I think 90s batch is the best where we had good looks + acting chops equally (Jang Dong Gun, Lee Young Ae, Son Ye Jin, Jo In Sung, Kang Dong Won, Song, Il Gook, Lee Dong Gun, Bae Young Jun, Choi Ji Woo, Kwon Sang Woo, Kim Hee Sun, Song Hye Kyo, Won Bin, Ha Ji Won, So Ji Sub, Lee Jun Ki, Shin Min Ah even the idol actors were so beautiful too (Eric Mun, Yoon Eun Hye, Jang Nara, Eugene, Sung Yu Ri)

      But it’s good to see korean dramas nowadays are so wide spectrum in terms of themes and not too cliche. Thanks to TvN and other cable channels.

      • Yes!!! You listed all the names. That’s what I’m talking about plus Kim Soohyun, Lee Minho, Joo Won from younger generation lol

    • I would take good actors vs flower boys who can’t even crack an expression.

      And thank god directors and audiences don’t all go for looks. Otherwise Korean movies and dramas will be more boring. And this is already in an industry with so much plastic surgery.

      By the way the guys have almost perfect complexions. Have the height. Have sharp noses and cheekbones. And you still say they are ugly. Shesh.

      • I second this. What’s with the stupid obsession over looks, if you want pretty faces without any care as to whether they can act well, go look at a slideshow of their pictures or something.

    • Hey jaikur,How pretty are u?
      Ugly people are the ones who are always trying to bring down others. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You must be blind.

      • HAHAHA, ikr? Even if jaikur is pretty (which I seriously doubt), (s)he wouldn’t even have an ounce of charm compared to every character in the Reply series or the actors themselves as a matter of fact.

        They are a trend because of their characters, acting chops and charm. What’s the point of good looks if you’re dull as heck.

      • @Su and @Reply95
        Agree or not with Jaikur…he or she is entitled to his or her opinion. Why the personal insult with the physical call out?

        Pretty is as pretty does. Agree to disagree but be classy about it. Would we be “shocked” by what you guys look like?

        Koala, seriously?! I’ve been a long time fan and this board is getting “dark”. Will continue to read but other long time fans- let’s agree to disagree without the personal, hurtful, negative attacks – please.

  2. I find Hyeri more beautiful and mature with bangs. I think she looks lovely here. I hope she drops the ‘cute’ act since it’s very annoying now that she has gained positive feedback from her role in reply 1988.

  3. I felt the same way about the triangle. Sure, I was rooting for someone over the other BUT I couldn’t care less about who would end up with who. I think they’ll be okay with whoever. I was really not invested about the love triangle aspect of this drama. I was more into the family aspect and the friendship between the older casts. I really felt that to some degree the friendship stories of the older casts overshadowed that of the younger ones. I was more drawn by them. I really liked their afternoon get together outside their houses sorting out herbs and vegetables while sharing their worries inside the household. I really loved those scenes and I felt regretful that they cut it down in the later episodes. I was really antsy when two of the ahjummas had a little fight because I was so invested in their friendship. On the other hand, while I felt that the young ones friendship was really cute I was really not as emotionally invested with it.

    • I also thought she’d be great with either male lead(The drama had many male leads, none of them first or second, or so I believe). I wasn’t invested in the love triangle but my heart broke because, well, it’s a triangle. Of course I was happy for the OTP(Team Deok-sun!) but I couldn’t help but cry for that lonely corner. I cared too deeply for the characters.

      I also think that the older cast somewhat overshadowed the younger ‘uns. I feel like this season was more for the parents and I’m happy that way. And I’m happy that this flawed drama made me laugh and cry every episode, sometimes at the same time. It never failed to touch my heart thus making it my fave Reply(though I still think that ’97 was the most well-made). 🙂

    • Friendship and family were supposed to overshadow everything else, so you aren’t wrong. Though I was very much emotionally invested in the child hood friendship between the five. The end where she goes back to Taek’s room killed me. It’s really so easy to related to as you grow older. I can totally see why this drama smashed records and had people of all ages watches. It’s a damn shame a certain part of the fandom is so nasty now.

      Regarding the end… I always wanted who she wanted and who she wanted was pretty obvious with 4-5 episodes left, so I was happy with the end. I think you’d have to willfully ignore Deok-Sun’s feeling (or expect some twist) to not see where it was headed. I would have been fine with either guy too, but I liked for once the guy who actually worked hard and was open with his feeling won.

    • Watch the show and find out. I am at ep 13 and totally enjoying. I already knew the ending but still think it’s the best of the 3. What totally sucks is that the lyrics are not subbed.

  4. Koala, pardon me but you’re wildly, spectacularly off base if you think the buzz around Answer Me 1988 is dying down just because some fans were vocally displeased about the ship outcome.

    18 percent ratings on cable isn’t going to be undone or negated by a few grumpy shippers, whether they like it or hate it they’re still talking about it and the cast’s next activities have generated a massive amount of interest, judging by their article comments/upvotes and the interest in Ryu Joon Yeol.

  5. Dressed like this, Hyeri and her two girlfriends from the show look odd in their modern day makeup. I appreciate that this show casts some good actors rather than just for looks.

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