First Movie Teaser for Real Turns Kim Soo Hyun Into Noir Action Hero

This wasn’t what I expected but definitely looks cool and a nice new evolution in the Kim Soo Hyun acting repertoire. The first movie teaser is here for summer thriller movie Real, billed as a noir piece but now looks more like an action flick. I’m thinking Oldboy crossed with a gangster movie, with plenty of sleek and sultry scenes and a surfeit of night visuals. I would love if Kim Soo Hyun worked more as he’s really pacing out his acting projects after hitting super stardom, but a major movie success in every major outing so far is impressive enough. From Thieves to Secretly, Greatly and even a cameo in Miss Granny was in a hit film, I trust his project picking skills and the first 30 seconds sneak peek at Real really revs up the excitement.

Firs teaser for Real:


First Movie Teaser for Real Turns Kim Soo Hyun Into Noir Action Hero — 11 Comments

  1. Okay.. Kim Soo Hyun in a sex scene.. this is a must see then, even if I hate this genre and movies like this just seem so dull and un-revolutionary with sexist portrayal of female characters 🙂

    • This type of Gangster-noir films are highly critical acclaimed and the projects the west takes most interest in when it comes down to movies. They absolutely love Asian Gangster genre. Thats why you have the Jet Li’s, Donnie Yen’s of the worlds while These are just action films but what they like more is gangster-noir themed movies. These are the product most appreciated in the other side of the world. I forgot to mention this genre appeals mostly to male population.

      I don’t think this movie is same genre as Oldboy. This movie is same genre as New World, Gangnam Blues and Dirty Carnival. This movie will make it’s way to netflix and all other US portals. ASIAN gangster themed movies are highly valued.

      • They love gangster noir, but they’re not all critically acclaimed. It depends lot on the production quality and the story too. Real has an ensemble cast full of actors, who have acting skills to boot. These films sure do appeal to male populations, I don’t doubt that.. this is why I was never inclined to watch films of this genre. But this time, I just might watch it because of Kim Soo Hyun. I survived that lackluster Gangnam Blues because of Kim Rae Won and his believable acting….

      • I do think that New World was perhaps better but Gangnam Blues was the more friendly and watchable due to the stars involved. Was also more loved and gained alot of promotions. I loved all 3 movies. Can’t wait for this movie. I think perhaps this one can be better then all of the previous ones.

        Yes. This type of movies are mostly critally acclaimed due to the subject and which is more realistic tales of Gangster underworld

  2. This movie release date feels like forever lol, at least they finally release it, I hope he is coming back with a new drama next!

  3. Looks exciting!!! Can’t wait. Sex scene huh? It depends how explicit is it gonna get. Is he enlisting any time soon?

  4. I love Noir & Neo Noir movies the most but I like the ones like as “New World” & “Unjust” which are masterpiece without putting a sex scene in it.

    • Both of those are korean noir right? I might give them a try if you enjoyed them, it’s rare to find an awesome korean noir, for noir or crime movie I usually only watch hongkong and holywood crime flick, I used to love Infernal Affairs so much

  5. Hopefully this isn’t one of those action films or ’’noir’’ films that just show money, sex, drugs and violence without any particular reason. I agree with @prettyautumn that These types of films are prone to depict women in a very sexist way, with very little to no screen time and they are always over-sexualised ninja/martial-arts queens or some random pub girls only to show viewers the action hero’s or gangster’s sex appeal. If a female character doesn’t adhere to this stereotype, then she must be a de-sexualised middle-ageing brisk woman… I have no high hopes for this movie because 1) they’ve been promoting ’’Real’’ for years and stretched production time means bad release, 2) release is happening at a very competitive season, 3) this film seems so generic and dull. However, I can see it also succeeding at least moderately because Korean male audience seem to love these types of action noir films and they generally don’t seem to give rats fart about how female characters are portrayed (see Technicians), and because ’’Real’’ has a strong ensemble cast as mentioned here before

  6. The screen and SK audience love Kim Soo Hyun, I have a feeling this will be another major hit for him. The guy always seem to know what he’s doing when it comes to picking projects.

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