Hu Ge Wins Big at the Golden Eagle Awards and Reunites to Present with Former Costar Ariel Lin

The current roster of It Chinese drama stars were present at this past weekend’s 11th Annual Golden Eagle Awards in Beijing, the event started off with this year’s Golden Eagle Goddess Tang Yan striking the same pose as the statuette in a blinged out golden gown and matching crown. The then switched to a beautiful on her strapless white down and hung around with Yang Yang, while the awards event went off without a hitch in doling out audience favorite popularity awards. Winners included Hu Ge and his Nirvana in Fire costar Liu Tao, Zhao Li Ying, and Tong Li Ya, while my favorite moment was Hu Ge presenting an awards with his two time drama leading lady Ariel Lin. Chinese awards attire continue to be much more colorful and textured than Korean star preferences, like a cross between a fashion show and prom.


Hu Ge Wins Big at the Golden Eagle Awards and Reunites to Present with Former Costar Ariel Lin — 11 Comments

  1. Agree. The clothes are so much more interesting and vibrant then Korean ones. Tang Yan is absolutely glowing. So happy to see Hu GE and Ariel reunite too.

  2. and not to mention, the moment when hu ge thanked ariel lin for inspiring him many years ago with words she said while they were filming LOCH during his acceptance speech, and ariel was visibly touched by that ;_; so many feeeeels!

  3. I agree. My absolute favorite moments were when Hu Ge and Ariel Lin were presenting and when Hu Ge thanked Ariel for inspiring him and making him the great actor he is today. Seeing my favorite onscreen couple reunite was just a dream come true. I wish these two get the chance to act in something together again!

    Everyone looked so dashing and beautiful! And He Jiong’s piece on how everyone that works/sits with Hu Ge soon falls in love or gets married was great.

    • It was a sketch that Ariel Lin and Hu Ge did before presenting an award. The red clip is a lie detector and Ariel asked him a variety of questions since he has “changed” from the dimwitted Guo Jing in LOCH 2008 to the cunning Ming Tai in the Disguiser.

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