Checking in with Cutie Lee Seung Gi Three Months into Military Service

K-ent puppy Lee Seung Gi hasn’t been enlisted for all that long, three months to be exact as he shipped off to the army on February 1st, 2016, but this is one service that seems to be crawling by. Most of my faves go and come back in the blink of an eye, from Lee Jun Ki to Yoo Seung Ho and most recently Yoon Si Yoon is back after I even forgot he was gone. But I miss Seung Gi so much and really wish he could have done one more drama before he left rather than the disappointing You’re Surrounded from two years ago in 2014 being his last television project. In checking in with his military service so far, he seems way settled into army life, rocking the crew cut and looking very serious in his fatigues while attending various army events. But it’s still Seung Gi with his playful charm inside as evidenced by one picture below posting with his squad with everyone being ramrod straight while he’s cheekily swinging the side V pose. So cute!


Checking in with Cutie Lee Seung Gi Three Months into Military Service — 25 Comments

  1. In the first two pictures, were they having a church service for all the men? It seems like it. Does anybody know if they pray over each service person (with their hand on their head) like they did for LSG? Or is it because of his religion? I’m assuming not all of them might be Christians, or Catholics. I’m just curious…

  2. I feel like lately koala has been talking slot shouts Dots and song hye go even through their drama needed a weeks ago. I know this your blog and you can talk about everything you want but please don’t bored us and talk about dramas that are currently airing and current drama world news.

    • If its boring, don’t read!!! It’s your perogative, just like it’s Koala’s to write what she wants.

    • He isn’t photogenic indeed,
      him in real life is much…much handsome. I was blinded by how handsome he was

      • Hi Reglest, I totally agree with you!
        Anyway, different people have different standards for beauty.

  3. He is really adjusting in army life, volunteering to be in Special Warfare squad long before
    Somehow we fans feel relieved

    oh yea..I just got back from tryp blog (seunggi’s fansite), and she just post a video of him singing with his mentor lee sun hee, check it out if you interested:

    • Like others said, I’m afraid he’ll love army life so much and decides to stay there. Like don’t you dare!!! I have my countdown set and ready for October 31st 2017 😀

      That is MR and his voice is still mind blowing, like wow *_*

  4. I’m biased af, so my fave blog writers are …. tada, O’ckoala and Girlfriday. I love your love for Seung Gi and I can’t help to love you too <3

    I must be too busy with life, I finally knew what studying means after he left, like was studying ever this interesting? Probably not, teying hard to kill time.

    Anyway, we won't miss him for long, his movie is scheduled for September release. The real wait begins after :'(

    And a note, he was getting baptized in the pics with priest and all, he was an atheit before. Just so you know.

  5. I just simply wanna say thanks and may God bless you! Also other Airens, stay polite and classy despite of one or two pathetic people here.

    For Seunggi, I wish everything will work well for him and may great things always be in his way 🙂

  6. I am truly impressed with Lee Seung Gi with or without receding hairline. He is great as a singer and actor. And he has a winsome smile and an adorable face. Like him as he is. Can’t wait to see him in new dramas. Hopefully sageuk dramas. Love his Choi Kang Chi role.

  7. I believe Lee Seung Gi likes the army simply because it’s a 21-month military service and it’s something different from his usual celebrity life filled with singing projects, acting projects and entertaining cum emceeing projects which though bring in fame, loads of money and publicity, can be pretty stressful and exhausting. My views, of course.

  8. Anyway, Lee Seung Gi will be back in the entertaining and celebrity world come October 2017. So, it’s not a long wait actually. I strongly believe that this mandatory military service is a good exposure and experience for him. It will make him stronger physically and mentally. Will also give him an opportunity to break away from the limelight and be an ordinary person serving his country.

  9. I always thought of Lee Seung Gi as a Buddhist. Am surprised to know that he was initially an atheist. But why did he have his baptism done in the army instead of a church? I suppose he is now a Roman Catholic? Good to know that he has a religion rather than being an atheist.

  10. It would be good for Lee Seung Gi to play a different character instead of the usual rich spoilt brat character. Personally, I like his Choi Kang Chi character best. Of the two rich spoilt brat character in Brilliant Legacy and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, I like his character as Dae Woong better. He has better chemistry with Shin Min Ah than with Han Hyo Joo. The best chemistry is with Bae Suzy of course.

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