Lee Seung Gi Cheerful and Impressively Muscular in New Military Service Pictures

It’s my periodic check in on my cutie pie Lee Seung Gi, currently on hiatus from his entertainment career to serve military duty as required of all abled bodied young men in South Korea. The timing is also meaningful as in exactly one year he will be discharged, in October of 2017, which may seem far away but I’ve sent so many star boys off to the military and seen them come back proving that time passes in the blink of an eye.

Lee Seung Gi is serving active duty in the army but he is double double duty participating in army entertainment events, which is the best use of his MC talents if any. He seems to be as cheery and playful as ever, and has managed to work out some impressive bicep guns as recent short sleeve pictures indicate below. If Ji Chang Wook is done with action dramas after The K2 it might be seamless to pass the baton to Seung Gi when he gets out.


Lee Seung Gi Cheerful and Impressively Muscular in New Military Service Pictures — 24 Comments

  1. Wow, sexy seunggi. He exuded manly charm more now. Praying he will have drama like descendant of sun which i can drooling over his body..haha

    • I think he and Yoona never broke up, it’s just for a show while he is in the army, so media wouldn’t ask her about him. When he gets out they will get back together and marry soon after.

      • I don’t think that’s possible, they were extremely well recieved, and if Yoona waited for his service and he continues his clean path in military (voluneteering in Special Forces and doing extrememly well), they’d be like a fairytale couple (that only exists in books tbh) and moving their rs to the next level would have been much better recieved. But announcing a break up and then getting back together will sort of give them a childish image -although dating/breaking up/getting back together is completly fine & normal imo-

  2. Actually Seunggi isn’t regularly participating in army entertainment events. He just did that for the Ground Forces Festival and other special Army and Special Forces unit events.

    It’s an important distinction because some entertainers complete their military service by serving in military band or police unit, etc where they go around singing and dancing. which is fine and their choice…

    but that’s not how Seunggi is serving in the military. Although army wants him to do more MC and singing stuff^^

    • I know he’s in a Special Unit or something like that. And his executory are appreciate. But the others celebreties aren’t only in the band.They’re not only singing and dancing. They’re active soldiers. They stan guard, go to traning, etc.

  3. Man! Now I’m convinced actors coming out of military service definitely raise their charisma scores by quantum leap. I never found LSG charming on screen. Sorry fans. I like his drama Gu Family Book but he’s too common a face on variety shows that his charm sorta tapers off. Yeah agree, it’s not a bad idea for him to do an action drama after discharged from MS. On the other hand, I hope JCW will serve in active duty like SJK and LSG rather than being tempted to goof around adult bars like those public-service enlisted in the recent disgraceful scandals.

  4. Those pics of him with Special Forces (Special Warefare Command) shirt is like HOT X100000 Where’s puppy Seung Gi?

    Oh, just want to share some performance of his from that event, because he killed it and I love singer Seung Gi a lot.
    https://youtu.be/NcOyMwHy-aw (this is a must watch, like he killed it)
    https://youtu.be/tbLU_03uT8A (Love Taught me to Drink, one of his best songs)

    Well, those are enough although he performed around 2/3 songs daily.

  5. I didn’t really realize till now, but I’m not really a fan of his. He’s a great actor, hands down, but I completely forgot about him until I saw this post. I’m ashamed as a Korean drama fan 🙁

  6. before enlisted, he is done two action drama gu family book, and you’re all surrounded. so he is not get pass the batton from ji chang wook, if in the future he will has action drama

  7. Thank you for sharing. Seung Gi for some reason really invokes nice feelings in me ever since I watched him in Brilliant Inheritence. He is not that good an actor nor he is handsome the way pretty boys are, he is not that good a singer either. However his voice is really nice and listening to it makes me feel good, the way watching him makes me feel good. I think this is a special quality. If one just looks at this photos, they wouldn’t think much of him but after watching him everything changes. I’m happy that army makes good use of his MC entertaining skills.

  8. Yes, Lee Seung Gi certainly exudes masculinity in these military pictures. It seems like he has grown into a man after being in the military. Before enlisting in the military, he exuded boyish charms. I like him with his boyish charms and him being manly too. The reason why he looks great either way has much too do with his tanned looks. I don’t like fair-looking boy band looks. A guy should be tanned and dressed immaculately like Lee Seung Gi. Guys who eye lined their eyes and are fair looking are not appealing at all. My views, of course. 🙂

  9. Glad to see Lee Seung Gi with his manly charisma. He, though had boyish charms before entering the military, looked so much better then compared to the other young actors who are known as flower boys. I like Lee Seung Gi regardless of how he looks simply because he is Lee Seung Gi. He is second to none!

  10. He was my first ever Korean actor crush! And he always has been. OMG, the drama “you’re all surrounded” was the best for him. There are actors these days that only act with their faces. But versatile actors like Lee Seung Gi are one of the rare specimens that can act with their face and heart. He is just incredible, he can really well bring out the character’s emotions. I’ve been dying for a come back since the time he left for military service.

  11. ….. And he finally starred in an action drama… Currently watching VAGABOND. LEE SEUNG GI IS INCREDIBLE IN THIS ACTION SERIES, can be compared to Jason Bourne.. For real, not overreating!! Actors like this are hard to come by. I’m so glad I found someone like you. Super proud to be your fan.

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