The Beaming Cast of Oh Hae Young Again Greet Viewers at Script Reading Session

If I needed another reason to watch upcoming tvN Mon-Tues romantic comedy Oh Hae Young Again (Another Miss Oh), and I don’t since I love all three leads, then this new piece of info makes me ecstatic and the drama can’t miss now. I just saw that the drama is being written by screenwriter Park Hae Young who wrote jTBC sitcom I Live in Cheongdamdong. It’s hands own one of my favorite K-dramas of all time even as a sitcom stacked against prime time or long dramas.

Park Hae Young was one of a trio writing team for ILICDD but I have faith that same eye towards heartwarming characterizations developed through patience and humor will be reflected in Oh Hae Young. Even better is being paired up with the PD of Marriage Not Dating, making this drama quite possibly that triumvirate of ideal casting, writing, and directing. Please don’t disappoint me! But taking a peak at the script reading pictures, I see tons of wide grins all around which bodes well for the script engaging the cast right off the bat.

Joining Eric, Seo Hyun Jin, and Jeon Hye Bin will be Kim Ji Suk, Ye Ji Won, and Lee Jae Yoon. Eric is a top sound engineer in the film industry who suddenly develops the ability to see the future, which crosses his paths with two frenemies since high school both named Oh Hae Young. The more successful one is his former fiancee while the underdog female lead one is his potential love interest. Kim Ji Suk appears to have a love line with Ye Ji Won’s character while Lee Jae Yoon is the female lead Oh Hae Young’s ex-boyfriend.


The Beaming Cast of Oh Hae Young Again Greet Viewers at Script Reading Session — 10 Comments

  1. Ok I am watching this because of the writer and PD. I am not a fan of any of the whole acting cast but for the writer- I am in. Yay.

  2. Love the whole cast and the PD!!

    I never watched I live in ILICDD, and that’s not because I didn’t try. I couldn’t find a completed end sub anywhere 🙁

    Looking forward to this, please me good! So many subpar dramas since signal and reply1988 ended.

  3. I love the cast ! Eric, Kim Ji Suk (I need a romance 3 was good), Lee Jae Yoon ( Heartless City or Heart to Heart). I don’t know well the actresses but I like them 🙂

  4. The teaser was hilarious(Eric’s deadpan reactions had me rollin’) so I’ll check it out.

    And this is very off-topic but seeing Park Hae Young had me jumpin’. The things Signal does to me heh.

  5. YES. The writer from ILICDD! This is what I’ve been saying! Finally someone else has taken note of this and understands why I’m so excited for this drama. I have faith in the writer, the director and the actors! That doesn’t happen very often with rom-coms.

  6. I never watched I Live in Cheong Dam Dong, but I heard many reviews about it like saying it was one of the funniest drama ever and so on. The casts are solid. I always prefer Eric in comic roles even though he did great job in heavy dramas. There is something so natural about him playing as dorky guy. Love Se Hyun jin in Lets Eat Too. And the very underrated Jeon Hye BIn is there. The PD did good job in previous drama. I hope they won’t disappoint me.

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