The Bright and Beautifully Decked Out K-stars Attend Salvatore Ferragamo Event in Seoul

The red carpet of the Salvatore Ferragamo event in Seoul was where the glitterati of K-stars convened this past week. Decked out in the brand’s latest outfits and accessories, my eyes first went to Yoon Eun Hye since she’s so rarely out at events in Korea these past two years, so this event was clearly part of her concerted effort to return to the industry full force. Also present was Lee Dong Wook, UEE, Lee Min Jung, Oh Yeon Seo, Seolhyun, Lee Sung Kyung, and many more. Rich aubergine was the dominant color of the event along with navy and yellow, all lovely bold colors for the spring.


The Bright and Beautifully Decked Out K-stars Attend Salvatore Ferragamo Event in Seoul — 22 Comments

  1. I like Seolhyun outfit minus too much exposure on the thigh side. Yoon Eun Hye also not bad.UEE needs to put some weight. She looks sick.

    • She won’t gain weight. She has become anorexic. Not that unusual in K-Ent and k-society where looking skinny is the norm (compare international and SK standards in IMC for instance).

    • Btw, yeh and seolhyun was the centre of attraction and the only stars with most coverage from korean medias because of the color(purple). Even,yeh’s hair and her hand became a topic ie classy etc…huhu…i think, korean medias miss her too…let’s hope for her drama casting news next

      • And have u seen a picture of her and lee dong wook? Aww…they both look compatible and great side by side that my shipping dream starts??huhu…now, i want both of them in a drama

    • @Eclipse yes it was the first thing i saw. But as you know , YEH looks fantastic with anyone. But i have been found of Lee dong wook and Lee Jun Ki since ” my girl” . we never forget our first crushes !

  2. Oh yeon seo looks the best here.. her body and face completes everything
    Lee min jung also looks lovely as ever. Can’t believe she is a mum already

  3. That neon yellow dress hurts my eyes. I like Seolhyun’s outfit the best. Lee Dong-wook still looks like Reaper to me (lol)– I think it’s his posture.

  4. Oh Yeon Seo, Seolhyun and UEE look the best. Their outfits, hair and makeup suits the overall looks on them the best. Sorry to say, but hairstylist could have done a better job with Lee Sung Kyung..

  5. So glad that she is back in the limelight! She looks really good next to Lee Dong Wook..hope to see them pairing in the next drama!❤

    • LDW is a good actor. I’m fine if he’s pairing with YEH in a drama. But I also don’t mind if it’s another actor as long as he’s good at acting and don’t have any cray cray followers. We’ve been there before and surely don’t wanna repeat it again.

  6. Among the attendee above I mostly like Oh Yeon Seo’s appearance. YEH isn’t bad too but she’s rarely experimenting in fashion now like she used to be

    • Oh Yeon SEO was my fav too. Is YEH trying to be more “passe partout” ? Oh Yeon Seo is on the cover Of HIGH CUT with Lee Dong Wook and Lee Min Jung . Why not my YEH ? She has done so much wonderful photoshoots for them ! I know i’m biased !

      • Quite a few K-Stars showed up, but OYS’s look was my favorite too. Luved her classic Ferragammo heels and the “HIGH CUT”cover of OYS/LDW/LMJ.

  7. Why do i have the feeling that we fans of YEH are going to see 2017 pass without seeing her in a poject ? Her agency keeps saying that they’re working on her return but cast anouncements are made one by one and NOTHING ! And the last response of her agency about BABY VOX 20th anniversary is not comforting me.

  8. wow cant believe Korean goddesses have showed up and graced this event, adored Yoon Eun Hye, stunning Seolhyun, and radiant Lee Sung Kyung! that Oh Yeon Seo is also a looker and so much more, fabulous!

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